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Geoff Keighley Is Paying For The Game Awards 2014 Out Of His Own Pocket

Journalist and presenter Geoff Keighley has revealed that he is paying for The Game Awards 2014 out of his own pocket. The awards were previously called the VGA’s and weren’t particularly taken to by gamers. Let’s hope this year’s event will be an improvement.

“The investment is my own. I’m bankrolling it and we’re trying to sell some sponsorships. But there are no submission fees.”

“There is a fair amount of risk involved, though he declined to say how much of his own money he had to put up for the show. “I thought about doing a Kickstarter, but I would feel awkward doing that. I think I need to take this on myself to prove I can do it. I need to prove to everyone this is going to be great. If I were to Kickstart it there would have been a fair amount of skepticism.”

76 thoughts on “Geoff Keighley Is Paying For The Game Awards 2014 Out Of His Own Pocket”

  1. As much as I dislike the VGAs, I hope this works out for him. He seems to be really passionate about this if he would go as far as paying for it himself. Props to Geoff.

    1. I totally agree. I have to say he has gained a new level of respect from me on this one. I am sure he has read all the complaints and wants to address them if he is willing to take this on.

      1. Here is what I’d like to see. Take the Bonus Round format and wrap the awards around that. Forget the jackass sidekick from last year…pull in a few guys like Pachter, Marcus Beer and a developer. Present each category and then have the panel discuss the nominees and award the winner. I’d watch that in a heartbeat.

        1. You know this asshole is anti gamergate? And that he gives a fuck for gamers as long as he gets the dollar. This is just to let him look good. Don’t trust this bastard, he will fuck you all up, you’ll see.

  2. Wow, what a guy, I totally admire his dedication to the Awards. After last year’s terrible show I hope he’s taken cues from the videogame community.

      1. “No one is gonna watch (it) AGAIN after that.” How can people watch it “AGAIN?” It’s a completely different show. New name, new awards, new judges. It’s not the VGA’s. The VGA’s doesn’t exist.

        This is a brand new award show, the Game Awards.

        1. “The Game Awards” Just remove Video from the name and call it new? How hysterical and sad. lol Still not watching that shit and I know its the same thing because its funded from the same dude who worked with last year’s colossal fucked up VGA. Not buying that BS that its new.

              1. It’s not a re-branding. It is a completely brand new award show. Restructured completely and put together by a completely new set of people. The ONLY thing that is the same is that Geoff Keighley’s funding the show… that’s it.

                It’s not going to have that “dude-bro” vibe that last years show had. Geoff is making a new award show, because he heard the complaints and realized that the VGA’s sucked majorly.

                He’s not just changing the name… -_- Only an ignorant drone would think that.

      1. That picture says it all right there. It’s not about good games. It never has been. It’s about mountain dew, doritos and any other major company trying to advertise thier product. Big corporation has taken over mainstream gaming. Sad but true.

        I will give this new show a chance, but my hopes are not very high.

        1. lord ghost : king of the federation

          i actually play other kinds of games on my 360 and wii u lmao. like gta v , tomb raider or ghost recon F.S . the jokes on you XD.

            1. lord ghost : king of the federation

              i like hot fries chips, not doritios. and am not even a fan of mountain dew because sprite is Superior in my opinion. U MAD XD

            1. Were have you been? We’ve all known that he has a Wii U since he first started posting here, that’s all he complained about.

      1. IT’S NOT THE VGA’S!

        Jesus Christ, you people are thick…

        What you people are saying is synonymous with “I’m not going to watch The Voice, because American Idol bombed last year….” They are TWO DIFFERENT SHOWS.

        What happened at the VGA’s last year has NOTHING to do with Geoff Keighley’s Game Award show this year.

  3. I can see why. The show in general suck balls and last year’s embarrassing display has proved that. I’m not wasting a few hours of my short life watching this crap so they can talk about the games that sucked ass at delivering their sweet, falsified promises and there’s no doubt in my mind that they’re gonna continue ignoring Nintendo and not talk about how awesome Bayonetta 2, Hyrule Warriors, MK8 and Smash Bros. 4 is.

  4. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

    No one watches = Less support for Xbots, Sonyans, Electrons and Ubisians…

    F = ma and Fa-b = -Fb-a

  5. what is his motive behind all this? I understand if you really love something you’re willing to do just about anything for your dreams. but what could he possibly gain from this?

    1. Yes, there are MANY videogame award shows. The VGA’s “was” one such award show and yes “Best Shooter” is a category along with others like Best Platformer, Best Racer, Best Handheld, Best Mobile, Best Simulator, Best Sound Effects, Best Visual Effects, Best Game Overall, ect, etc.

      TheVGA’s doesn’t exist anymore. It has been terminated, but the Game Awards is a new video game award show that will air in 2014.

      Is it so hard to believe that videogames have award shows? Movies get award shows, music gets award shows, why not video games? They are essentially a combination of every art medium from visual to auditory to technical, etc.

  6. Before coming to, I’d never seen such a great disparity between the quality of the articles and the quality of the comments. This place is a true shithole. I’m going to stick to the articles from now on. *holds up Hylian shield to block flames*

    1. Lol we are what makes this website what it is :D

      PS: we are competing with 4Chan for shitties corner in the interwebz and NintendoIsMyBlood, JTZ, NRunsIt, Strange, and Sassori are making the dream come true! :D

  7. I will just say this i don’t think it a good idea to invest a “new” award show yet, you work on one that had a bad reputation. However, I do hope for that man the very best because he risking something personal for something that he is probably that devoted for.

    1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

      High Command has absolutely nothing to do with the quality, quantity and content shown within the borders of complete garbage…

    2. Crank Kong was revealed there because the VGAs apparently pissed Reggie off so he decided they weren’t good enough to get a better announcement. xD

  8. I’m usually a pretty easy-going guy when it comes to video games. Different people enjoy different things. But if you’re a Nintendo fan, then you should not even remotely give this guy the benefit of the doubt. Props to Reggie for being on the board of this show even though Geoff’s been terribly rude to him in multiple interviews.

  9. From what I’ve read of the comments, some think he’s an ass, others think he’s a cool guy. Please tell me what he has done for people to call him an ass and what he has done to be called a cool guy. I don’t understand the hate/love this guy gets. If somebody can tell me, then I can decide for myself, what I think of the guy…

  10. There is nothing wrong with Geoff’s interviews with Reggie. I guess you people would rather watch an interviewer put Reggie’s penis in their mouth than actually ask tough questions.

  11. No, it’s fine to ask tough questions in an interview. It’s expected. But the entire interview had a negative vibe to it. He really wanted Reggie to trip up on his words. He was obviously slamming Nintendo. He did not say anything positive about any Wii U game, or the system itself. It was a bias interview. Sure ask tough questions, but also have the decency to praise the good, which Nintendo had many good things at that time. Be fair and balanced, which geoff clearly was not.

    Is geoff Kneighly even a gamer? Does he play video games?

    1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

      And the fact that Lord Reggienator’s trolling Cranky Kong announcement was the most twittered thing of that pathetic show…

  12. If this is the same thing as the Spike TV video game awards, I have no interest. Nothing but SONY this and Microsoft that. Like everything else. Ugh!

  13. Since he put his own money into this, I hope it works out for him. But when & if I watch it, one moment of negativity towards Nintendo from this guy or anyone else important at this event, I will shut it off instantly! Then I’ll hope the entire thing goes to shit right after. If any award show isn’t going to be fair & balanced, it deserves to fail & the guy that forked up the money for it should suffer in a deep hole where their money should have been.

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