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Sakurai Explains Why Ridley Isn’t Playable In Super Smash Bros

Super Smash Bros creator Masahiro Sakurai must be exhausted between developing Smash Bros on Wii U and answering  interviews with journalists. Anyway, Sakurai explained to IGN why Ridley isn’t a playable character in the Nintendo 3DS or Wii U versions of the game. Sakurai doesn’t think Ridley from the Metroid franchise would be accurately portrayed as “it’d have to be shrunk down, or its wings reduced in size, or be unable to fly around freely.” Here’s what he told the gaming publication.

“I definitely know that Ridley’s a much-anticipated name for fans, but if we made Ridley as a fighter, it wouldn’t be Ridley any longer,” Sakurai told IGN in an email interview. “It’d have to be shrunk down, or its wings reduced in size, or be unable to fly around freely.”

“Providing accurate portrayals of characters is something I want to pay ample attention to,” he continued. “If I don’t stick to that thought, then we’d have to lower the quality or break the balance of the game. Something that goes way off spec could break the entire game.”

“Instead of going through a lot of very convoluted hocus-pocus to make Ridley a fighter, I figured it’d be better to keep Ridley as it currently is, the correct way, and have it feel like a truly threatening presence,” Sakurai explained. “There are other icons, too, like Metal Face and the Yellow Devil, which help effectively portray each of their world settings. They go a long way toward deepening the game world, and I think it’s been fun to experiment with.”


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176 thoughts on “Sakurai Explains Why Ridley Isn’t Playable In Super Smash Bros”

        1. People asking for some of the other hunters in the metroid series sound ridiculous. You’re asking them to add bottom of the barrel characters just for the sake of representing more metroid. I think they should keep it at samus and that’s it. Since when does it matter how many characters of a particular series are in the game anyway? Nobody wants to play as retarded weavel or sylux, they’re even less important than space peach and that faggot yellow star that follows her, and that’s saying a lot.

          1. I still would have accepted Dark Samus instead of all those other damn clones. Even if DS were a clone, I think the majority of fans would of liked DS instead of Lucina DPit or Dr.Mario.

      1. They could’ve always used a Space Pirate. Or maybe a clone of Samus rather than Dark Pit.
        But really, the game looks amazing, if anyone finds things wrong with it they’re miniscule.

        1. Ridley, the Angel of Death

          Don’t bother. These people will throw out the bullshit excuse that resizing small characters is okay but resizing big characters is a crime against video games.

        2. But the thing is. Olimar is able to keep his characteristics aka his Pikmin and still be bigger. Ridley can’t be bended just with a snap of a finger. And don’t you dare compare him to Bowser and Ganon because Bowser has no canon size and they were actually playable before and their series aren’t that deep of a story driven series like Metroid. LOZ may have a story but it’s basically all over the place at this point.

    1. now imagine a special smash where you use only big charactersall the bosses playable id settle for that as a side feature. Boss Smash mode sounds fun to me

    2. Has anyone pointed out that ganondorf isn’t ganondorf any longer in smash bros? Just bcoz sakurai is too lazy to make him his own character. I love how sakurai contradicts himself all the time. There will be no clones in the next smash, lo and behold, we’ve got more than ever. I can’t put that character in because he wouldn’t be the same character anymore, . Finally, I can’t believe there hasn’t been a new zelda character added to the roster since melee (toon and young link r near enuf the same). Why couldn’t midna, impa or even lana from hyrule warriors make it in? Lana and midna would have very unique movesets and would have nothing to do with sword fighters. Sakurai should look at hyrule warriors to see how to create zelda characters. The developers for that game created more unique movesets in about three years than sakurai does over the eight years it takes to create another smash.

      1. Well, while there are still clones, the clone blues isn’t AS bad as in former titles. The only clones with very small differences are Lucina and Dark Pit, while Dr. Mario, Ganondorf and Toon Link are semi-clones at worst (Dr. is a hommage to Melee!Mario both with his first appearance as Dr. Mario and the Down+Special being the Hurricane, Ganondorf is in a different weight class with emphasis on power and meteor-effects, also the Side+Special being a grab instead of an aerial initiator, Toon Link having a reliably damaging boomerang and a ground Up+Special that multihits [also, Link has a new dash attack that’s really great]).

        Regarding other Zelda-characters, while we all would like that, there can only be so many characters (as Skullgirl has teached me, creating a single fighter and related assets costs a lot of money and manpower) and they also need an identity, gameplay-wise, within this Platform Fighter. Besides, characters in Smash Bros. tend to be a representation of the entire franchise instead of a single game, which is why Mr. Game & Watch represents about 20+ Game & Watch-games at once. One-shot character, no matter how good, don’t have much of a place in Smash Bros. Of course, you could argue with Shiek, but that was originally tied to Zelda since Melee, a time where Wind Waker was the newest installment and, thus, the most beloved incarnation of Zelda was that of Ocarina of Time. After the fourth installment of Smash Bros. threw out transformations, Shiek propably stayed because her moveset was unique to her and they didn’t want to waste a perfectly good character.
        Impa is also some sort of staple, but her form differs vastly between games, ranging from old woman in a robe to a (Shiekah) bodyguard. And even with these roles, she has variance if you compare the NES games with the Oracle of-games for the old woman and Ocarina of Time and Hyrule Warriors (which is a new incarnation of Impa) in case of the bodyguard (OoT-Impa being a ninja and HW-Impa being more of a samurai).

        1. Check out Warriors Orochi 3 Hyper for Wii U & you’ll see even with a shitload of characters, you can still make characters unique even if they are complete moveset clones of other characters. Sakurai’s a joke at times when compared to the devs at that company.

      2. I forgot that duck hunt, rosalina, little mac, browser Jr., palutena, villager, Wii fit trainer, greninja, shulk, mega man, and pacman all play the same, stop whining about three EXTRA clones that samurai put in near the end of development. And asking samurai to put in a semi popular spinoff character in smash is moronic.

      3. Sakurai is getting his ass kicked by Koei Tecmo. Next, they’ll show him up with Metroid Warriors with Ridley as a playable character shrunk a bit with a fully functional moveset that keeps him from using his wings as a way to OP through the entire game.

      4. Incorrect! Ganon still manages to keep his characteristics. In Zelda Ganon’s a walking powerhouse. In Smash he’s a walking powerhouse. Your point? Plus Ganon was the literal last character of Melee who probably would’ve never ever made it into Smash if he wasn’t a clone. You would rather no Ganon than Falcondorf? The reason why no ocs from Hyrule warriors made it in because no one wants a female Link in Smash thank you very much.

  1. wait a minute if you felt this way the whole time then why tease fans who really wanted it? that’s kinda cruel. I’m not trying to judge but just tell ridley fans no instead of letting them think all this time that he could be in the game.

    1. He never teased about Ridley being playable. It’s not his fault that the fans practically wait on his every word and try to twist it how ever they like.

      1. No I would definitely say he teased him. He showed us a shadow of him almost a year before specifying his role in the game. If that’s not teasing, I don’t know what is.

          1. Exactly! It was so freaking obvious that he was teased as a boss, not as a playable. This is what I meant by my statement. Most people with brains kind of figured that out immediately. Why some people took that as possibly meaning playable isn’t Sakurai’s fault.

      2. Yeah. He so totally did not tease Ridley as possibly being a playable character. It’s not like he made little cracks at other resizes before the boss segment of a Smash Direct or referenced the fact some characters were resized so they can work in Smash as playable characters. This is just another bullshit excuse from Sakurai trying to get people to look one way while something else is happening the other way. Like a magician getting you to look at one hand while something else is happening in the other hand to make the trick “look” like magic. Like his bullshit excuse for why there won’t be a story mode. Or Ice Climbers getting ditched.

        1. In the Brawl days the entire story mode was leaked before the game even came out putting all that work to waste. Don’t blame Sakurai for not wanting to go through that hell again just for another story mode that wasn’t even that well received and will be leaked. Ice Climbers got ditched because of the fucking 3ds. Nana is an entire CPU not a tool for you to throw at enemies like Luma, Pikmin and the duck. The 3ds version limited a lot of things in general. It’s amazing how we got a 58 character roster filled with unique characters on the old 3ds.

    2. As a Ridley supporter, I can’t say he ever teased him as a playable character.
      I mean, his shadow did appear on top of the phrase: “Other stage bosses”.

  2. So wait, he won’t add Ridley because it wouldn’t feel like Ridley anymore, but he won’t give Ganondorf moves he actually uses in Zelda games…

    I love Sakurai but sometimes he says things that just don’t make sense. Oh well maybe in Smash 5.

    1. I think there’s more to Ganondorf than just the magic wand he threatened Link & Zelda with in TP. How in the world were they scared of that thing? Lol

      For his Final Smash, though, they could have had him transform into Ganon & wreck havoc, dual-blade style.

    2. You’re talking about his Final Smash? lol He’s talking about making characters playable for the roster. Ridley isn’t right for it because he’s huge as a standard. Ganon is just a man with stolen Triforce powers. His beast form was dude to the Twilight realm bestowing that ability much like how Link transforms in wolf form.

      1. “With stolen triforce powers” …… Yeah you never played a zelda game in your life. Just leave this Earth……no better yet just kill yourself.

    3. Ganon is an walking powerhouse in both Zelda and Smash so. Ridley can’t be bended the way Ganon and tons other characters can.

  3. If no one has realized this by now, i think we might have a fanbase problem like that poor hedgehog until november 2014. Besides, ridley? Is that really the extent of peoples imagination? What about treecko? Gardevoir (gothitelle replacing her pokeball)? Shadow? Spongebob? Nintendos’ equivalent of ages?

    Or stages? Tropical coast zone? A nintendo themed parase? The dreamstalk from ktd? Come on people!! The sky’s the limit!

  4. AHAHAHA! I told you it was because of size! He would not be himself if he was shrunk down! The Ridley fanboys didn’t listen! A LOT of people owe me an apology. If you’ll excuse me, I’m about to go look at the war that’s probably going on right now on Miiverse. LMAO.

    1. It does suck since metroid will never have a true rep, and I’m happy with effort he put to make him a boss in the game, but still remember one thing he said in the past about villager being too peaceful, and… But whatever still hype for smash

      1. Clearly he missed making Dark Samus who has a different moveset as a playable and villain representative or Space Pirates or one of the 9 bounty hunters introduced from Hunters and Prime 3.

      2. Actually, the person who said that was Animal Crossing’s creator. He was just quoting him. Also, I’m happy with Samus being the only rep for Metroid (and ZSS, I guess). The series is about isolation, after all. It fits the theme. Now, Mother, on the other hand…

            1. but in mario party ten bowser’s the size of godzilla 90s lol come on sakurai logic has no grounds in nintendo games, they’re just meant to be fun.

      1. in the first metroid game ridley was the same size as samus, just saying if they really wanted to ridley could be put in

    1. Exactly. We were right all along. Ridley fanboys kept making all kinds of excuses. And now, all those excuses are CRUSHED! >:)

  5. I seriously don’t understand why everyone wants him to be a playable character anyways. As a boss, hell yeah. But a playable character? While we’re at it lets bring in the bulborbs from pikmin…………. God damn fools.

      1. Ice Climbers weren’t popular. They were even disliked for their wobbling. Everyone cared about them when they were gone.

  6. “Providing accurate portrayals of characters is something I want to pay ample attention to,”
    Ganondorf says thats bullshit

    1. Ganondorf wouldn’t have to be shrunk down to fit into the game, and his average powers weren’t really suited for a game like Smash so he HAD to take some liberties with moveset.

      Ridley and GD are two VASTLY different cases.

      1. He meant that Ganondorf isn’t portrayed properly moveset-wise. In the Zelda games, he uses magic projectiles and swords, and yet in Smash he’s a slower Captain Falcon.

        The only move that is true to his character is the “Sparta Kick” as I like to call it that he used in Twilight Princess, and that’s it. No energy tennis, no swordplay, no teleportation, none of it. Just the Sparta Kick. Everything else is just a slower Captain Falcon with a Ganondorf skin. Which is a completely inaccurate portrayal of Ganondorf, save for the Sparta Kick.

        1. Ganon was literally put in the last second in Melee. He never would’ve been included in Smash if it wasn’t for the Melee save. Plus he’s still a powerhouse.

  7. Calling it now; Sakurai is going to take Ridley’s second-stage evolution form from Metroid Other M and stick it in, since it’s way smaller than Ridley at full evolution.XD

    1. i was just about to bring that up! it makes no sense! its not a make or break for me but i’m pretty sure ridley would have still been just as cool even if he had to be shrunk.

      1. The difference between Olimar and Ridley is Olimar’s traits aren’t dependant on him being small. He could just as easily have existed at human size, if Nintendo wanted it that way in Pikmin. Ridley, on the other hand, is the same thing as asking for Kraid. Their traits are specifically dependent on their sizes.

        1. With Kraid, his size is definitely important. But with Ridley, they can still shrink him & still keep him big. Is it really that hard to make a character slightly bigger than Bowser?

          1. Ignore that question. I forgot this is the reason Sakurai made up a bullshit excuse in the first place because apparently it is hard to make a character slightly bigger than Bowser. Oh wait! A bunch of youtube people have shown a bunch of amateurs making a slightly bigger than Bowser Ridley work! Poor Sakurai. He’s getting his ass kicked not only by Koei Tecmo’s devs with Ganondorf having an original moveset but with amateurs making a fully functional bigger than Bowser Ridley work.

            1. Don’t be an idiotic fool. Ridley isn’t Bowser. Ridley is a menace that Samus needed to take down at all costs. That’s always been his place. Not to fight alongside Samus in a team battle, Ridley with shrunken down wings and tail would be stupid. And he always had freedom of flight and was extremely powerful. To take that away from him is like removing Olimar’s pikmin. It’s also removing his whatever threatening stance he had.

    2. Olimar was /never/ placed side by side any other Nintendo characters so for all we know, Olimar lives in a world where everything – such as tin cans – are gigantic. Rather than him being extremely small. I actually did Ctrl+F to find this exact post to explain it to whoever doesn’t get it by now. Olimar isn’t “too small” because he is never compared to any other character within his own franchise. Learn the difference. Ridley is too big because Ridley has always been compared to Samus in size and Ridley is always gigantic in comparison.

  8. So… what I gleaned from that is that he didn’t add Ridley because he didn’t like the idea. I’m guessing we’ll see Ridley on the roster. Just not in this Smash. And probably not the next one. But at some point, they’re gonna cave. I have a hunch.

    I waited six years for an Animal Crossing fighter. I waited six years for Little Mac. I waited six years for Pac-Man. I can wait for Ridley. I just wish they would’ve included him in SOME way in the 3DS Version, as that’s the only version he’s missing from completely.

    1. I’m still waiting for Dixie kong or king k. rool! smash needs more characters representing Dk metroid and zelda franchises. but 50 characters! hell yeah i’m excited for smash, honesty i know we complain about how some characters aren’t in there but the character list is still kick butt.

        1. “King K Rool is not relevant anymore & he’s too big! So I will not put forth the effort into making him work. Instead, you’ll just have to take this excuse because I’m tired of explaining myself.” -Sakurai

        2. King K Rool never even showed up in recent DK games in general. And he wouldn’t be unique like Bayonetta. Smash 5 if he’s apart of the default roster. Sure. But definitely not DLC.

  9. “Providing accurate portrayals of characters is something I want to pay ample attention to,”

    Well that means Olimar and all the Kirby characters are innacurate since Olimar is only 3/4 inches tall and Kirby is only 8 inches tall, yet they are almost as big as Mario in Smash.

    I respect Sakurai and all because he’s given us the brilliant series that is Smash Bros., but a lot of his statements lately really make me scratch my head and wonder if he’s all there mentally.

    I don’t mind that Ridley isn’t playable- yeah, it would have been cool if he was- but I’m not crushed that he isn’t.

    Metroid STILL needs another playable fighter, though…

    1. Olimar doesn’t look 3/4th inches tall when you’re playing the game. You see them as a regular sized character in an oversized world. Kirby is the same size as Mario because when you’re playing any Kirby game, Kirby is exactly the same size as Mario would be on the screen. I hate how people continue to use that shit comparison

    2. Of all the examples of characters who’s sizes have been modified for Smash (Bowser, Olimar, Kirby), Ridley still stands out as the one who couldn’t do that because his abilities are entirely dependent on his size.

      Here’s a comparison that’s actually GOOD: If we include Ridley, why don’t we include Kraid as well?

      1. Except Kraid truly is dependent on his size since Samus had to leap onto platforms to reach his weak point.

        1. So is Ridley! He is dependent on his size as well! If he wasn’t he would’ve been in Smash since at least Brawl.

  10. I agree with that. I never thought Ridley would be a good fit as a playable character in Smash. He’s too big of a boss to be a playable character among the likes of Ganondorf, Bowser and others.

    1. thestrangablog is a BITCH ASS NINTENDO FANBOY. All he ever does in whine about muthafuckin third party games and he praises and worships Nintendo games. He secretly wants Nintendo to notice him so that he can be able to suck Reggie, Iwata, and Miyamoto’s cock all at once. He can fit 12 dicks in his BIG ASS fat fanboy mouth. He’s ready to take a bite out of Reggie’s ass. And his mouth can devour Iwata’s 24 inch dick. Fuckin sick ass. Strangablog is truly a FAGGOT.

  11. “Providing accurate portrayals of characters is something I want to pay ample attention to” Pfft! Yet Olimar & Kirby are Mario’s size and Ganondorf is still a fucking clone. I respect the man, too, but this is bullshit. I just think he didn’t want to put forth the effort to make Ridley work. Well this does it. I’m sticking with the 3DS version. I don’t feel like double dipping anymore.

        1. Yes. Lol, in all seriousness though, do not feel too bad. I understand you really wanted this character in the game and it sucks he isn’t in it, but there’s still a crap ton more content in the Wii U version of Super Smash Bros. The 3DS version is nothing compared to the U’s. And plus, you get to have the soundtrack from Club Nintendo. Oh yeah! And the Pyrrosphere (I think that’s how you spell it Idk) stage is on the Wii U where Ridley is a stage hazard. And you can hit em to put him on your team. It’s better than him not being in the game at all, that’s for sure.

          1. If Ridley was my only gripe, I seriously wouldn’t be so pissed. Ridley was just the final straw so fuck the U version. I’m perfectly content with the 3DS version… when I play it… even though the lack of an original Ganondorf & lack of alternate outfits for Power Suit Samus still piss me the fuck off. I’ll wait for the used copies of SSB4U when they finally come along. Anyway, this just means I can now afford Omega Ruby & Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker next month.

        2. You want to laugh? You think it’s funny? Ok then. How about we all laugh because your favorite people dragon is NOT playable in Smash Bros? Now THAT’S funny, ain’t it?

    1. I would explain it for a fourth time, seeing as people don’t understand the difference between Ridley vs Samus, compared to Olimar vs anyone when it comes to size. But instead I’ll just call you an idiot and laugh at the fact that you can’t play as an oversized dragon. Play purple Charizard if you want a small Ridley.

        1. Purple Charizard to take Ridley’s place. Hm. This seems familiar & was a cheap cop out so Sakurai didn’t have to put forth the effort to make the character work. Oh yeah! Dark Samus as a palette swap for Power Suit Samus!

  12. I don’t think he should do dlc characters, instead dlc skin packs!!! for example, like robin, it would representing a character which could have the same moveset as the other.

    1. Oh yes. He valorizes them all right. That’s why Ganondorf is a clone & Olimar, Meta Knight, and Kirby are the size of Mario. What a load of bullshit. I’ll believe he gives a damn about their original identities when he fixes those 4 characters to be more representative of their games.

      1. Since when Kirby and Meta Knight has the same size of Mario? Are you nuts?

        Ganondorf clone? This is Smash U, not Melee.

        About Olimar, yeah, they made Olimar big, but he is still Olimar. What would be a small Ridley? A dwarf-esque lizard with awkward looking wings?

        In fact, all of this Ridley cryout should be stopped since april’s Smash Direct. Enough of damage control! He is not playable, get over it! Be glad that, at least, he is in the game.

      2. And also, what kind of character Ridley is? A flying dragon that roars, flies around and attack with firebreaths and the tail? Where is the charisma? Where is the personality? People just keep telling that he is the leader of space pirates and blah blah blah, but Ridley as a character was NOTHING but a recurrent boss battle in the Metroid series.

        Let’s put Kraid Jr. from Super Metroid (the small one before the reall Kraid), since the problem is the size :v

  13. Sakurai also said he would
    never add an Animal
    Crossing character because the game doesn’t involve fighting, but he change his mind…

    I’m confident Ridley could
    make it as a playable charavter in Smash 5. If people want him… we’ll get him. Simple as that.

  14. I completely understand and support Sakurai on this, but I agree the “Providing accurate portrayals of characters” thing is super BS. Forget Ganondorf and sizing issues for Olimar- how about Wario? He’s has plenty of platformers with moves that would be easy to translate to Smash, yet his ENTIRE MOVESET is random lol things he’s never done in his own games.

    1. Warioware anyone? Plus in those games he was nothing but Anti-Mario. Period. In Warioware the more wacky random stuff gives Wario more personality. In the other Wario titles he was just greedy Mario. That’s it.

  15. So judging by his logic bowser shouldve never made it into smash because in sunshine he is only second to godzilla in terms of size.

  16. I would care less for Ridley since I knew that he’s a stage boss, can he explain why the hell King K. Rool had been ignored for the THIRD time in Smash history.

    1. Sakurai will just use the same bullshit excuse for King K. Rool that he’s using for Ridley right now. And those that defend this with the “there is no one to compare Captain Olimar’s actual size to so it’s okay to resize that character” would just say King K. Rool is way bigger than Donkey Kong, so he’d be horribly shrunken.

    2. Because King K never showed up in any main new DK games recently. He’s also your generic boring cartoon villain. At least Bowser HAS personality and is relevant. Have you seen Bowser’s smack talk in Mario RPGS?

        1. That’s why I’m commenting to shut down whatever is left of the salt with the current info that is showing up recently.

        2. Don’t mind him. He’s a Sakurai worshipper. He can’t help but defend every single thing Sakurai says or does. He claims he’s not yet here he is doing just that on an article from late 2014. lol

          1. Bitch please. You’re only saying that because I absolutely destroyed your arguments. So much in fact you stopped replying. Stop trying to throw shade behind my back.

            1. Wow. So you are one of those “if you walk away, I win” types, eh? lol I guess you don’t know the bigger man actually WALKS AWAY from a fight. *shrug*

    1. “This just in! Sakurai says Ridley amiibo is not possible as he’s too big. They’d have to charge you another 10-20 dollars to make it work by making him big because a shrunken Ridley amiibo would take away from his truly threatening presence.” That will probably be the bullshit excuse just like this excuse of Sakurai’s is bullshit.

  17. That’s utter bullshit, If he were gonna be fair and accurately show all the characters, peach wouldn’t be in the game, Bowser jr wouldn’t be in the clown car, Zero suit would be unplayable, Falco would be stuck in an arwing, The pokemon would only have 4 moves, The duck and the dog wouldn’t be working together, ness wouldn’t have most of his moves, Captain falcon would be stuck in his car, Olimar would have 100 pikmin, Mega man would only be able to use 1 robot master power at a time and sonic would be much, MUCH faster

    1. and after all those comparisons, Ridley is still different because he’s entirely dependent on his size. We can take Falco out of his arwing, stick a duck and a dog together, and drastically reduce Olimar’s number of Pikmin, but Ridley would have absolutely nothing left of himself without his size. I want you to honestly picture this character’s moveset working seamlessly at the size of Rosalina.

      1. Err… I can’t see a Rosalina-sized Ridley. None of us ever wanted that, or at least the sane ones didn’t.
        However, I can see a “wee-bit bigger than Bowser”-sized Ridley with a working moveset.
        Anyways, that’s not what irks me the most about your comment. This is: “Ridley is still different because he’s entirely dependent on his size.” I do not not agree with that, and I do not understand that, could you please explain this further?
        I mean, even if one were to put him in a smash game, one could still make him a rather big character without having him be too big, and his size isn’t the first thing that comes to me when fighting him in some Metroid game.

        1. Exactly. If size was important to make Ridley threatening, I would never want to go back to the 2D Metroid games that have Ridley in them & would only play the 3D Metroid games.

    2. Your argument is utter bullshit. Peach can fight ever seen her spinoff game? And she can be bended so easily it’s ridiculous. Bowser has no canon size, Mario is a goofy happy go lucky world not Metroid. Bowser Jr. has been in his clown car before. Plus it’s a fair way to put the Koopalings in and he wouldn’t ridiculously similar to Bowser. Zero Suit showed up in Other M and other games and can be bended in Smash too so. Falco can be bended, Sonic’s playstyle relies on going fast, Mega Man can be bended, Duck Hunt is supposed to represent the entire game not just the dog. Captain Falcon barely made it in 64 because he was able to freeload off the original base model and can be bended. Ness can be bended. Olimar can be bended. Ridley CAN’T be bended. His whole entire character depends on his size which can’t be implemented. Like the Ice Climbers their gimmick was being together. Sakurai couldn’t implement that in the 3ds version so they had to be cut. What would be a small Ridley? A dwarf-esque lizard with awkward looking wings? Unless we get an Metroid Kart with Ridley canonically resized juuuust right or expand upon him than just his size and intimidation factor he isn’t getting in the game anytime soon.

        1. Don’t start relying on dick sucking arguments here because I was calling out a shitty argument. Btw no I wouldn’t. Ew.

    1. Fuck it! I’ll take it! Plus it will be a nice way to still piss off the anti Ridley supporters since they also most likely despise Furby Ridley from Other M.

    1. *facepalm* How about the fact he’s just as important to the series as Samus herself? Or the fact he’s to Samus as Bowser is to Mario or Ganondorf/Ganon is to Link. Or King Dedede is to Kirby.

      1. Yet the relationship between them is much more different than those guys. Mario and Bowser beat each other up than go out for go karts and sports. Link was just assigned to kill Ganon that was it. Yet they still fought together too in Hyrule Warriors, spinoff or not. Kirby and King Dedede’s “rivalry” is basically a joke at this point. Dedede turned into more of a bully than an rival but even then Kirby tired him out so you rarely ever see him trying to legit fight Kirby on his own will. Heck even Fox and Wolf’s rivalry isn’t that deep. Samus and Ridley want to flat out kill each other. They never teamed up together and they shouldn’t start now.

        1. Oh. You’re still talking to me? lol It’s cute you want my attention so bad that you are responding to comments I’ve made years ago. “I don’t worship the ground Sakurai walks on!” Really now? Could have fooled me with all of these comments defending his decisions. By all means, though. Continue. I’m sure you’ll find other comments of mine from those days to respond to where I disagreed with Sakurai.

          1. Might as well have said how big of a difference between Ridley and Samus are and how he probably would never make it into Smash. Get some good arguments then come back to me. Frankly I debunked all the ones to hate the game/Sakurai so you’re just relying on dick sucking and “trying to get your attention” Lmao.

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