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Nintendo Confirms New Super Mario Bros Wii Has Sold Over 10 Million Units In US


We all knew that New Super Mario Bros Wii was popular, but we weren’t entirely sure how popular. Well it turns out the game, which was released back in 2009, has now sold over ten million units in the US. The news was announced via Nintendo of America on Facebook. It’s certainly quite an achievement for the Wii title.

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41 thoughts on “Nintendo Confirms New Super Mario Bros Wii Has Sold Over 10 Million Units In US”

    1. Lol completely disagree. NSMBW is a thousand times better imo. All NSMBU did was slap on Baby Yoshi’s and Miiverse functionality. Not to mention, they didn’t even put all the good power ups like the penguin and the propeller on the normal levels. You need to waste your time trying to get all the star coins and going to one of the Toad houses on that secret star place (forgot the name lol) just to get them. But you get to play with the lame P-corn power on like 50% of the levels. And Mario bosses have always been easy, but NSMBU made them twice as easy. NSLU on the other hand is what the game should’ve been like in the first place. NSMBU is the very definition of a rehash! They didn’t even change the plot. Lol. Btw, not saying that the game is trash or anything, but I didn’t really like how much of a copy and paste it was. It’s definitely not worth $60. The NSMB series should just stop because it’s just pointless. Super Mario 3D World though is worth every penny… ;)

      1. I think NSMBWii was much better for multiplayer as it had less shit on the screen, and it was more open. NSMBU was better for singleplayer.

  1. I wish they could make a completely 2d Mario game not the 2.5d and change up the formula and graphics somehow in the style of smw or smb2.

    1. I like how they talk in Super Mario Sunshine. Especially Peach. I don’t get why everyone keeps saying Nintendo characters should be silent. That’s stupid. They’re probably just using the old cartoons and stuff as an excuse completely ignoring that they have way better voice actors now.

      1. Its a matter of how much dialog is needed, put in and how well done the voicing is. Metroid Prime 3 had voice acting by casual talents that no one knows about and it was done very well but kept Samus silent as an act of respect for the fanbase. Other M sorta makes sense for Samus to have voice acting because Metroid Fusion had Samus monologuing in various parts of the game and took place before Fusion. But then again, Other M is a shit bomb that shouldn’t be discussed or reminded for any reason…ever. lol

        Wasn’t the cartoons done because of Sega and Sonic’s rising popularity? lol

      2. It’s just the Zelda games that have silent characters. Now there is not much dialog in Mario games, but Mario does speak at the beginning of Mario 64, and the Galaxy games. Peach also speaks in Mario 64. I agree with you though, other than The Legend of Zelda series, I do wish Nintendo would incorporate more voice acting.

        1. Honestly, I have always been ok with characters like Samus not saying anything. It suits her. And Legend of Zelda doesn’t really need it imo. Link is pretty much known for his grunting and yelling. Lmao. As for Mario, it definitely needs it imo. The Toads have a funny voice and I like hearing them. Lol. Plus, it could probably work out. I mean, they say full sentences and stuff in most games. :P

  2. It’s a tough opinion to make. It’s like trying to say Galaxy 1 is better than Galaxy 2. It’s really to close to call, and you can’t go wrong either way. I personally like NSMBU better, but that’s just my opinion. It just felt like a better rendition of NSMB.

  3. And if I remember correctly, it’s still full price in stores. I’m sick of Nintendo’s best titles never going down in price. That’s why I buy on eBay so much. In many cases, eBay is much cheaper than stores. Especially used games.

    About 5 months ago, I found a complete, like new copy of New Super Mario Bros. U at the Goodwill, and only paid $2.99 for it. Probably the greatest Goodwill find ever.

      1. See what I mean about Nintendo’s greatest games never going down in price? The only games I can find real cheap at Gamestop are some of the casual Wii games. My brother bought Fling Smash at Gamestop for less than a dollar. Now THAT was cheap.

      2. xenoblade chronicle used £60 ($90+), New super mario wii £35, Wii U version used same price. Personally seller moan about the game come out from nintendo but they want to sell it at a premium… paradox at its highest.

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