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If You Haven’t Downloaded It Yet Here’s A Look At The Fantastic Mario Kart 8 DLC

As the majority of you are aware the first batch of Mario Kart 8 downloadable content arrived yesterday. The pack has been great value for money as you get eight courses and three characters to play around with, as well as new vehicles and customisation. The first video gives you a look at the Egg Cup while the second video gives you a look at the Triforce Cup. Be sure to grab it on the eShop.

73 thoughts on “If You Haven’t Downloaded It Yet Here’s A Look At The Fantastic Mario Kart 8 DLC”

    1. i would’ve much rather had zelda and ganondorf with link. there are too many different marios and peaches on the roster.

      1. I can see the appeal of Cat Peach. What girl doesn’t like a cat princess? I’m sure she’ll be used on my next party, where the Wii U usually gets used A LOT!

        1. But there is already Peach,baby Peach(girls like babies more than animals),Golden Peach(which suck) and now this Peach which even the animations are awful.

          Still i like tanooki mario,i like making him stone lol :D

          1. Gold Peach sucks, yeah. And I’m pretty sure people will use Cat Peach at my next party, if we play MK8. I’ve never seen anyone actually use the babies…

        1. Dry bones is comming in other pack.Why dont they put them as characters and no costumes like smash is beyond me.They will have trouble with the GUI when they want to add more characters,will they make icons smaller?

    2. The snakeway board is decent, and I am so glad they brought back SNES Rainbow Road. Mute City is the best one I’d say. I love how they give you Rupees instead of coins in Hyrule Circuit and make Zelda sounds in the race like your item roulette.

      1. Yeah. They should have done the same for mute city like when it starts (1,2,3, go) to be just like fzero. I also like how the sound for the pink zone that gives you coins

        1. you it’s pretty nice the pink zones, makes me wish every track had one lol quick fill up on coins and you’re good to go. mind if I get your nnid?

    3. It’s not cat Mario, it’s Tanooki Mario from Mario Bros. 3 on NES. The horn for him is a classic sound that is great, and pair him with his jeep, you will have fun

    4. Agreed. I only used Cat Peach & Tanooki Mario so I could hurry up & get rid of that god damn exclamation mark over their icons.

    1. What spoiler? The video you have to click to watch? Cause you don’t have to click it lol. Unless of course you were joking/trolling.

    1. Well, unless they mention what they’re using in the video, it’s almost impossible to know. But I’ve heard good things about Roxio Hd, I think is what it’s called. It’s made for video games and easy to set up.

      1. The one I’m using the is the AVerMedia Live Gamer Portable and it’s probably the best one out there at the moment. Of course at 30fps and full HD. They released a new one called the U3 but it only has 1 HDMI input and not even an output on it which is crap but I don’t want to use my Laptop screen as my TV you know? There’s always lag of course. I may wait til a better one comes out. I could buy a HDMI splitter that has 2 outputs but the one I have has 5 inputs and one output you know.

  1. I like this extra content, but… and maybe it is just me… I think that Link looks a bit too tall compares to the others. It looks weird, but it is really nice to have a character from a different series in Mario Kart. However, there are way too many Mario and Peach versions, which looks weird when all are on the track, but I guess they are popular with the fans. I actually would love to see Olimar, the Polar Bear from Ice Climber or Pit in the game.

    1. lol I applaud your wish for the Polar Bear, but I’d bet my life it will never happen lol. not cause I’m against it, but honestly that has to be one of the most random requests for a mario kart/smash character ever

      1. I know, it is only that Nintendo puts so many versions from the same characters instead of new ones like Link, the Villager or Isabelle. I also hoped to get the amiibo character in Mario Kart as an actual character and not a skin for the Mii character, but hey… better than nothing.

        1. Yea they overkilled Mario & Princess. I do like Tanooki Mario, but he should be a skin. And PGP was created just to add another female even though Birdo or another character could have filled it. If they release any more Mario or Princess DLC I’m gonna be pissed. Honestly th babies waste space too. Koopa Kids deserve their time to finally shine, so I am quite pleased to have them despite many complaints. Polar Bear would look hilarious in a Kart though with his shades, thinking about it now lol.

    1. Agree the extra courses at a lot and will keep the game fresh,but i think the second pack its too long afar from the first.

    1. $12 for two packs of 16 tracks, 6 characters and 8-10 kart pieces as well as the preorder/bundle bonus of multi colored Yoshi/Shy Guy alternates.

      Beats the fuck out of any garbage overpriced DLC/Season Pass BS like say..Call of Duty.

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    1. Agreed. I was hoping for the trophy from the Triforce Cup to be designed like the Hyrule Royal Family Insignia. I demand a patch for the DLC! lol

  2. There is potential for there to be over over 100 tracks in this game! I want to see more characters like Pikachu, Pit, Samus, Fox, Captain Falcon, Kirby, and Sonic etc to be in it. Wouldn’t be cool to see every Nintendo franchise? My mind just goes crazy with possibilities!

    1. If people keep supporting mario kart 8 then we will have more.I doubt their plans are only for f-zero/zelda/animal crossing.

      I think next will be xenoblade/metroid/pikmin for the next two packs and later we will see pikmin/xenoblade/pokemon for the other two packs…Awesome!

  3. It’s a great set of levels. Absolutely worth the cost, even more so if you get the 2 pack deal….11 quid for 16 new levels, that’s the same amount as 64 or DD that cost 3 times as much!

  4. Sucks how we have to wait 6 months for the other two cups. Hopefully Nintendo continues to support MK8 for another year with two more DLC cups.

  5. MosDef one of the most beautiful games this Generation!!! Better than the tired, boring crap that the PS4 and X1 keep spitting out!!! Seriously, I’ll take MK8’s visuals over DC or FH!!!!

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