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A Chat App Is Coming Today For Nintendo 3DS Via A Third Party Developer

WaiS Co.LTD and The Location Inc, have teamed up to create a chat application for Nintendo 3DS owners. The chat app which is named Chat-A-Lot will be coming to North America on November 20th and will retail on the Nintendo 3DS eShop for $7.99. The application is a text and voice app that allows you to chat to your friends who are on your Nintendo 3DS friend list. Teyon has promised that it will be coming to Europe very soon.

Thanks, Andres

53 thoughts on “A Chat App Is Coming Today For Nintendo 3DS Via A Third Party Developer”

      1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

        Still has to be verified by High Command…

        Also note that if some pathetic idiot decides to write sexual harrasment messages and so on, it will be shut down like Swapnote…

        1. That shouldn’t have been done in the first place. If you make parental controls, it is on parents to keep their children safe, not on the company. Imagine if the same thing happened on Facebook, nobody gives a shit. If I post my dick to someone of Facebook, I’ll get reported and probably have my profile suspended, they won’t close the site because of that.

          On Facebook, you can even message whoever. On 3DS, you can only message people added to your friends list. What is going on there at Nintendo’s OS department? Why no game invites? Why no cross game chat? Why charge backgrounds? Why no unified accounts? Why no messaging outside of Miiverse? Why no themes on the Wii U? Pro controller in system settings? User made communities?

          All of those things can be made in a couple of months. You see Sony and MS making huge patches every so often, giving players things they didn’t know they wanted, but Nintendo can’t get even the basic shit right.

          I just like to imagine just a bunch of monkeys in that department, jerking off, shitting over themselves, raping eachother, throwing shit around, and then sometimes someone healthy comes around and whips them until they make something every few months and after that person leaves, it all goes down again. For fuck’s sake, they needed almost 4 years to put themes on the 3DS and 2 years to put folders on the Wii U.

          1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

            Yes, that’s my main argument against the empire, they control us way too much regardless of what they label themselves about…

            Parental Controls ever since the 3DS are useless…

          2. Wow your comment is fucking on point. Everything you stated is what the Wii u should have fucking had on launch date. I hate going to miiverse to check and see if someone wanted to play. If do message me you don’t get fucking a notification for it. What a waste of fucking potential. A good console wii u could have been with shit added in it.

          3. if I remember right the parents actually did use the parental controls but the kids had their friendshelp them remove it

            1. It doesn’t specify what “turning the internet off” means. Did they just turn the switch off? Maybe. Did they just not give her a wi fi password? Maybe. Did they just never connect the 3DS to the internet? Maybe. Did they just say that so that it seems like it isn’t on them? Maybe, we don’t know, but I doubt that the kid had a friend hacker.


          4. What? You seem to have very little understanding as to why swapnote’s features were neutered. You do realize it was because there was illegal child pornography being sent around via the app by pedophiles, right? And that companies have a legal obligation to *not* allow content like that being spread around on their services?? You cannot possibly compare a simple app to a huge website like facebook which obviously, wouldn’t shut down for something as silly as nsfw pictures being sent by and to other CONSENTING adults.
            It’s really sad that you think catering to people who simply can’t get skype is more important than protecting children from pedophiles. Boo hoooooo.
            Also $8 for a chat app is silly. Wtf nintendo.

            1. To *not allow content by closing their app. Facebook is a company, yes. So, that would be like them closing the messaging system. There you fucking go, is that a better comparison? A company that provides parents with tools to protect their children is not responsible for what happens afterwards. Imagine if a kid was hit by a car. Is the car company the one that is responsible? Car has brakes, car has adjustable speed. It is driver’s fault, except in the case that the car malfunctioned, which in this instance didn’t happen.

              You must be a fucking retard. Go somewhere with a nice view, top of the highest building in the near distance and just…..walk off, I can’t stand moronic people like you.

              1. The recent bullshit excuse from Sakurai about Ridley has really given me a new appreciation of Noa. lol I don’t agree with him on some things but he does have a point sometimes… even if it does sometimes come off a bit narcissistic.

        2. I can already see it now, Commander. Two pathetic, primitive human apes using this app to talk about about their sexual desires to each other. Disgusting…

      1. Maybe this chat app is text only. I’m not a big fan of Wii U Chat because there is no option for it. I’ll only use Wii U Chat if it’s with someone I’ve known & interacted with for a number of years.

  1. Honestly though, this crap should be free so no thx.
    Also, whenever I play online with my friends we always use Skype with our phones even on. Xbox or PS3, the quality is just so much better, so from a selfish standpoint I don’t really care, we got that solved years ago.

  2. Great. I can finally send messages to the people on my friends list but I have to pay 8$. Thanks for nothing you cheap assholes.

  3. Oh and if it were free then more people on your friend list will get it but since it cost money most friends won’t notice it lol :P

    1. Why do we need to shut it down? Why can’t Nintendo just ban the user? Also, you can only chat with people on your friends list, so you would have to already know that person to ever message him

      1. Because Nintendo & the Nintendo fanboys will just defend the shut down with the bullshit that there are some people adding random strangers to their friends list so it had to be shut down to protect the fools of Miiverse. Hey! Let’s shut down Messages on Miiverse! I bet it’s being used in the same way Spotpass was being used! We need to babysit other people’s children & the adults on Miiverse that are “too stupid” to know what’s good for them!

  4. Let’s hope these guys are actually putting more effort into this than what Sakurai did with making Ridley work as a playable character since they are charging us 8 bucks for this.

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