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There’s A Giant Mario In The Amiibo Display At The Nintendo World Store

StreetPassNYC has captured footage of a massive Mario Amiibo which is currently on display at the Nintendo World Store in New York. The giant figure is bound to capture customers attention as it rotates round and round and underneath it is the range of Amiibo’s that consumers can purchase now and in the future. Be sure to check it out if you’re in the area.

Thanks, Michelle


81 thoughts on “There’s A Giant Mario In The Amiibo Display At The Nintendo World Store”

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        1. Quadraxis: For most of the year, XB1’s global weekly sales have been neck-and-neck with the Wii U. But for the past couple of months, sales have been through the roof, coming close to PS4 sales. Even if it is shipped, it will be well past Wii U in consoles sold very soon.

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                1. xD True. No matter. Vote Ridley for Smash 5!

                  I got an idea! When Ridley is playable on the stage, Quadraxis takes over! “Quadraxis: Leave it to me!” (I really do enjoy that Alfonso meme people got going.)

  1. what would be really cool is if you could get a personalized Mii Amiibo. It would marketably higher than the $12.99 pricepoint of the mass produced ones, but i think there are tons of people who would love to have their mii made into a toy.

    1. They should have a specialized online store to make and ship you a customized Mii Amiibo for maybe $20 or a “build it yourself” store like Build-a-Bear workshop. :) That’ll be a sweet idea.

      1. No chance it’ll be anywhere near 20$, if the mass produced ones are around $13, then the custom ones will be at least $50, possibly a lot more. And that’s not including the mark up.

  2. you should show the massive line for Smash Brothers and Pokemon in New York. I thought it was just one but it was one of many all around the block

  3. I got Marth, Link, Samus, and Wii Fit Trainer. Link looks a lot better than I thought he would… Samus looks cool! Despite the cast thing on Wii Fit Trainer’s leg, she still looks great. My only issue is with Marth. His cape looks cool, but everywhere else I think he just looks cheap. Eh. I didn’t really want him anyways. Just got him because I thought he might be limited in the future. If there’s any amiibo you should get, it’s Link. WOW I feel like an idiot for judging him on the other pictures. He looks amazing. XD

    1. Funny you say that, I remember you making a comment a while back that I said about the cast leg thing… I was going to further comment on Marth because I to feel like he is the worst looking amiibo, his face scares me lol but I felt it was best left unsaid. I figured I let you be the judge once you got him.

      Good to know about Link though, how is the sword? Is it as bendy as the pictures?

      All I have is Samus right now.

      1. From what I can tell, it looks fine. If you are talking about does it actually bend, then I’m not sure. I haven’t opened them. Lol. I’ll tell you when I get back home. Unless someone else here does. And lmao. Marth scared me. He was the first one I saw and I was like NOOOOOOO! Because I was worried all amiibos might look as cheap as he does. He’s got some nice detail around his boots though. His cape is awesome, but his face! They messed it up! He looks hilariously dumb. Especially when you look at his face on the box that looks way better. XD

      1. Well, the sword isn’t perfect. I mean, it looks like a plastic toy but there’s nothing really wrong with it. Link himself looks great though! The yellow stand looked kind of stupid in the pictures, but it doesn’t really look all that bad up close. And I think his shield looks great with all the details on it. :)

        1. Oh gosh, I HATE PANTY AND STOCKING! I bought the complete series DVD box set and couldn’t even tolerate watching every disc. Now I’m trying to sell it.

          Btw, it’s been a few days since I’ve seen you around, HollowGrapeJ. Happy Smash Day!

        2. Ah, nice, those stands were worrisome. Good to know they don’t look that bad in person. Sadly they didn’t have any other Amiibo’s I could look at to compare as to why I asked.

          I was damn lucky they had one Samus left… I would’ve have thrown a hissy fit if I didn’t get the free Amiibo I wanted.

          1. Well, I took a better look at Link, and his sword is super bendy. Lmao. So is Marth’s. I mean, it sticks out straight, but if you do even the slightest touch, it’s gonna bend. If you’re just looking at it though, it looks fine. I’m guessing all the sword characters are going to have these plastic, bendy looking swords. That sucks. Btw, Marth’s sword looks really floppy. Lmao.

              1. Yea, Nintendo thought of that already. They put these silver magnet like squares right under the plastic the Amiibo base is on. So you can’t scan it in the box unless you peel off this silver looking square thing.

                1. I would say that’s fucking stupid but then I recall that the 3DS will be able to use amiibo in the next few months, so I should have figured there’d be something to keep it from being used from outside of the case. This is why I was hoping the Amiibo would come packaged in a special casing when released.

            1. Damn, oh well. If the detail isn’t as bad as you say. I can look past that, I’ll just have to keep bending it straight if it happens to bend for some reason.

  4. It’s done, I’ve decided! I’m going to get a tow truck and take that giant Mario Amiibo along with all the Amiibos under him and escape as fast as I can. (I’ll also grab some of those cute Pokemon dolls) XD

  5. StreetPass NYC sucks they are all dicks and assholes i went once never went back and the leader is a complete jackass too not to mention he looks like a pedo

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