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Toys R Us Will Be Selling Any Three Amiibos For $30

If you’re considering building up an Amiibo collection then you may want to think about this Toys R Us deal. The US-based retailer will be selling three for $30 on all Amiibo figures. The deal begins next week so it will certainly be worth checking your local store.

Thanks, Lord Zedd and Michelle

29 thoughts on “Toys R Us Will Be Selling Any Three Amiibos For $30”

    1. You should just get mario or Link which is what Nintendo most overused characters.

      those two will only work on smash.

  1. Well, I guess I know where i’m going. I’ll probably get Mario, Fox and Yoshi… or maybe Marth instead of Fox. I’m mostly interested in Wave 3 though,

    1. I’m getting a free Yoshi, and I’ll probably get Mario, maybe Princess Toadstool, and either Marth or Villager. Damn it these fuckers got me lol. Wasn’t planning on getting any until I tried my free one. But honestly I’ll probably get the more rare characters like Ness and Duck Hunt and others like that just due to the fact they don’t really have any toys that I know of.

      1. Yeah at this point they’re just squeezing money out of me. I know i’ll get Ness when he comes out, and I need Sonic, Mega Man and PAC-MAN, and Duck Hunt but I also want Shulk, Game & Watch, etc… The list goes on. I’ll just be buying Mario and other Wave 1 characters simply because they’re big Nintendo figurines and I kinda don’t wanna miss out.

        Also you make me realize how badly I need to get up on my preorder shit lol. You’re always getting cool free stuff that I don’t get even though I end up getting all these games day 1 regardless.

        1. Haha yea I’m probably getting every one that you listed amiibo-wise. Mostly for collecting at this point cause unless I’m blown away by the amiibo I can’t see myself getting all of them to level 50 lol. But maybe, we’ll see haha. And yea free stuff is the way to go lol, lots of goodies coming from smash. Glad I made you realize about the preorder stuff lol I love helping out cool people and letting them know about any deals, I’m that guy who posts all the ads on my friends facebook pages when there’s Buy 1 Get 1 Free and such. Ahhh man the time is getting closer and closer, this week will be hell lol. I haven’t been this excited for a game in a long ass time.

        2. I got 6 today from Toys R Us online, you have to do 3 at a time per order for the discount, and wave two are eligible for the deal. I got Mario, Diddy, Captain Falcon, 2 Little Macs cause my twin wants him and I owed him $10 and Princess Toadstool. So in case you weren’t sure about which ones were available you can be sure now. I may still get Marth, I was torn between hm and Princess. I like Marth’s black outfit though cause that’s the one I always use and I think Princess is better in this game so she’d make a better partner. I’ll see if my roomate wants two and sneak Marth in there lol.

        1. yea this deal is starting to make me think I’m gonna waste a lot of money on these things now lol certainly not getting them all, but I’ll prolly get most of my mains and all the obscure characters that are rare like Game & Watch or Duck Hunt or Lil Mac etc.

            1. yea and someone made the obvious point of doubling up and getting 6 for $60. when you say it that way, you just gotta buy it, right? lol I doubt I’ll use half these fuckers

    1. Not sure about the shipping costs, but you could maybe order them from over here and ship them if the shipping costs aren’t high since they aren’t region locked (a step in the right direction overall in that category).

  2. Better than what loot crate is offering, and you get to pick 3 that you want. Pre order SSB for Wii U and you get 4. That’s sweet.

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