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Here’s Some More Splatoon Information


We seems to be getting drippings of Splatoon information thanks to the recently opened Japanese Twitter account. Thankfully those fine folk over at NeoGAF have been translating the tweets to give us more details about the highly anticipated Wii U game. Here’s the latest information in English.

“Investigation report from the Squid Research Lab. This mysterious person (sorry, squid) guides the protagonist in Hero Mode. It seems that in the peaceful squid world he is the only man (sorry, squid) that has noticed the plans of the Octopus Corps. Anyway, he’s totally seeing our cameraman here.”

“We have confirmed the existence of various contraptions in Hero Mode. This cannon can shoot powerful ink bullets. Could it be something that the Octopus Corps set up, or was it someone else entirely? Be that as it may, it looks like a rather technologically advanced device.”

“Report from the Squid Research Lab. This guys name is “Denchinamazu” [Lit: Battery Catfish]. This world appears to run on the energy produced by this catfish. The protagonist enters the Octopus Army Corps base alone in order to return the stolen Denchinamazu.”

Thanks, Michelle

28 thoughts on “Here’s Some More Splatoon Information”

  1. Some really great information about this over there, should give a good look see. A lot of people are making some really cool stuff in preparation for Splatoon as well.

    Those logos are cool as hell on gaf.

    I cannot wait for this game, I haven’t been able to enjoy FPS games in a very long time. They were my favorite genre back in the days, because they were a lot more creative than what we have now. Mainly today it is just recycled ideas from all the previous greats that made FPS so popular to begin with, but this is something new finally.

    1. Important question for everyone who already has smash wiiU. How’s the online? I’m waiting for the damn UPS guy to deliver the game. I’m just wondering if online has lag or input lag.

      1. So far it is miles better than the 3DS version. Then again my WIi U is connected to an ethernet cable, so it gets a better connection than my 3DS does.

        So maybe I’m not the best person to tell you the differences. Maybe someone else will chime in that is using wireless only.

      2. It’s mixed because my first online match went almost as smoothly that I though they finally fixed it..and then the fucking Brawl-like lags happened and kept happening because someone has a shitty connection. I don’t think it’s the servers anymore but more involved with a player’s poor internet connection. Plus I’m using my Pro Controller and feels like it can’t keep up with the fast paced fighting commands like when I try to jump-spin attack with Mario, his mid-air movement sometimes stalls or the game ends up doing another move I haven’t commanded it to do.

        In retrospect, this game needs some tweaks. It’s not broken at all. Just not “perfected” yet but close.

    2. I’ve never like FPS games. Mainly because I get real motion sick with the camera angles and stuff. I’m glad Splatoon isn’t a FPS.

        1. Turn off motion? Now that makes no sense whatsoever. How would your character walk around or look at their surroundings?

  2. It’s a day one buy for me. I really like the idea of whoever can cover the map with the most paint wins. It has the making of an extremely strategic shooter…. In an age where shooters are dumbed down to kill streaks and instant respawns, this will be a pleasant surprise.

  3. How can you not generalize them. Watch the Angryjoeshow review of CoD. He explains the situation much better than I can. Shooters have lost their hardcore status. They have become much to mainstream, much to casual. That ridiculous rocket jump has spread like a virus from game to game. Back in the day when Doom and Quake ruled, it was a hardcore experience. It would frustrate and challenge you. It was designed to be an immersive one player experience. Those days are gone now. It’s all about multiplayer now. Kill streaks, and instant respawns. Like I said earlier.

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