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Sakurai Explains Why Mewtwo Isn’t Paid DLC For Smash Bros

Super Smash Bros producer Masahiro Sakurai has told IGN why he decided not to add Mewtwo as paid downloadable content. Sakurai says that what he’s looking to do with Mewtwo in Super Smash Bros is an experiment that’s he’s keen to see work out. Sakurai explained in an earlier interview today that Nintendo isn’t working on any additional paid downloadable content for Super Smash Bros.

“As for why Mewtwo isn’t paid content from the start, releasing that character is an experiment meant to act as a foothold in content distribution; thus it’s simply meant as part of the service we’re providing to gamers.”

“Creating a single fighter involves a huge investment, and we’ve already been giving it our all and investing a lot of work in the characters currently available in the game, and I think it’s an incredible package in terms of the sheer amount of content in the game. But it might be that people may not understand and may think that I am not offering enough just by looking at DLC itself.”

“…What I can say now about paid DLC is that we aren’t working on anything at the moment. We’ve put all our efforts into making the actual game. Creating DLC would involve large additional costs and require the involvement of a lot of people.”

Thanks, MasterPikachu6

89 thoughts on “Sakurai Explains Why Mewtwo Isn’t Paid DLC For Smash Bros”

    1. Who would be happy if the DLC for this game had the same DLC characters as Mario Kart 8? Imagine Cat peach in the game!

      1. Not to mention you only get mewtew for free if you get both versions…
        Which seems fair in some terms considering you payed over 100$ total for both versions.
        Also, it seems like the MEW2 dlc will be a separate buy soon.

  1. ” Creating DLC would involve large additional costs and require the involvement of a lot of people” That right there just exposed most of the AAA game developers we have nowadays. So that means that they obviously have a lot of people that could work and create new ideas to improve their games. But instead, they all seem to be lazy and instead focus on the quickest route to making money. They’d rather take content out of games and make people pay for things rather than working on making the game complete and fixing them to make sure they aren’t buggy. You know the CoD games? And how much money you have to spend every year for season passes? Just imagine getting all those map packs, weapons, guns, and skins for free. It would be a LOT better. But no, that’s not the case. Instead, you only get to look at them on the online store and you are restricted from ever playing on those maps unless you pay. It’s the opposite way around with Super Smash Bros. You get EVERYTHING you pay for right out of the box. No need to buy anything. And the game is almost flawless with how it runs. You barely ever come across glitches or bugs in Nintendo games because they work hard to ensure you get the most enjoyment out of your games. And that is why Nintendo will always be the best video game company ever. Their game developers actually care about the gamer. While everyone else is worried about making money.

        1. Well, it’s not like you are just getting Mewtwo for $100. You are getting two great games. Mewtwo and the Smash Bros soundtracks are simply a bonus to dedicated smash bros fans.

      1. You have to to buy the 3ds version($40) and the wiiu version($60) and register them on club Nintendo to download Mewtwo. Basically $100 for 1 character DLC. No other company does this BS

        1. Oh yeah, because everyone only wanted smash for Mewtwo. Maybe that actually is the case, but most people bought the game or was planning on buying it, they already made their decision. Paying $40+ for Mewtwo is what would usually be the case.

          1. If you bought the game for mewtwo or not is irrelevent. The fact of the matter is that having to buy a version of a game on a console you don’t own just to get 1 character is absurd. Mewtwo should be regular DLC, so anyone can get him.

            1. Then why have people who bought both versions fork over money then they already have? It’s not hard, and I’m pretty sure people will sell the Club Nintendo points on ebay. If a demo can sell online, then a “download code” can.

              1. because that’s how business works. Smash bros 4 is already a complete game there is no denying that. Want more content? then you have to pay for it

        2. It is 100 dollars for two full game experiences which both respectively have tons of stages and characters. Aside from that, each version is unique pertaining to resolution, graphics, game content, online, music, and a plethora of minor things I cannot recall. Surely, you would be a fool to complain about having a great console experience on the Wii U and an equally amazing “on-the-go” experience with WiiU. Of course, Mewtwo is a decent add-on to all this content.

          1. I don’t own a wiiu and plan on buying one, why would I buy the Wiiu version? To use as a $60 paperweight? Mewtwo should be regular DLC so anyone can get him.

        3. $60 for half of Destiny while the DLC is $40-50? $50-60 EA Sports game rehashed for over 15 fucking years? COD for 7 years? lol Both Smash Bros. games are different with only the roster being the same, sharing custom fighters and have Amiibo. Different stages, different modes, different controllers, on to take on the go and the other to play at home. Doesn’t sound like a deliberate ripoff to me. It’s promotional, not a scam for which you have an option to not buy.

            1. No. Its exactly what you’re talking about and trying to imply. Now you’re ignoring what I’m saying.

              Destiny falsely advertised the single player without telling buyers that they’re buying half of a game at full price and pay $40-50 more for the rest. That’s a scam. Launching a 3DS game first as a warm up to the complete and fully packaged Smash Bros. 4 on Wii U is not a ripoff. Mewtwo is merely a bonus incentive to those who bought both games which are virtually more different than the same.

              Smash Bros. 3DS is $40 with a different control set, different modes like Smash Run and Streetpass Smash, different collectables, different graphics, different stages and adventure mode set up. Not sure if it has Amiibo like Wii U but knowing the New 3DS coming, it could have that support with different unlockables. Smash Bros. 3DS is for portable purposes.

              Smash Bros. 4 is $60 with multiple controllers support, Off-TV play, Stage Builder with sharing/download, standby mode support for automatic downloads, Smash Party mini board game, different collectables, different stages, different modes, Adventure Mode and difficulty are redesigned, Adventure mode has cinematic cutscenes, HD 1080p/60FPS graphics, Spotpass, full Amiibo support, Miiverse, 8-players, 3DS connectivity for custom fighter sharing and using 3DS as a controller. Smash Bros. 4 Wii U is for home console style gaming.

              Both are similar but different in terms of content. Gameplay, roster and modes are the only tried and true similarities both games have.

              Mewtwo is months away from completion and distribution so the terms of sale could change so everyone who only bought one of the versions can get and enjoy using Mewtwo.

        4. So? It’s a gift for those who bought both versions, nothing wrong with that! It’s a thank you from Nintendo to fans for supporting both versions, so STFU!

        5. The nintendo magistrate

          Actually i only got the 3ds version and got the mewtwo my friend gave me his nintendo points for the wii u version

    1. More like $100 = Mewtwo unlock for both versions. Or would you rather pay 5+ more bucks for him? (Though it wouldn’t make a HUGE difference in the long run).

      I think what he’s getting at is seeing how involving he has to be with one character before he throws down & adds, like, 5-10 characters down the line. The man is worn out, after all. Though…where is Bandai Namco in all of this?

          1. think rationally? Are you serious? How is $40 or $60+$5-$6 overly expensive vs $100? How about you take your head out of your ass and think rationally

            1. Maybe if you looked at it from the “everything is shitty” perspective then yes, you would be right. Do you fucking even realize how pissed the fanbase would be if they had to pay even MORE money then they should? People complain about Nintendo not giving out cross-buy, but when they TRY, they get criticized for not having DLC?
              Look, I bought both game regardless. I want something in return for cashing out $100. Why should I have to pay DOUBLE to get the DLC I want. Oh also you have to a fucking nimrod to think free DLC at the level of a new character should be free.

              1. you’re obviously not seeing where im coming from so im going to break it down for you
                1) im thinking of the perpective of gamers who only have either the 3ds or a WiiU.
                2) no one would be pissed if there was DLC, infact people are ASKING for DLC. plus almost everyone was fine with DLC in MK8 why they be pissed if Smash had it?
                3) not my problem if you bought both versions, it was your desicision. its not all about you
                4) never said it should be free, i said it should be either Free or Paid DLC. so people with only one copy of the can get it. im completly fine with paying for DLC.

          2. Or maybe, just maybe, Nintendo could finally get their shit together and give us unified accounts, so things like this can work out cross-platform easily.

            1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

              Maybe and just maybe, you could have bought your own Wii U instead of getting it for free as a present, then your arguments would be valid…

        1. Giving him out pre-development is a fantastic idea. Though that brings up the question of how far in development they were with him to just tease everyone like that.
          “Here’s Mewtwo, like many of you wanted….Coming in early 2015”

  2. I’m sure I’m not the only one who would pay for Mewtwo as I’m not planning to buy both versions at least for now. I don’t get what their experiment is meant to do… Compare how many people download him by connecting the two games vs how many complain on Miiverse because they only have one version? Lol.

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    1. people we just had the hyrule warriors scarf epidemic. it’s nothing new, nintendo is willing to walk away from garaunteed money just to make things more valuable= making their products more valuable.

  4. “that character is an experiment meant to act as a foothold in content distribution”

    Most vague and strange answer ever.

    Like Nintendo doesn’t monitor how their products are distributed….
    I call BS on that.
    I think there is more to the Mewtwo story but their covering it with this.

    1. ” the character is an experiment” basically means they are seeing if a promotion like this boost sales/ to find out if this type of marketing is worth doing in the future with other characters and franchises.

    2. It is a scam.Forcing people that rushed for the 3ds version to buy the console version if they want mewtwo.Or those that were planning on o gey only the wii u version to buy also the 3ds version so they can download mewtwo.

      Scam move but Nintendo will get more money.Its how they do with pokemon they release two gamea with minor different details hopefully some buy both.

      Nintendo is the new EA.

    3. Simple, Mewtwo was supposed to integrate the final roster but it wasn’t ready at the time, so he will be a promotional downloadable bonus for the people that bought both games.

      Problem is, Sakurai seems to love to create weird reasons fpr easy-answer questions. They cut out adventure mode in order to focus on character development, not because of that cutscene excuse. He only was true when he explained about Dr. Mario, Lucina and Dark Pit, these clone characters came from the balancing process, created with nearly zero effort, they’re not replacing characters and not even stealing slots, they’re mere extras (I actually liked Dr. Mario and dark pit inclusions).

  5. he’ll be paid or free dlc in time once they realize people don’t want to buy two games just for one extra character. mewtwo is nothing special.

  6. JTZ from tribe of Judah

    So I wonder if some people may not get Mewtwo, does this mean that he will only be shown online only for people who have him? Like hoe MK8 new stages are only playable if you bought the DLC?

    1. Nope most probably like all fighting games you will download him in a system update but will be locked behind a pay system so you can access him but you can see him online.

  7. “As for why Mewtwo isn’t paid content from the start,”

    He was just quoted as saying there was no paid DLC. Now he is implying Mewtwo will be paid DLC anyway later. Just make up your mind Sakurai. Is there paid DLC or not? Stringing people along just makes you seem like a troll and a lot of people seem to think you are a “professional”.

    1. in this instance i think you are really reading too much into this. sometimes it is okay to be wrong and you can’t take half a sentence and make up your own meaning to it. stop grasping and just accept nintendo wants you to buy both games for mewtwo.

      1. Want me to post a picture of my 3DS game and then say I am grasping? I was buying both anyway. I am not one of these poor boys. I am getting the entire Amiibo range as well.

        So I am not “grasping”. Why would I be “grasping” if I am ending up with Mewtwo anyway?

        1. im talking about dlc.

          i dont care if you plan to buy both but when sakurai says they wont. you still say it is coming anyway even when he elaborated on this costing to much money for him and to much work for his team adding dlc characters. that is grasping at dlc when the head director says they wont and they dont want to for reasons of money and time cost and you still say dlc is coming anyway and people are in denial for listening to the person who makes the game.

          1. Ahh i see. I’m with you now. But hey, then what was Namco hiring for?

            Sorry but even then, I don’t believe him. He said he wasn’t even thinking about DLC until the game is finished. It isn’t finished until it is in consumer’s hand. Not development time finished. Finished for Nintendo.

            So even if HE wasn’t thinking about DLC, Nintendo were. When Smash DLC will do better than Devil’s Third and not even cost a tenth of the dev cost of that game they wouldn’t just be shooting themselves in the foot. They would be shooting themselves in the face.

            Look at the facts and its obvious he is lying. Namco hiring for 2015 Smash Bros stuff. Saying there wasn’t going to paid DLC only to later come out and say Mewtwo isn’t paid “from the start”. Plus it wouldn’t be the only lie Nintendo have told. Miyamoto said there would be no more N64 remakes on 3DS after Starfox 64 came out and he said that when Majora’s Mask was being worked on.

            Consumer demand wins over “I am too tired” every single time. You single out the Smash Bros team but every developer is tired by the time any game comes out. Video games are a tough business and they opted to work in that industry.

      2. Actually Anonymous I have a better offer for you. I will post you a picture of my Mewtwo download after I have used my code. Anyone who really thinks this will be the only way to get Mewtwo is being in denial. Perhaps you are one of those who prays it will never happen because you are spending on both games solely to get Mewtwo.

        Me? I am spending on both because I play both for different reasons. One at a group I attend (the 3DS). And the Wii U on the big TV.

        In regards to Mewtwo though, it will happen. How do they plan to sell his Amiibo if not everybody will end up with him eventually?

          1. I have common sense. I just also have the money to buy them. There are people I know who have actually thought about buying both since Mewtwo was announced but I planned to buy both the entire time.

        1. i dont care about mewtwo. im saying it makes sense for nintendo to not release it as dlc to make more money from people buying two version. i dont care about your reasons for buying both or events you attend has nothing to do with mewtwo being dlc later.

  8. This is simply an extra for the gamers that buy both versions. a “thank-you”, if you will, from Nintendo.

    so instead of giving a small discount for buying both, we get a cool dlc.

    pretty cool alternative. i like it.

  9. As excited as I am for Mewtwo (and I’m going to own both versions) I also wish he was available to people with just one version. Make him free for those with both, but don’t make him unobtainable for those with only one… Oh well. I at least hope you don’t have to register the copies, but just by linking a 3DS game with the Wii U, it’s downloaded onto both games, even if its been used before. That would make it much more accessible.

  10. This is kinda weird to do. Just make him a standalone paid DLC ($4-5) and people will surely buy it instead of having to get the 3DS game (which I still recommend to get) just for Mewtwo and make people think they’re being cheated. It’s not right to confuse and anger others about this. Then again, I can live without Mewtwo. I’ve bought and played 3 Smash Bros. games without him.

  11. Yeah my friend doesn’t have a 3ds but has a wii u and I don’t have a wii u but I got a 3ds so I’ll just register the two versions and we can both play as mewtwo.

  12. You get both smash games each with different content. Then you get the mewtwo dlc as a thanks and the soundtrack on the nintendo site as a reward. Quit complaining for free content.

  13. I’m just confused by everything right now. I’m guessing Sakurai went in talking about DLC without thinking about the fact that they already announced Mewtwo, because this is all confusing. “We’re not making DLC for the game because we want it to be a completed product that you’re buying, but we’re doing Mewtwo as DLC to test the water and I haven’t even mentioned the Miiverse Stage as far as Stage DLC goes.” Something just… doesn’t add up quite right in my mind.

  14. Hang on… So does this mean if you don’t get the 3DS and Wii U versions and register them quickly enough you can NEVER get Mewtwo?

    If so, this is something I’ll have a major problem with. Characters are arguably the most important part of any fighting game, and if there’s NO way to complete the roster and people have no way to not miss out, that’s immediately a bad thing in my eyes. For example, Skullgirls- yeah, there are DLC characters; you don’t need them, but if you want them, you can get them anytime, whereas here, if you want Mewtwo but can’t get him before the registration deadline expires (can’t get the games, can’t log into CN, etc.), then you’re just SOL. If that’s how this is gonna go down, I assure you I’ll be one very pissed off Nintendo fan for this bad decision.

  15. I think Sakurai just needs a long vacation. He’s worked so hard on these Smash Bros. games that he probably can’t stand the thought of continuing to work even MORE on dlc. Take that vacation, Sakurai. You’ve earned it.

  16. Has nobody mentioned that you also very a 2-Disc soundtrack for registering both games? So it’s a FREE character and a FREE, PHYSICAL gift for owning both versions. If you’re complaining, you’re either a troll or completely illogical. If you want to pay for a DLC Mewtwo, buy both games, register them both, and sell the one you don’t want. The money you lost in buying the game new and selling it used will be the “paid DLC” and free soundtrack. Now quit being a child, and go about your business.

  17. Ha ha ha ha! Sakurai knows what happens in the internet within the DLC subject, he knew that, whatever he would try to do with extra content, would’ve be seen by fans as mercenarism.

    But I actually believe that Mewtwo is being given for free because he wasn’t ready at the time for release.

  18. well I think people is mistaking Mewtwo as a DLC instead of being a Bonus actually.
    It is just that, a bonus you get for having both copies (wii U and 3DS) you don’t have to get mad or complain because it’s “free”.

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