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Nintendo Minute Plays Eight-Player Mode In Super Smash Bros For Wii U

The latest Nintendo Minute episode sees hosts Kit and Krysta engaging in an eight-player mode in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U with six of their friends. The newly-released fighting game lets up to eight players battle simultaneously on select stages in local multiplayer. The battles can be a combination of real-life players and amiibo. Available now in North America, the Wii U version of Super Smash Bros. launches in Europe on November 28th and in Japan on December 6th.

24 thoughts on “Nintendo Minute Plays Eight-Player Mode In Super Smash Bros For Wii U”

    1. I completely agree. I’m not watching these anymore, I’ve enough of their sh1te. They’re clueless, annoying idiots and it’s like watching an episode of Barney The Dinosaur or a 10 minute Kinder ad. I especially hate Krysta.

    1. Aren’t XB1 sales closing in on Wii U’s sales? A pretty impressive feat considering the wii u is a year older. As for a Nintendo show for hardcore gamers, I long for the day. I did read somewhere that Miyamoto wants Nintendo to bring back its focus on hardcore gamers instead of focusing on the casual market.

              1. I’m talking about games. All I see are mostly rushed, stripped and falsely ad 3rd party crap except Grand Theft Auto 5 on PS4 which is the only reason that makes me wanna buy one. Only more better games are coming out next year like Uncharted 4, Arkham Knight, etc.

                BTW, I meant to say “2015” from the last post.

      1. It hasn’t announced to have sold 5 million to consumers yet and don’t even try to say it past 10 million because you missed the ONE FACTOR of the headline: “Shipped 10 million Xbox One’s to RETAILERS” not consumers.

        Catching up to 8+ million Wii U’s…especially after Super Smash Bros. 4 launch? lol Kiss my ass.

          1. Since August-Early September they announced those number. Its now 2 months later, I’m pretty sure Wii U is sitting around 8-9 million point somewhere. Meanwhile, where is Xbox DOne? Last I heard that Microsoft SPECIFICALLY said “Microsoft has sold 5 million Xbox DOne’s to RETAILERS” since last March and then recently “10 million to RETAILERS”. They never said any given number were sold to consumers since after last Christmas. Nintendo and Sony had the balls to announce their numbers of sales to customers, why not Microsoft? Because they know the sales aren’t good and its exactly why you’re hearing the company investors asking them to ditch the brand. Nobody knows exactly how much of those 10 million retail Xbox DOne were sold to the public but I can you tell one thing about it: Its definitely not past 5 or even 6 million units sold.

            1. Ummmm… Sickr just posted an article stating that Xbox One has outsold Wii U worldwide. I’m happy for MS but I’m a bit dissappointed in Nintendo. They did so well last generation. Oh well, you win some, you lose some.

              1. It’s click bait and the ONLY source saying this BS is VGCharts and everyone knows how inaccurate they are. There is no other gaming resources like IGN or GameSpot saying the same thing, no confirmation from Microsoft yet and VGCharts says this BS without a single shred of evidence. No sales figures chart, statistics, nothing.

                The only confirmation of Xbox One sales to consumer is in UK as they just passed 1 million sold units. Nothing solid from US or China and even in Japan it’s doing beyond terrible, roughly around 100,000-150,000.

                Don’t buy into this BS until Microsoft and other sources says otherwise.

  1. the old cpl in the wii gen were better ,this new cpl look so fake and plastic, last gen was way better this new dude looks creepy as fuck like he is about to freak out and murder her,she clearly doesnt like him

  2. I got the game! I had five friends over last night to play. I’ve had so many happy gaming memories with them, But this took the cake!

  3. With the lack of a true Ganondorf character, a playable Ridley of some kind (I’d be perfectly happy with stage 2 Ridley from Other M with his Final Smash being the true Ridley,) true alternate outfits for Samus, no Skyward Sword Goddess Dress Zelda, custom moves are banned from online unless it’s with friends because they don’t want to throw off the balance of the game online (bullshit excuse,) & no Ice Climbers, this 8 player thing might be this version’s only saving grace in getting me to buy it.

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