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Smash Bros And Pokemon 3DS Home Menu Themes Now Available In North American eShop

A number of new 3DS home menu themes are now available in the North American eShop. Much like Europe, 3DS owners can take their pick of six new themes, including four Super Smash Bros for 3DS themes and two Pokemon home themes featuring a sleeping Pikachu or Primal Kyogre and Groudon. So if you’d like to celebrate the release of Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire or Super Smash Bros this weekend, you can select any of the above themes for $1.99 US dollars each. For a closer look at the Smash themes, you can take a look at the link here, or for the Pokemon themes, click here.

25 thoughts on “Smash Bros And Pokemon 3DS Home Menu Themes Now Available In North American eShop”

  1. I don’t usually complain about price, but I feel like if these were $1, I’d buy a whole bunch of them. $2 just makes me feel like I need to be really choosy.

              1. What?…

                No one cares about your phone, or your clarifications, so let me clarify – Stupid…


      1. Oh come on man, just because a person doesn’t toss cash around like you do, doesn’t make them a cheap ass. I think majority of them should be free. Until they get some Kirby up in that menu im waiting. Just picked up my Kirby Amiibo, we have so many here!

        1. Some simple themes, yes should be free. But complaining over $1-2 themes that the person is highly unlikely to buy them all and only use a few, is rather stupid. Just pick a few you like and stick with it. Also, be happy Sonic Boom theme is free because its one of the best themes right now besides $2 Nintendo themes.

          1. Haha, I sadly was over Sonic after people stopped playing the Game cube one. The ones that are overly simple yes, should be free. But like the ALBW one was worth every penny. Not complaining cause really its awesome to even have different backgrounds. Nintendo gets my monies one way or another.

  2. These are so lazily made, the songs for both Pokemon themes doesn’t even loop. They just fade out and start again, and it’s really off-putting.

  3. I’m sorry if I sound like some kiss ass kid but I desperately need a Wii U eshop code. Two 50 ones, that’s all i ask. All I fucking want is Smash Bros. I don’t FUCKING CARE if my data runs out.


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