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Lucario Amiibo Is Exclusive To Toys R Us In The United States


If you want the Lucario Amiibo figure then I’m afraid you’ll only be able to purchase it from Toys R Us in the United States. Nintendo has previously said that certain Amiibo figures will be retailer exclusive and that seems to be the case with Lucario. The Amiibo figure will retail for $13.99 and is available for pre-order right now.

Thanks, Michelle

39 thoughts on “Lucario Amiibo Is Exclusive To Toys R Us In The United States”

    1. “can’t not” so we can :)
      I think we should just wait and see what happens here. I’m going to order them from amezon anyway because I’m not going to pay 5 extra euro p.p.

      1. I do, but exclusivity for stores is bullshit. They’re some stores I rather not go to and besides, I am worried about those who don’t live close to this kinds of stores. Shulk’s exclusivity was a low blow considering people had bad expierences with Gamestop.

        1. Yea I know it’s a bad thing, and if you don’t wanna support them because of it I totally understand, I feel bad for anyone who doesn’t have a store near them too. Someone on here told me yesterday though that you can get the exclusive ones on the stores websites so that should at least alleviate people being left out if true I hope.

          1. yeah, and that’s why before the release of the entire set of characters, I was praying for him to return in the game. I understood then that he was part of the original 12, and if they exclude one of those, he has a chance to be ditched too.

            1. A chance to be ditched as an amiibo? Misunderstood your comment sorry lol going on like 8 hours of sleep in the last two nights thanks to smash parties lol.

      1. Yeah… The only real flaw with exclusives is that it, in the short run, it negates the effect of market competition on price on demand.

  1. Thinking Sonic and Mega Man are exclusive too. I was talking to a manager at my local GameStop last Friday and she couldn’t even find those two in their system. In Wave 3 she just had Shulk and a few others. She said there wasn’t 11 and that she’d look into it.

  2. Reblogged this on Maniji's Dojo and commented:
    Now i’m afraid that i’ll look less of a man walking into a Toys-R-Us to get that thing.
    However since Amiibos aren’t region locked, I can easily order and have it delivered. (S&H fees apply)

    1. I’ll wear heels to get a Lucario amiibo from Toys’r’Us if you man up & go to Toys’r’Us to get yours? ;) Pics with a salesperson WITH figure in hand, or it didn’t happen, lol. I’ll do the same, of course?

      Ps. I’ve always wanted to do a bet like this, haha~

    2. Just order one online if you don’t want to visit a store… Why would you import one just to get it from a non-Toys R Us from a country where it’s not Toys R Us exclusive…? You’re essentially adding a middleman(s) and are paying a higher price.

  3. Yeah I got a funny feeling that some of the upcoming Amiibos like Pac-Man, Megaman, Mr. Game And Watch, Greninja, Duck Hunt Dog, Mewtwo, Sonic,and Zero Suit Samus may all be either retail exclusive or Nintendo website exclusive. These are my predictions on how things may pan out

    Mewtwo – maybe a Nintendo website exclusive

    Duck Hunt Dog – maybe a Nintendo website exclusive

    Zero Suit Samus – maybe a Nintendo website exclusive

    Sonic – maybe a Target exclusive

    Pac-Man – maybe a Amazon exclusive

    Megaman – maybe a Walmart exclusive

    Mr. Game And Watch – will probably be available in every US retailer but it will be exclusive to a Japanese retailer

    Greninja – will probably be an exclusive to a Japanese retailer but in the states it will maybe be anotherToys R Us exclusive.

    Just my take and thoughts

    1. Sonic and Megaman are already available on Amazon though. I doubt Nintendo will play exclusives with the little third-part support it has, but any of the others are fair game.

  4. If Ridley was a playable character, I could see his amiibo being exclusive to Nintendo World as a middle finger to those that supported him as a playable character because we forced Sakurai to put effort into working on him.

  5. Does anyone else think that this Lucario amiibo looks like cheap, McDonalds Happy Meal quality? Specifically the blue parts.

  6. Does anyone else think that this Lucario amiibo looks like cheap, McDonalds Happy Meal quality? Specifically the blue parts..

    1. That last comment was supposed to post at the end of the comments. Why did it post before the 2 following comments? Weird.

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