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Check Out This Watch Dogs Wii U Vs PC Comparison Video

Wonder how the Wii U version of Watch Dogs stacks up against the PC version? Well Tilmen from Nintendomination has you covered. The video embedded above gives a side by side comparison of the two versions and from an initial glance there isn’t too much in it. Be sure to give it a watch and leave your thoughts in the comments.

122 thoughts on “Check Out This Watch Dogs Wii U Vs PC Comparison Video”

    1. Preach on church guy if we can agree one thing then that one thing is Stranga is a little bitch. If I saw that fool on the fucking street I would rock his fucking world. EastSide LCM bitch.

          1. The difference is I’d actually go & buy Aliens: Colonial Marines for Wii U right NOW if Sega suddenly revealed they decided to put the game on the console, anyway, even if it does sell like shit.

        1. Ugh, I hate these “bash company” comments because Nintendo didn’t get a game. Stop acting butt-hurt. That game Sega crap was a buggy, crappy, game. It was scrapped because they didn’t want to make another game that didn’t sell well on the other systems. The Wii U had no fan-base at that time, so it would have been a waste of money.

      1. Idiot still an idiot. That was 2012. Yes ubisoft downgraded the graphics a lot sure. That doesn’t mean the game is bad. Nintendo fans like to say graphics aren’t everything yet look at you crying about graphics. Xenoblade was the samething. When they first showed the full trailer the graphics and characters looked nice. Then when they showed it at E3 2014 the character models were downgraded.

        1. Am I crying about its graphics or am I complaining that Ubisoft falsely advertised the game from the start and you retards still bought it AS ITS STILL BUGGY ON LAUNCH DAY?

          Xenoblade X looks very much the same last I checked and its still impressive. Way to go on trying to avoid the subject and say Nintendo pulls off the same BS. lol Typical noobs for trolls…

  1. Wow… the Wii U version actually looks BETTER than the PC version on Ultra?… so much for the Wii U being weaker than last gen XD

    1. Better than PC at ultra….What? You really need to see Wii U’s specs and PC specs needed to play this at max. Also, what rational person thinks that Youtube is a good format to compare visuals? No one. No one.

      1. There is a bit of a debate here man, the minimal requirements to run Watchdogs, to EVEN RUN IT are way above the specs of the WiiU, yet the WiiU manages to run it at, say, medium low quality compared to PC, yet the visual diference between low, mid, high and ultra are barely noticeable on PC except for the light effects which are noticeable even in the video.

        1. Yes, but it’s pretty much the 360 version, and last gen versions are both worse looking than “low” on PC. Actually, differences are very much noticable. Especially textures and effects. I have the game on my PC and it’s a nice machine i7 4930 GTX 780, so I can run it on high with rare drops below 60 and when I lower something like textures, it’s really obvious.

    2. You obviously haven’t watched the video. Look at the lighting comparison, the people count near the end of the video from 11:50 to 12:30. This game should be called “Aiden Pearce was Alone in the Dark.” PC is understandably more powerful but I don’t believe Ubisoft optimised the Wii U version.

      1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

        All I saw was that the Wii U version had a more “light” brightness to it which made it look somewhat worse, either way, I don’t see anything impressive from the graphic point…

        It’s something that could have been done in the last generation, which of course it did…

    3. Theyve made a good. Port….. But the pc has more detail and is overly more like real…. They darkened the wii u one and disguised a lot of stuff so it looks amazing still. Good job ubi

      1. Moron. All they did was made this POS turd of a game ever brighter than it should which kills the detail. Open your damn eyes or in this case, watch the video and stop being foolish.

  2. Where the hell are the reviews for this? I know Ubisoft were late giving out review copies but still. It’s been out 3 days in the States and some people got their copies early. Does nobody care to review, too busy reviewing Smash Bros. Wii U? Game Informer from their impressions weren’t impressed by it.

    1. Probably had another embargo on early reviews. That or not even the reviewers give a flying fuck about this port anymore. lmao

    2. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

      The Ubisians are so cheap and anti-Nintendo, that they don’t even want to pay the amount of resources to force those reviewing slaves into giving it a somewhat high score just like they did with all other versions…

  3. And of course, this comes out the same freakin week Smash Bros does, so when it of course sells poorly Ubisoft will blame it on Nintendo fans no supporting 3rd party when in reality they screwed over the fanbase from the begining

  4. For me, there are times the U version looks better than the PC and than the PC version obviously out performs the U at certain aspects. Especially within the stadium and looking outside and the more people when he was trying to escape…

    Lighting dynamics, the amount of people on screen, but when he was talking to Marice and Jordi, I felt looked better than the PC

    Tho, I think the U held up its own…. considering……

  5. This game is being well accepted by the Nintendo community. Reading the Miiverse posts…I may actually pick it up. Sounds like Ubi delivered a solid version of the game.

    I think I’m going back to Nintendo exclusive. Trading my xBox for Smash, Watchdogs and eshop credit.

    Anyone want an xBox Slim, great condition, 3 games, 500gig for $200? (Am I allowed to even ask that here? If not, sorry!)

    1. I wouldn’t even pay 10 bucks for an Xbox xD (jk, I know you can sell em for alot more than 10 bucks)
      I hope you can get rid of it for a fair amount of money x)

    2. And they’re all fools quickly forgetting what they did and that this game has little to nothing compare to the other versions. There are some stupid people within our circle after all.

        1. I dont like both because neither makes any sense or use em. All I see here is that the Wii U has shittier lighting and contrast which the console can do better than that. Graphically, it makes no difference because Ubisoft lied about the 2012 model. All look like polished shit on any platform. This is no contest or comparison. Its a waste of time..delayed time that is.

          1. Well, yeah, I guess. The E3 version would’ve been way better. The graphics and the gameplay just looked so amazing back then.

            1. And now look at it. So typically last gen and worse: You can’t even customize with different clothing and or PUNCH PEOPLE WITHOUT HOLDING A GUN!

              *facepalm* If only GTA5 was also on Wii U, I’d be very happy with playing that. Has a lot more life and content put into the game compare to this cliche POS.

                          1. I just can’t seem to figure out out! We shall scratch names off a list one by one to find out who this person is. Let’s first scratch HollowGrapeJ off the list because everyone knows he’s awesome and totally not a retard. Hm… Who else shall we look for? XD

                              1. If you want my honest opinion though, I lost interest in the game after I found out it was downgraded. I was totally looking forward to how great the graphics were and I showed my cousin the E3 trailer too and he was blown away. I don’t know why they changed it but that was incredibly stupid. It’s like its not even the same game anymore. And plus, the only version I could actually get (the Wii U version) doesn’t even have the DLC I would’ve wanted. (Bad Blood DLC) The delay was actually a good thing imo because back then I still didn’t watch any other gameplay so I would’ve bought it thinking that it was gonna be like the E3 version. I would’ve been LIED TO and Ubisoft would’ve stole my $60. Funnily enough though, I actually pre ordered Mario Kart 8 back then. So yeah, the delay had given me the opportunity to play a better game. And I’m thankful for that. XD

                                    1. Of course I don’t. Because you keep changing tunes too often.

                                      And besides, I’m finished with this fucking site because after Sickr posted that “Xbox beats Wii U” BS, he drew the line on posting false information as click baiting. I researched many news sites and none of them, not even IGN or GameSpot said anything about Xbox One outselling Wii U because there is still no solid numbers. The only evidence Sickr put up was that Xbox One just sold 1m in UK after a year. Japan is barren so expect it to sell less than 100,000 plus another 100,000 in China if it had launched already and still no numbers from US yet.

                                      I’am now tired of this place doing the opposite of what “Nintendo News” should be doing: Discussing Nintendo only news, not some “Michael Patcher predicted” bullshit to start a flame war.

                    1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                      Even though I don’t like the Ubisians or Watch Dogs, at least it’s better than anything Xbot related…

                      Carry on, purify yourself from the infectious disease…

                      1. Did you seriously just type that? Hang on a second as I rinse my face…now, did you seriously just type that; saying this POS is actually better than Xbox?

                        …..I’m beginning to wonder who’s the real “traitor” here. lol

                        1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                          It’s somewhat better, and yes, everything is better than Xboxes, whoever doesn’t agree will be terminated…

                                    1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                                      Watch Dogs may be a 1% step above it, it still doesn’t say I remotely like it in any way besides it being a non Xbot product, it can all burn and wash away for all I care so I can get rid of its idiotic purpose…

                                      But first and only, I want everything Xbox related to be sent to oblivion as soon as possible, everything else is secondary…

                  1. *goes to say something but goes quiet* Oh fuck it! I don’t care anymore! Least not enough to make another long post.

                  2. to be honest the graphics on the wii U are way better than I expected. But what I want to know the most is how well (or bad) is the use of the gamepad cause that the all point of this game and the reason why ubisoft delay the game in the first place. I think Ubi was so afraid the reviews will trash the game again they keep it silent. But now AC5 is out, they should have put more trust on WD wii U version cause AC5 on PC seems to be in serious trouble (hence why they should never ever do a port from console to PC).

                    1. The delay was another big fat lie. All they did was cramp a fucking map on it, not some clever way to hack any given point of Chicago. The only reason the delayed pointlessly happened was to fuck Wii U gamers over again.

                      1. I don’t really know how long it take to put a map on the pad but it should not take 6 months, even if they solved the bug at the same time and did more QA on it. I am sure it must have more than a map cause otherwise they really taking the mick. Giving the fact AC5 is not very good and have a lot of bugs, they are in a dire situation even the PS4 of AC5 is not that great.

                          1. And the worst part of it is, the gamers loved ZombiU and wanted a sequel to do better and guess what? Fucking Ubisoft claimed it as a failure (not if a launch title did 500,000+ in its first 5-7 weeks without advertisement) and denied a sequel and then everything well after that is BS after BS after more endless BS.

                        1. I told you. The BS delay was meant to piss off the gamers on Wii U platform on top of gimping the game so the sales can suck and they’ll blame them the gamers for not buying into their nonsense.

                  3. x360 port with cod looking graphics anyone nintendo fan buying this needs a serious ass kicking

                    sub 30 frames with x360 graphics with lightly better contrast colour

                    DONT BUY TRASH BUY SMASH U

                  4. Even if the Wii U versions looks really close to the PC version, the Wii U version still had something like 7-8 months more than the PC version in development… refined graphics would make sense…

                    1. That’s because this downgraded POS GTA knockoff looks exactly the same on every platform. None of them look any different than the other. It’s a last gen garbage ported over without any effort to enhance it like what was seen in 2012.

                  5. Unoptimized trash vs. unoptimized trash

                    Nothing new or different and still won’t sucker me to drop $60 so Ubisoft can continue gimping, delaying and BS-ing Wii U games and fans over to shove a big fat lie about people there not buying there games. I’m so over them lazy, opportunists fuckers.

                  6. Reblogged this on Stranga and commented:
                    The only difference I see in this POS is that, of course, Ubisoft gimped Wii U to have a shittier lighting and contrast which the system can do better than that. Bayonetta 2 looks more graphically impressive than this shit. 6 months of pointless delay time with lies after lies and this is all they gave to some of the poor fools of Wii U platform that are still stupidly loyal to the liars of Ubisoft? LMAO All I can say is have fun with your gimped trash as you miss out on real better games that deserves support like Bayonetta 2.

                    1. If I remember correctly, Jester said he won’t bother with Bayonetta 2 and we both know he’s getting Watch Dogs. If that’s the case, he’s an idiot.

                        1. Nope. He’s an idiot cuz he’d rather get a game that was intentionally gimped and was an afterthought for the Wii U than a game that was built from the ground up for Wii U.

                                1. No duh. But that’s not the case here. These are video games and everyone’s tastes differ. Just because Jester won’t play Bayonetta doesn’t make him an idiot. Like I said to Stranga, hate the game. Not the player. I don’t care about Watch Dogs but do you see me calling Jester stupid because he wants to play it? Of course not. It’s what he wants to play and I respect that.

                  7. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                    Anyone buying this garbage from the standpoint of graphics, delay or Ubisian betrayal shall be held for treason and given decimation…

                      1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                        Everything corrupted you have seen ever since 2005 has always originated from the Xbot infection, so yes, it is better, even if it’s only 1% better…

                        1. …I believe you’re giving that POS game more credit than it actually doesnt deserves. I rather see them both burn than choose one of them. In fact, I had to call you out because when I praise Nintendo for trying something a little different that you don’t accept or if its me praising PS4 sometimes, you call me a “traitor”…why is that?

                          1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                            I only do that when you praise the empire for doing something that the other 2 already have done and you bashed them for it…

                            I don’t remember “looking down” on you regarding PS4, only Xbots…

                            I have zero patience and tolerance against anything Xbot related…

                            I would only make an exception if the Applings started to corrupt gaming with their garbage smartphones in a bigger way than they are today…

                              1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                                So, I’m supposed to take this insult as you liking the Xbots and Xboxes more than Watch Dogs right?…

                  8. All things considered , Wii U version looks pretty decent compared to pc. Doesn’t change the fact that Watch Dogs is lame though…

                    1. The whole delay was all BS to piss off the fans so they won’t buy the game and they go blame them for not buying. In this case, don’t even bother. In the long run, Ubisoft will regret it.

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                    1. Bayonetta 2 isn’t made by Nintendo and I love it. Resident Evil Revelations 1 wasn’t made by Nintendo and I love it. So is GTA, COD4, Ratchet & Clank, Infamous, LBP, Burnout, 007 Goldeneye, Conker’s Bad Fur Day N64, etc. Care to try me again?

                      I don’t buy bad games or games deliberately ruined by bad company decisions.

                    1. Shouldn’t we buy a game with a more correct detail because the Wii U port looks too disgustingly bright and the fact that it doesn’t have Bad Blood DLC which would’ve at least and only, SLIGHTLY justify this BS delayed port, it’s not worth a damn.

                  10. Can you play the PC version off T.V.? You have to download the PC version to a harddrive to even play it on the PC. You have to type in a code and all other manner of tedium. Then cross your fingers that your PC doesn’t studder or get the blue screen of death. Then if everything goes right you may be able to play the game an hour after inserting the disc into the drive. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had to redownload PC games because of ridiculous hiccups. There is no advantage to having the PC version of any game except for higher graphical details, which is only usually noticeable through a side by side comparison. The user friendliness and convenience of a console will always overshadow slightly better graphics. The only games I play on the PC are exclusives. WoW, Starcraft, etc.

                      1. You just conflicted with ypurself. Yesterday you said you think PS4 has better value than Wii U because it has 3rd party coming to every console but Wii U. Now it’s the exclusives? Make up your mind.

                        1. I said it was because I like to play a lot of third party games. And the PC also has all that third party that I want. If you have a PC, then consoles are only worth exclusives. That’s what I meant.

                      2. I see it differently. Exclusives are the only motive for me to buy PC games. Like I said, Starcraft 2 was only on the PC, and that’s a game that shouldn’t be missed. I used to be a huge PC gamer, especially back in the 90’s and early 2000’s. Pirates have all but destroyed PC gaming. More and more games are skipping the PC. Company’s cannot make money off of PC gaming anymore. A study was done and the statistics said that only ten percent of PC gamers buy their game legitimately. Those are horrible numbers.

                        Add to that bad PC ports, the inconvience, and price it costs to get a decent gaming PC, and you got yourself a pretty lousy gaming device.

                      3. Exclusives, controller made for video games comes packaged inside, cheap price, don’t have to build it from the ground up to get a powerful system for video games. Yeah. Exclusives is so the only reason to bother getting a console. xD

                        1. Yes they are. Explain to me why you play your Wii U again. It’s because of the Nintendo exclusives, isn’t it? People that play on consoles probably play them for these reasons:
                          1: The easy plug and play set up.
                          2: Local multiplayer.
                          3: They can’t afford a good PC.
                          4: They don’t know or want to work and build their own PC.
                          5: The exclusives.

                          If I could name a few things off the top of my head why I think PC gaming is better (in my opinion of course) I would say:
                          1: Because I love to be able to upgrade and customize the parts rather than be restricted to what you’re given our of the box.
                          2: Mods.
                          3: Better graphics and frame rate performance.
                          4: Higher resolutions.
                          5: Ability to support multiple different controllers.
                          6: Backwards compatibility.
                          7: Tons of indies.
                          8: And finally, the holy god known as STEAM!

                  11. There are moments when the Wii U version holds its own… and then there are those “other” moments (i.e. the view of the stadium crowd outside and the lighting effects going on there).

                    The Wii U is a capable system, but developers have to really learn the hardware. Even then, concessions will have to be made. It’s not sporting high-end technology, that’s to be sure, but it’s already seen some great looking games.

                    Watchdogs isn’t really one of them.

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