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Best Buy Black Friday Nintendo Deals Appear Online


Black Friday is almost upon US consumers and there’s set to be plenty of deals to wet gamers appetites. Best Buy is offering a 32GB Deluxe Wii U console with Super Smash Bros, Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze, Super Mario 3D World and Nintendo Land for $359.97. Best Buy will also be stocking a Nintendo 3DS XL with Mario Party Island Tour for $175. Will you be buying?

74 thoughts on “Best Buy Black Friday Nintendo Deals Appear Online”

    1. Um no not really are you blind. Super Mario 3d crap bundle sells for average 250 on eBay. So basically you are paying full price for two games you may not want dumb ass.

                            1. Yes. You do. You made fun of Halo. You made fun of Sunset Overdrive. You said nobody needed Killer Instinct because of Smash Bros. You said nobody needs Forza because of Mario Kart. You made fun of Ryse Son of Rome and Dead Rising 3. There is no way in hell that it is possible that you do not like at least ONE of these games. EXPLAIN NOW! *pounds fist on table*

                              1. Now you’re exaggerating. lol I didn’t make fun of any games. I call SO an Infamous ripoff because it is. I didn’t make fun of Halo directly. I said Microsoft is depressing enough to port the same Halo games twice already just to sell their dead Xbox DOne DVR consoles, not game console because it has no fucking idea of what it wants to do or be. Forza is the same shit as Gran Turismo, Real Racing on iPhone and many other past racing games and I never said “Don’t buy this but go buy Mario Kart instead because it’s better”. I’m not some fucking blind fanboy to say that. I say there’s no better difference in Forza period.

                                Ryse is a polished turd with shit gameplay (true story) and Dead Rising 3 is a last gen game ported over to make it look like “next gen” just like COD Ghosts, Battlefield 4, ASSassin’s Creed, Injustice, any EA game, Watchdogshit and even the 3-years-of-development broken Advanced Warfare.

                                1. “I call SO an Infamous ripoff because it is.” That right there is the problem. You stated that as if it was a fact. Even though you have probably never played Sunset Overdrive before. That’s the problem. You can’t just take a look at games and say they’re the same thing as before. That’s almost as bad as somebody looking at Super Mario 3D World and saying “It’s just another Mario game. Same as before.”

                                  1. Because Mario 3D World, like Galaxy 2, is a DIRECT SEQUEL. Of course the gameplay is gonna feel familiar. In fact, most platformers do.

                                    Sunset Overdrive should’ve been a game on its own but when I look at it, it’s another typical styled shooter blended in with most of Infamous’s gameplay. That’s it.

                                          1. The only game that actually shows all of its promises and many next gen changes is Grand Theft Auto 5. That game and Rockstar in general impresses me more than any 3rd rate douchebag parties with their scam arts on discs.

                                            1. Not even Uncharted 4? The Witcher 3? Batman Arkham Knight? Resident Evil Revelations 2? Uhh Star Citizen?!?!?!

                                              1. There’s no official footage of Uncharted 4 yet, I don’t know shit about Witcher, Batman I’m already excited for and I hate the fact that not only stupid ass Capcom decided to have Revelations 2 skip Nintendo after they help made the first game succeed but also turning it into an separate episode stunt which is what most mobile games do for a scam.

                                                And WTF is Star Citizen?

                                                1. I’m not surprised you don’t know what Star Citizen is. It’s a PC exclusive. It’s a game truly built for next generation. :) You probably shouldn’t concern yourself with it though unless you got the $1000 to pay for it. (Price of next gen gaming PC. Lol) As for Witcher, I ain’t surprised you don’t know about it either. It seems to be overlooked by a lot of games. It’s one of those games with huge open worlds, dragons, incredible graphics, etc. Stuff like that. As for RER2, you’re probably mad because you feel betrayed that you bought RER1 and now they left you to go put it on the PS’s and Xboxes. LOL I feel your pain on that one.

                                                    1. 128GB can’t store crap. You may as well just buy indie games or stick to flash games. For $500 that’s a god damn ripoff. XD

                                                      1. $400 Dell Venue with 128GB/i5 Intel Processor, Removeable 4-8GB RAM, bundled with a stylus and keyboard vs. Microsoft Surface Pro 3 with same specs, non-Removeable RAM, shittier camera

                                                        1. What the fuck is bringing up the price that high with those kind of specs? Are they tablets? Lol.If I were you, I would scrap both and just build a $500 gaming PC that puts those two to shame. Lol.

                                                          1. Dude or girl or whoever the fuck you are (lol), I just wanted a tablet for digital artwork creation with PC gaming as an after thought for a hobby. My laptop is utter crap and outdated so I need a tablet/PC hybrid for a replacement.

                                                              1. Hang on. The last post was incomplete and submitted by accident.

                                                                Dell Venue Pro 11 has 128GB/4GB RAM (removable/upgradeable to 8GB), 8MP Camera with LED Flash, 10-15 hour battery life, i5 Intel Processor, bundled with keyboard & stylus: Ranged around $400-500 on eBay

                                                                Microsoft Surface Pro 3 has same inner, non-removable specs (128GB/i5/4GB RAM), no bundled keyboard, shittier camera, 10-12 hour battery life: Ranged around $1000-1200+ everywhere else.

                                                                You tell me which one is more of a ripoff. lol

                                                                1. DAMN! What the hell? O.o Please tell me that’s a typo. Did you just say $1000? A $1000 gaming PC would make PS4 beg on its knees crying for mercy in terms of power. For $1000, that better be the best damn tablet in the whole universe. Otherwise, Microsoft is retarded and insane. Lol.

                                                                  1. Microsoft is fucking insane thinking Surface 3 has a chance to stay alive in the market. There’s a reason why the series failed twice just like Zune & Kinect did: Their technology fucking sucks and in this case, way too overpriced. MacBook Air is a lot cheaper than that shit and does the same but actually works 99.8% of the time.

                                                                    Dell Venue Pro 11 I found on eBay has the exact same specs with stylus and keyboard included 60% less of the Surface Pro 3’s ridiculously high price. lol I rather get Venue Pro 11 instead. lol

                                                                      1. Dell Venue Pro 11 sounds like a good deal to me. Has same Surface Pro 3 specs with changeable RAM/battery options, comes with keyboard and stylus and has a better camera with flash for $400-500. Don’t tell me that’s still a ripoff? XD

                                                                        1. You know what? Something’s not right here. How the hell you have an iPhone 6 and now you’re talking about buying expensive ass tablets? You can’t hide your secret from me. I know you’re rich. XD

                                                                          1. I’m not. XD I just know how to manage my money. I have an iPad I wanna sell to get Venue Pro 11 in its place. Not saying it sucks. I want a Windows tablet to do everything and more.

                                                                            1. No, no. That’s not right. I know how to manage my money too but no way I can ever afford the stuff you’re buying. There’s only one explanation for this. Yes… You must be an escort! XD

                                                                2. I’m considering an xboxone. However, I swore off all microsoft products cause the 360 was the worst console I ever owned, or I should say the worst 3 since the first 2 died. The controllers are the worst I’ve ever owned. The wired ones stopped working and the battery ones turn off all the damn time cause the battery pack gets loose. We’ve probably owned about 3 wired and 8 wireless controllers when we only needed 3. Idk maybe after the next price drop. I’m not even considering a ps4 since it doesn’t have games. I don’t want a glorified blu-ray player.

                                                                  1. Yeah, I think I understand. You do own a PC if I do recall, so the two current gen consoles might be harder to impress you. If you’re concerned about the controller, you can try the PS4 and XB1 at a Gamestop, Target, etc. I think that in terms of exclusives, XB1 would be better. But if you’re looking for third party, PS4 is the best option. Most PS4 exclusives I want like Uncharted 4 and The Order 1886 don’t come till next year, so if you want that and can wait, then go for it. You’d probably be better off just playing your PC and maybe buying an XB1 controller if you feel like testing it out with your games.

                                                            1. finally we start seeing some good holiday marketing schemes from nintendo all of those games in that bundle are extremely fun!

                                                            2. This is a very good selection of games. Covers most genre all multiplayer as well. Perfect for the holidays and the get togethers.

                                                              1. Let me think… YES! YES! YES! We get 4 games for the price of one with a Wii U. All of them together are brand new. If you don’t think that’s a deal…

                                                            3. Wow. That’s a damn good deal. A Wii U Deluxe by itself with no games is $300. All four of those games being offered would cost $60 EACH by themselves. If you don’t think that’s a deal, you’re an idiot. If you went to buy all that shit separately, you’re looking at over 500 bucks. Pfft. Not a deal my ass! Oh & did I say all of that shit would be BRAND NEW? I’d like to see you get all of that from eBay for less brand new! Only a generous person, or an idiot, would sell all of that on eBay for under 360 bucks. They’d be better off just taking it all back to wherever they bought it & get every cent of theirs back.

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