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You Can Dress Link Up As The Postman In The Hyrule Warriors Twilight Princess Pack


Ever wanted to see what Link looks like as the Postman from The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess? Well you can now, thanks to the Hyrule Warriors Twilight Princess DLC Pack. The downloadable content will be released worldwide on November 27th. As you probably already know Midna will be a playable character in the game and you’ll also be able to dress Zelda up as Ilia from Twilight Princess. Also new to the DLC is a new weapon which is called the Dominion Rod and you’ll also get a brand new adventure map.


Thanks, Michelle

56 thoughts on “You Can Dress Link Up As The Postman In The Hyrule Warriors Twilight Princess Pack”

    1. It’s not “gay.” Outfits don’t have sexual orientations. Also, who says straight guys can’t wear short shorts?

      I think they they look mighty fine ;) ;)

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  2. Oooooh that’s super sexy.

    Is link a boy toy?

    Why has suddenly most of the Nintendo characters stripped bare, zero suit samys in her skimpy outfit, links in his mail man suit, probably about to deliver a package to Marth and roy if you know what I mean maybe put to, also shulk in underwear nuf sed

  3. *twitch, twitch* FUCK YOU!!! I wanted the god damn Hero’s Shade! *puts an x next to Koei Tecmo* X for failure, motherfuckers! Least the Hero’s Shade is an incarnation of Link, unlike the Postman who is a different character entirely!

  4. The recent Nintendo news is really pissing me off! If it’s not 3rd party crap pissing me off, it’s bullshit excuses from Nintendo AND shit like this!

    I should have listened to my own advice: don’t get your hopes up or get overly hyped. Otherwise, you end up pissed like the people that got upset over Cranky Kong in DKC:TF or upset when they got Skyward Sword instead of Twilight Princess 2.

    1. lol but no. That’s an accurate design of Midna. Go back & replay the end of Twilight Princess. Especially the final scene with her that has her destroying the Mirror of Twilight.

  5. This is a move well beyond anything I was expecting this company to allow, and it’s completely awesome.

    I look forward to cosplays of this.

  6. How does Link’s outfit have anything to do with being gay?
    All he’s doing is wearing an outfit that is too ugly to be seen on anyone in public. No gay man would be caught dead wearing that.

    1. You’ve got it wrong, it’s more like he looks like typical eye candy for the average gay man. Just don’t be surprised when the “Internet overlords” start making porn of it.

      1. That is like me saying, Bayonetta is just eye candy for lesbians.

        Somewhat homophobic and a terrible stereotypical assumption to think only average gay men would like this outfit or that the average gay man would even like it all. Not every gay person acts like they came straight out of the village people, some show no femininity.

    1. Same. In fact, I thought that’s who they were talking about a few days ago! Fucking Koei Tecmo & Nintendo both pulled a Sakurai on us.

  7. So excited about the new DLC, I am so hooked to Hyrule Warriors trying to unlock everything, collecting and upgrading. I wqs playing Smash Bros for Wii U but itching to play Hyrule Warriors instead!

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  10. Not to sound negative on a mostly happy forum, but this is a huge spoiler for people that have not yet finished Twilight Princess. Although most people that are going to play TP, have already played it, a spoiler warning would still be nice.

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