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Xbox One Has Now Outsold Wii U Worldwide

It was bound to happen sooner or later and the signs were there, but the Xbox One has now outsold the Wii U worldwide. The Xbox One has reportedly sold 7.61 million units worldwide and the Wii U has sold 7.45 million units. The Xbox One launched in November 2013 while the Wii U launched back in November 2012. Interestingly the Xbox One has been outselling the PlayStation 4 in the UK during the past three weeks according to MCV.

Thanks, JapanGamer

378 thoughts on “Xbox One Has Now Outsold Wii U Worldwide”

    1. This weak sales of WIIU Its really nobody’s fault but Nintendo’s they did nothing during 2012, the year lead they had on the competition, not much more in 2013, only slightly more in 2014, they do seem to be bringing their A game in 2015 though, just in time for the other manufacturers to bring their A game… It’s quite amazing to me how poorly planned this console has been , to the excessive droughts, or even the complete lack of advertising.

      1. I’m a Nintendo Fan but I’m not delusional like most. I 100% Agree with your post, I also haven’t seen much for this Black Friday week when that’s when Nintendo should be doing the most ADs!
        Sometimes i wish I can give them a REALITY SLAP!

                1. Only MK7 and MKWii outsold it in their first week (explained by the great sales of the Wii and 3DS compared to the WiiU). All other MK games (MK64, MKSC, MKDD, MKDS) did worse. The game released not even 5 months ago and it almost already caught the GBA game (while GBA sold way better than WiiU). So no, it will not be the least-selling MK game, even though it will probably reach the Wii version.

            1. What you talked about is the increase of the sales, not the sales of the game itself. Since WiiU sells poorly and since it released this year, it will obviously not be the most selling MK game, what do you expect ?

              1. Lmfao, I can’t believe I have to say this so many times, for so many months. MK8 is supposed to be a SYSTEM SELLER, the game that sales Wii Us and therefore sells itself. By saying thWii U numbers are bad is also saying MK8 failed

                1. Yea of course, so MK8 is bad. And CoD is great since it sold really well. And Bayonetta is bad since it sold badly on the PS360. I love this logic, looking at games sales to guess their quality is so much being a gamer.

                    1. You say that MK8 is good, so what’s the problem here ? You cry about the fact that it did not sell well ? You only play games that sold well ? If not, then I do not see where your problem is. The WiiU has great games, so even if it does not sell really well, you can still play them, which is the goal of videogaming.
                      If you say that games are good, the I really do not get what you’re trying to prove.

                    2. Did you even read the conversation? The whole topic was sales right from the start, we weren’t even talking about quality until you suddenly came in and started damage controlling

                    3. By talking about sales, you talked about the WiiU as a bad console, that’s simply it. That’s why I tried to undertsand how bad sales are related to it, but now you are saying that it is not the case.
                      So you’re basically spitting on the WiiU because of its sales even though it has great games. Why ?

              1. You said that you were married? Right? What the hell is wrong with you using such a derogatory term? This is why you are a joke to me, because I know that a dumbass like yourself don’t have the mental compacity to have a decent conversation.

            1. The WiiU is far from being a dead console, so yeah, having such an increase of its sales prevented it from being totally lost.
              And btw, if you think that great sales = great quality, then I guess you are only playing FIFA and CoD. You must be such a great gamer ! :D

              1. I’m a person who believed in the PS3 when it was failing HARD. Nintendo can save the Wii U, its just that they don’t seem to want to.

                I fucking love how you automatically think I’m a sales=quality guy and generalize me into the COD/Fifa crowd. I’m not gonnawaste my time with this topic

                1. So the WiiU is bad because it sells poorly (and therefore MK8 is bad too), but you don’t think that sales = quality. Yeah, seems logic. Of course when it’s the WiiU it’s important, but when it comes the CoD or FIFA that sell great, it’s not important anymore. Indeed, you should stop wasting your time writing and try to think a bit about what you’re saying.

                    1. Yea, go on. But let me first remind you that the quality of the GAMES make the quality of a console, not the opposite.

                    2. NSMBU- rehashed shit. Everything that it had I already played on NSMBWii
                      SM3DW- Too easy until last few levels
                      Pikmin 3- too short compared to 2, too easy. Rock/Flying were nothing more than gimmicks
                      Mario Kart 8- character selection was mediocre, online modes were limited and a CERTAIN mode was piss poor
                      DKCTF-just like a DLC pack for DKCR, nothing new here.

                      I like how you’re making excuses for the hardware and pushing it to the games. Digging that damage control

                    3. Are you really saying Wuper Mario 3D World is a bad game ? Have you ever played it ? Really, I don’t even know why I am still arguing after reading this. You may find it bad, but this does not imply that it IS bad. But I guess that you are not interested by the fact that everyone that actually played it found it great (it also got 93 on metacritic btw).
                      And DKCTF is bad too ? Haha, you must be such a great gamer dude. This game completely crushed Returns, it was miles away in all points, its level-desing is one of the best in all released platformers. Saying that it is like a “DLC” is completely ridiculous and proves that you did not even play this game. Credibility 0%.
                      The level-design of MK8 is the best by far in the series, its gameplay is much more technical than in the Wii version. Even its DLCs are Worth purchasing (adding 50% more content to the game for 10$, I’d love to see such content on other games, maybe it would raise a better opinion on DLCs).

                      And of course not a single word about The Wonderful 101, Bayonetta 2, Hyrule Warriors, MH3U, SK, WWHD, RL, Super Smash Bros U, etc. But anyway I’m not surprised anymore. And yeah, good games make a good console, you would be completely ridiculous to say the opposite. You buy a console to play GAMES, that’s its purpose, it should be obvious to anyone that uses its brain for a second…

                      And I guess you will say that PS4 exclusives such as Knack or KZSF are good games ? Well, anyway I’m gonna stop here. I thought I was talking to someone that knew video games, but it is obviously not the case.

                    4. You fucking idiot. You just countered an OPINION with yours, that’s just dumb beyond any reasoning.

                      I did play SM3DW, I’ve been playing every Mario game since Donkey Kong. Don’t even try

                      I didn’t mention Bayo/W101 beside THEY WERE GOOD. Everything else I haven’t tried it out yet. Nintendo Land is primarily a party game, it’s alright I guess. Do you seriously expect me to give reviews for every game??

                    5. I just started on Smash yesterday, I can’t say much until I 100% it. Killzone is good, Knack is boring. bland and repetitive.

                      A console’s design already shapes the future of its games. Having an underpowered console gives the devs more stress to make a game that can live up to the standards of the current generation. Having a gamepad means wasting more resources on properly utilizing it(something Nintendo hasn’t successfully done yet). Having such a small storage space from the start means devs have to waste time figuring out how to fit a huge game into a 32gb storage. Do you get what I’m saying? You can’t forgo hardware and think the software won’t take a hit. It doesn’t work that way.

                      1. You’re right about everything except I think Nintendo used the Gamepad well with W101 and Captain Toad. I haven’t played those games yet but it seems to use the gamepad in a unique way.

                      2. You told me you would list the reasons why WiiU is “trash”. All what you did is give your opinion about a small subset of its games (and said that the rest is good). I did not countered with my OWN opinion, but with what the great majority of gamer thought. Saying “lol DK is a DLC” does not make it a fact, and not an item of your “list” either. For example, SM3DW got a 93 on metacritic (which is an aggregated rate, not a single one). Killzone got 73 as a comparison. What you proved is not that the WiiU is trash, but only that your tastes are.

                        I’m not forgetting hardware, I’m simply seeing that despite the fact that WiiU is behind PS4 in terms of power, it still has much more games of a better quality. And this is the only thing that matters.
                        And talking about hardware, I guess you don’t mind paying to play online (while it is 100% on WiiU) ? And also the fact that the console is not retrocompatible is not a problem ? Well this allows to propose PSNow to rent games for the same price than a new game, and to make remakes for all recent PS3 games since they cannot get played on the PS4. While WiiU is 100% compatible with Wii games (adds a lot to the catalogue) as well as Wii accessories (always good to avoid buying back new controllers).

                        Anyway I’m gonna stop here, this conversation is useless since you do not seem to know what you are talking about.

                      3. You “reminded” me to focus on the software rather than the hardware. I did exactly that, and you jump on me for that. Impressive.

                        So a majority mindset means the final word? I phrased it to clearly represent my opinion.

                        I don’t mind paying for online if it means a great internet experience and 2 free games every month. True, the last few months have been mediocre in terms of value for money, so I’ll see how that progresses for the next few months

                        Backwards compatibility is being worked on for Playstation, last I heard they were working on using the cloud. Wii U compatibility is good, but there’s a catch: it means they have to use a similar hardware architecture as the Wii, which has similar architecture to the GC. It’s design is being held back because of compatibility

                      4. If you do not mind paying, then I hope you’re happy. The thing I remember is tons of Sony gamers spitting on the 360 for its paying online. But now, of course, that’s something sooo cool. Did you even notice any difference with the online on the PS3 ? You would be the only one if yes. And yeah, the offer of “free” games could be a nice thing (if we suppose the quality is here, which is not the cas as you pointed it out, but we’ll see later). The problem is the fact that it is not optional. You HAVE to pay to play online and get those games. If it is such a great deal, then why did they made it mandatory ? They should just leave the freedom to their users, and if it’s great then everyone will jump on it.

                        Yea, the cloud for PSNow, which is a complete scam. WiiU architecture is not so close to the Wii one. Wii games get emulated on the WiiU architecture. But indded, in the future they should thought about improving it since the main shape of it reaches its limits now.

                        Finally, I only jumped on you because your list is simply ridiculous. You only talked about a few games, and gave a completely personal thought, which is in contradiction to what the vast majority thought about the games. So no, this did not prove anything, that’s the problem. Do you really think that this “list” proves that WiiU is a “trash” ? If so, then really I don’t get you…

                2. The Wii U is a dead console. It came out a year earlier which was a perfect time for Nintendo to sell as much units as they can. Instead you guys got two months of no games; hope those indies were fun! It’s sad that it didn’t take long for the PS4 and Now xbox One to outsell the Wii U even though “there’s no games for those systems”. And if you still think the Wii U is still not dead, take into consideration that it sold worse than the beloved gamecube and dreamcast…

                  1. So with what were you having fun on the PS4 in the two months after its release ?
                    No, Nintendo failed its communication, while Sony did great to stick numbers (1080p/60fps) in the brains of its consumers to sell a console without games, in which you have to pay to play online, that is not retrocompatible anymore (but offers features such as PSNow that allows to pay the price of a new game to only rent it). But if a console selling poorly means for you that its games are bad (when you see that best-selling games on PS4 are CoD and FIFA), then it’s really sad.

              2. It did help the Wii U, you can’t deny that. Saving sounds like if it was about to die the most painful death ever. Funny how all the trolls from this website also like your troll comments. If you guys hate Nintendo so much, why the hell are you here? You are just bullies in a website, that are here 24/7 like some lifeless losers to make fun of Nintendo and their fans, when you actually like Nintendo, or you wouldn’t spend so many hours stuck in this website every fucking day…

                1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                  These misguided children cannot escape our grasp no matter how hard they try…

                  As we were their beginning, so shall we be their end…

                2. Because Wii U is currently selling at a slower rate than the Dreamcast maybe??

                  Who ever said I hate Nintendo? If anything, I’m a bigger fan than all of you. I’m not trying to troll, I’m simply making a comment that represented the entire Nintendo fanboy community for the past 12 months, and most of the other comments I made were critisicm towards Nintendo, not just simple hating. If you can’t face the facts, that’s *Reggie voice* not my problem

            1. Sony has third parties to fall back on. And PS4s are STILL flying off the shelves. It’s the fastest selling console of all time.

              What difference does it make that Sony doesn’t have any blockbusters for the holiday lineup? Does that justify Nintendo’s actions in any way?

              PS: Bloodborne, The Order, Uncharted, etc. if you didn’t know this by now I can’t really help you

                1. I never said that. Don’t put words in my mouth.

                  I’m saying that though the PS4 has no exclusives being released anytime soon, it’s still selling. People believe in the product and the hardware.

                  But then again, why am I bothering to explain this to someone who uses “fag” in their comments….

                    1. Haven’t had the opportunity to try that out yet unfortunately :( I’ll get it eventually though! Love the LBP series

              1. Many sites are already saying that The Order 1886 is dogshit and the jury is still out Bloodbourne but it’s been reported that it’s mediocre so far and plays too much like Dark Souls

                1. A game can not be properly judged until one has played a completed version of the game after release (or with a review copy).

                  I played a demo of The Order 1886 earlier this year and I agree, it had a lot to be longed for. The controls weren’t especially good and the portion that we played was a little uninspiring. But there is potential and I will reserve judgement for when the full product is released.

                  The same goes for Bloodborne considering we know and have seen even less of that game.

                2. Yeah personally I’m worried for The Order, the studio has great talent but I’m not sure what’s going wrong. Bloodborne isn’t a DS clone, I played both and there are significant differences.

          1. Actually no one cared about these games (except for MK8), Mario Kart 8 helped a little the console in sales and I hope that Smash Bros do the same thing, that’s it.

            1. The first Mario Kart I’ve ever bought and fully played through was Mario Kart 7. And I find Mario Kart 8 to be superior in every way possible. It’s amazing to me.

              1. That’s fair but I’ve played all of them and MK8 just lacks anything new. It’s the 8th damn generation, I think this game had the potential to be much more but Nin decided to not put any.

      1. You guys say that every time a major game is coming out for Wii U. You’re forgetting that kids are more likely going to go for the PS4s or Xbox Ones than a Wii U.

      2. Wait, didn’t Microsoft say x box one, sold 10 million systems? Yeah, as bad as it is doing in Japan, I am not buying it.

      1. Hell the Xbox One has had TWO fucking price drops in a less than a year not to mention they start making Kinectless Xbox Ones when they knew that piece of shit Kinect wasn’t worth a damn and wasn’t selling for shit. As for the Wii U, it hasn’t been marketed or advertised correctly at all since it’s launch but Nintendo has been improving that issue as of late but not by much. You guys are so quick to troll but then after the holidays if the Wii U outsells the Xbox One by a large margin then you morons will say shit like ” Well it was supposed to. It was out for two years right. ” So before you bastards start teasing and shit like little kids let’s wait til after the holidays to see how the big 3 fare out before complete assclowns of yourselves

        1. Xbox One and Wii U neck and neck…The stakes are high. Who will win? Who shall dominate and take second place this holiday season? The Wii U or the Xbox One? Find out next time on THE CONSOLE WARS!

          1. It’s a battle for Gamindustri all over again! The four nations Planeptune, Lastation, Leanbox, and Lowee will fight it out for the top spot!

            (Props if you know what that’s in reference to without using a search engine =p)

          1. Serious question. What heavy-hitters? And don’t even dare bring up the multiplats, dude, since I know you like to use that bullshit at times to make it look like the other console is better. ESPECIALLY when it concerns the PS4.

        2. That’s exactly what’s going to happen, paidenthusiast. If the Wii U happens to surpass the PS4 & Xbone, these same people dissing it for doing crummy for 2 years are going to be saying different bullshit. Like some of the developers of this gen using bullshit excuses, the fans of all 3 consoles are doing the same exact thing. It’s easy for winners to talk shit if they are assholes, after all. Like the anti Ridley people that are running around dissing people that supported wanting him as a playable character for Smash 4 are now celebrating with the “Ha hah! We told you Ridley was too big!” Hate to break it to these winners but losers aren’t the only ones that can be sore. Yeah I defend Nintendo & get a little out of hand at times, but I also attack them when they do something I don’t like.

          1. If the Wii U surpasses both consoles, it’s gonna be because of Mario or a casual game like the Wii series of games. If I’m ever wrong, you can screenshot this comment, quote me, whatever. I can guarantee you that’ll be the case

    1. The One is Lucky to have outsold it before the release of Smash Bros. It will soon go back to its previous position, imo…

        1. Actually is funny because the Xbox fanboys were excited about Sunset Overdrive but now no one remembers this game, at least Smash Bros has created a bigger hype.

          1. There was far more demand for MK8 before it released and it STILL sold like shit. Oh wait, you probably “forgot” about that

        2. A new Halo? This holiday season? & no release in sight on a full-fledged PC?

          GTA & CoD? Aren’t they multiplats? Aren’t they better on PC. Better even on PS4? Why would they help generate sales of the Xbox One? It’s not exactly a good budget PC when PS4 has more power, sales, and comparible price point (that’s all that matters this gen). And developers are having a hard time optimizing for PS4, even with x86. So will the weaker, lower-selling Xbox One have nicely optimized ports of those same games? Maybe if there’s parity, if publishers cared to improve the sales of Xbox One ports, but wouldn’t that undermine PS4’s super powers? Or will graphics whores compromise? Will Sony fans be OK with this parity? Will Sony eliminate the need for Microsoft’s “consoles”, or the other way around? Just weird to see twins again. But consoles can’t compete, and exclusives are an afterthought.

          And since when have third parties made games for gamers and real adults (who still play games, that is)?

          1. “A new Halo”
            Halo MCC

            “GTA & CoD? Aren’t they multiplats? Aren’t they better on PC. Better even on PS4? Why would they help generate sales of the Xbox One?”
            Because there are Xbox fans holding off on buying the newest Xbox until more games release on it, and they aren’t willing to buy a non-Halo system

            “And developers are having a hard time optimizing for PS4, even with x86”
            What the fuck are you talking about? You’re literally just making up bullshit here. I’m not gonna bother with this one, if you do even a little bit of research you would realize how stupid this comment is

            “So will the weaker, lower-selling Xbox One have nicely optimized ports of those same games?”
            They obviously won, but like I said, the Xbox fans would still get them

            “Maybe if there’s parity, if publishers cared to improve the sales of Xbox One ports, but wouldn’t that undermine PS4′s super powers?”
            That’s so stupid. If they wanted parity, the would work harder for the Xbone version, not downgrade the PS4 version. Are you serious or trolling?

            “Just weird to see twins again”
            They have completely different hardware, different controller formats, etc. One has Uncharted, LittleBigPlanet, God of War, Sly Cooper, Ratchet and Clank, Gran Turismo, Resistance, etc. One has Forza, Gears Of War, Halo.

            “And since when have third parties made games for gamers and real adults (who still play games, that is)?”
            Are you kidding me.

            1. –“And developers are having a hard time optimizing for PS4, even with x86″
              What the fuck are you talking about?–

              I’m talking about the bugs and overall lack of polish. Or is it that developers or publishers are just rushing things? If that’s the case, x86 must be difficult and expensive to get right in a short amount of time. Apparently, engines and middleware doesn’t cut it. Or is it a matter of biting off more than they can chew? And if that’s the case, why are extra raindrops, nipples, and a glut of NPCs so great?

              –“So will the weaker, lower-selling Xbox One have nicely optimized ports of those same games?”
              They obviously won, but like I said, the Xbox fans would still get them–

              Wait. Who won? I thought PS4 still had the most sold, not Xbox. And obvious? From just 1 article using an allegedly unreliable source citing no huge lead and before the Holidays? Ookaay…

              –“Maybe if there’s parity, if publishers cared to improve the sales of Xbox One ports, but wouldn’t that undermine PS4′s super powers?”
              That’s so stupid. If they wanted parity, the would work harder for the Xbone version, not downgrade the PS4 version. Are you serious or trolling?–

              So…power doesn’t matter?

              –“Just weird to see twins again”
              They have completely different hardware, different controller formats, etc. One has Uncharted, LittleBigPlanet, God of War, Sly Cooper, Ratchet and Clank, Gran Turismo, Resistance, etc. One has Forza, Gears Of War, Halo.–

              Um, both have x86. And the big reason Xbox One got so many multiplats, especially what’s coming like Kingdom Hearts is because its hardware IS similar to PS4 and thus PC.

              –“And since when have third parties made games for gamers and real adults (who still play games, that is)?”
              Are you kidding me.–

              Nope. Gameplay has significantly been reduced by cutscenes. Look at The Last of Us…the story gets in tje way of gameply and the gameplay gets in the way of story, yet if gamers had there way, TLoU would never have reached the charts. Few games nowadays have abstract visuals and or ideas. Gutter talk seems excessive in these new types of games. The majority have mostly casual difficulty and a cheapness about them. Their realism only seems to be a front to appeal to angsty teens. I rarely see any Eternal Darkness level or Beyond Good and Evil level maturity, or any wonders like Rogue Galaxy or Skies of Arcadia, or bloody cool games like Fear Effect, Killer7, NMH, MadWorld. Where are the thinking games? Gameplay now is about killing and exploring haunted houses.

      1. your profile pic is weird (???)
        if lana made you look like you liked anal, this one says a lot about you XD!!
        just kidding, dood!

    2. I knew it was bound to happen ever since that price drop of bundles being 350 or 450(with kinect). But like one of the people above me, let’s see what happens with smash and cwistmas.

    3. Can’t you wait a month after Smash is out before posting this? It’s not like this would last Wii U has the best games

      1. He doesn’t care, sickr is after hits and this news right here pretty much hands him those hits. He does run a website so you can’t Blane him.

        1. Considering he calls his blog news, we actually can blame him if he’s throwing out misinformation. Smart people frown on news sites & news channels that throw out bullshit.

    4. It took 2 prices cuts and lots of unfinished buggy laggy broken games im sure xb1 owners are very thrilled! Lol its very sad that trash is selling but thats its after xmas xb1 is done

            1. What he’s saying is true though… Only after two price drops did the console start selling more than the Wii U and the Xbox One certainly doesn’t have as many and as good games as the Wii U. Many of the Xbox One games have been disappointments.

              1. You can spin it however you want but the wii u had the advantage of being released a whole year earlier. Which nintendo completely squandered by having no game releases for months on end. Sure the wii u has had more quality but it has also had more time and at this point I don’t believe it is as much a difference in quality as some of yall are trying to make it out to be.

                1. One fucking $50 price drop for the Wii U while the Xbox One has had two in less than a year making a once $500 console into a $350 one. Fuck outta here with that nonsense

                    1. I don’t give a good goddamn how long the Wii U’s been out it still doesn’t negate the fact that the Xbox One has had two fucking price drops, Kinectless versions and bundles with games sold for free. Up here trolling and shit because your ass ain’t got no games to play on your worthless ass PS4…smh. You stop being a dick you fucking troll

                      1. I don’t have a PS4, dumbass. Nice fail. And the reason I mentioned it being out longer is because you keep fucking talking about sales. Unlike your sorry ass, I would enjoy all 3 consoles instead of arguing over which piece of plastic is better than the other. You can continue to talk about how the Wii U has better exclusives than the other consoles, but I really don’t give a shit. Take it to someone who cares.

            1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

              Don’t even try to attack and insult anyone Xbot, you were crushed indefinately and you don’t want to cross the line again because we all know who will come after you again…

            2. “Buthurt”… Will this insult ever get old? Because whenever a person says it they sound like a demented child… =~=

    5. About the same amount of sales in half the time. Kind of sad seeing how the Wii U has MULTIPLE “system sellers” out for it while the XBOX One just has a Halo remake.

    6. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

      Congratulations Xbots, for taking the lead with Human Violation Programs “Withdrawn”, 3 price-drops and sabotage against our empire and the Sonyans…

      Now we will become even worse…

      -Quadraxis Wrath Mode initiated…-

      1. You’re seriously a tool. Don’t you have any friends? Family? A job? Any kind of life whatsoever? It doesn’t seem like it with your constant jabbering.

    7. Xbox One still has nothing yet. Since Super Smash Bros. Wuu U is out, be prepared to see more selling of systems this Christmas… Xbox is finished.

      1. You know what? The Xbox One has COD, Halo, GTA V all releasing at THE SAME TIME as Smash. Wii U is gonna be crushed.

        1. COD, Halo, and GTA V are just the same old boring crap they been dishing out for years. SSB Wii U is bring freshness to its series, while the XBox Negative One and the PS Bore is offering staleness.

          1. Aparantly “quality” isn’t important to the masses. What you have here is Smash U going up against multiple Juggernauts in multiple consoles. If you can’t see that Smash doesn’t stand a chance at coming in first place then you’re in for a huge surprise.

          1. PS4 has the exact same games coming out as the One, with better framerate, resolution, EVERYTHING. It’s still gonna come out on top this year.

            PS4 has Uncharted, LPB, Bloodborne, The Order… Do I really need to make a list for you again Stranga?

            1. And how long will the appeal and sales last? It’s proven that Nintendo games are the best in quality and lasting appeal.

              Most of those 3rd parties are one hit wonders for the fools who always let them BS scam games like Destiny and most of EA games get away with robbing their money for half a game on rinse and repeat factor.

              1. The appeal and sales will last as long as third parties and Sony consistently release games for the system, which is exactly what they’re doing right now.

                “It’s proven that Nintendo games are the best in quality and lasting appeal.”
                No, it hasn’t.

                Do you seriously have no other excuse other than EA and Destiny?

        2. Shuhei Yoshida: And you really think COD, Halo, and GTA can help that? Don’t be a fucking retard. Nintendo’s got the competition made. You might as well kiss your Xbox done down the trash. Nintendo’s also got Hyrule Warriors and more other games. Xbox one is Xbox Done!

          1. COD, GTA, Halo are the monsters of the gaming industry. Have you seen their sales numbers? Them coming out at the same time makes any other game irrelevant. Xbox One is already irrelevant, it’s just a lesser PS4 so far

      1. Just because Wii U doesn’t sell well doesn’t means is the worst console ever e.e I mean look a the Wii U games and the PS4/XBO games…. Seriously the Wii U games are a lot better and fun than those other two. Wii U is like GameCube, a great no good selling console but with great games.

          1. If they put more effort into advertising, then Wii U sales will increase at a higher rate, until they realise this, the Wii U will only sell bit by bit, rather than a lot by a lot…

              1. Yeah… Since 3rd parties have clearly abandoned the æsthetics, genres, attention to gameplay, & franchises that appeal to the Nintendo fanbase, I think Ninty would be ill-advised in trying to get, say, Ubisoft to make Red Steel 3, Buck Bumble U, & another Prince of Persia (which would be a fitting counter to the other side’s Assassin’s Creed); or Square-Enix to release Bushido Blade U, Parasite Eve U, & a console game in the vain of Bravely Default; or SEGA Skies of Arcadia U, NiGHTS U, Crazy Taxi U, Virtua Fighter U, & Daytona USA U; or Namco Ridge Racer U, Tekken U (traditional), Tales U, & Soul CalibUr; or Konami ‘Metroidvania’ U–all w/ full experiences, true unlocks, great challenge, solid single-player, & very minimal cutscenes. But if it ain’t photorealistic, FPS, Sandbox, M-rated, DLC-laden, cutscene-bloated, mainstream “cool”, 3rd parties will rarely make an effort. Look how they ruined Tomb Raider, how only the name & characters are left of what the franchise used to stand for. Look how über violent Shadow of Mordor is; bet Tolkien is rolling over in his grave. 3rd parties rarely care about the core experience anymore. If they do, like say ATLUS or Xseed, they release mostly for handhelds. But I wouldn’t mind if Ninty moneyhatted Aksys for a Guilty Gear U.

                Better Ninty resurrected old IPs (Space Firebird, Wave Race, F-Zero, Sin & Punishment, etc.); invested more in new IPs of their own; funded indies, turning them into AAA devs, possibly into 2nd parties. I mean, Nintendo’s side of the market needs to build back up after the 7th gen schism & these new…products. SEGA left hardware & lost their touch afterwards &, well, Sony? Keep reading… Nintendo should also buy the devs who also still make pre-7th gen style games like Grasshopper Manufacture, Platinum Games, Valhalla Game Studios, & IPs from Capcom (Mega Man, Ace Attorney, Viewtiful Joe, Okami, Street Fighter). & did anyone buy Sphinx & the Cursed Mummy from THQ? Well Nintendo should.

                The industry is more split than it ever was, & most publishers have sided w/ MS’ philosophy, even Sony converted in the 7th gen. Right now, Nintendo is, mostly, all that’s left of the console paradigm. & sure, the Japanese sensibilities might play a part, but Western devs used to have more good qualities than bad, but I guess they just want to pump out product now, whatever the masses want. But they’ve certainly abandoned those old-school gamers & what came before, except the movie industry.

        1. Well that’s down to opinion I guess. The only games I liked for Wii U were Platinum games. NSMBU was terrible, Pikmin 3 was too easy and short, SM3DW was too easy until the last few stages, DKCTF was more of the same…

          1. That seems like a fair statement. Tbh the only reasons I get Nintendo consoles are; Mario Kart, Smash Bros, Zelda, and Metroid. I’m still waiting for Zelda, and Metroid.

          1. For more than 75% of that time, it was run by the Yamauchis. Waaaay different management. I like to compare Nintendo with Apple sometimes. They were both incredible when their stars were there, and they lost their touch when they were gone

            1. Nintendo lost touch with the Wii, but they are completely in touch now. The Wii U is glorious to own for hard-core Nintendo fans. -This is an undisputable fact.

              So, they are not like Apple. Apple is still struggling and will eventually fall wheras Nintendo will always remain relevant.

            2. Yamauchi chose Iwata, if he was chosing by the late master of Nintendo himself, Iwata obviously had potential
              Not to mention the great Miyamoto is still among us, he was the one who started LoZ and Mario so he is still “in touch” as you call it.

              1. Jobs also choose Tim Cook. People can make the wrong choices.

                Yes, Nintendo has lots of talent, but it needs proper management too.

      1. Yeah the Xbox One is now the same pricw as the Wii U when Wii U first launched… That’s a BIG price drop.

        Also, the Wii U will surely get a price drop in the future as well, because that’s just the way it is in the console
        business. I’m sure the Wii U will see a spike in sales like he Xbox One after it gets it’s proce drop.

    8. Congratulations to Microsoft. But does it deserve it with it’s game library? I’ll let you all decide. It wouldn’t have passed Wii U after 1 Year if Nintendo actually advertised the Wii U. No amount explaination on Nintendo’s part can excuse the amazingly lack of advertising of Wii U and Wii U games. Microsoft and Sony both advertise their Consoles religiously. Why not Nintendo…
      However, let’s face it, it will never even get even close to PS4 sales…

      1. Nintendo treats the Wii U like Sony treats the Vita. Well, not completely true. Nintendo treats the Wii U a little better than Sony treats the Vita (they pretend it doesn’t exist).

        But yeah, the marketing has been pretty terrible for the Wii U from the start and the start is the most important part. There has to be clear direction and a clear picture of what the system is and Nintendo failed to let the public know that.

        It’s weird because they did such a great job with the Wii, DS, and 3DS.

      1. Yeah your right, just like how grandmas made the wii a success. SUCH A GOOD SYSTEM!!! IM GLEEEAD NIN10DO IS WORSE THAN B4!!!


      1. There is no solid confirmation from Microsoft of global Xbox One sales except for UK passing 1 million after a year. Forget about Japan because it probably did less than 100,000 or about and there’s no solid number for US either. This post is another click bait BS by Sickr because all of the so called “evidence” he put in this post proved nothing and there is no other sources that said the same, not even IGN or GameSpot.

          1. You have a good head on your shoulders but now you are just being a troll, Shuhei. I doubt you are dumb enough to believe one source over dozens of others that don’t mention a damn thing about the Xbox One surpassing the Wii U’s current lifetime sales.

        1. What happens to Xbox One once those games are out? Does the console’s sales drop again? Two of those games you mentioned are already out and the Xbox One has BARELY passed Wii U in sales.

            1. They just released a few days ago, there’s been zero official reports yet until at least one week passes by. Plus the PS4 versions are gonna outsell them anyway, so yeah

        2. 8 Upcoming Games (in Europe time)-Smash Bros Wii U, Captian Toad Treasure Tracker, Splatoon, Zelda, Mario Maker, Mario Party, Starfox, Metroid. Plus the May Mario Kart 8 DLC.
          9 current Wii U games (to name a few)-Mario Kart 8, Super Mario 3D World, Wind Waker HD, Tekken, Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze, Pikmin, Wonderful 101, Bayonetta 1+2, Hyrule Warriors. Plus the Hyrule Warriors and Mario Kart 8 November DLC…
          Your turn…

    9. The Wii U will outsell the Xbox One again around Christmas.

      Either way, does it really matter? All the Xbox fanboys saying the Wii U lost are only admitting that the Wii won last gen, if sales are the only things that matter. It’s your choice. Either the Wii won last gen due to sales or the Wii U is winning this gen due to the most and best quality games.

        1. It’s sad how captain toad will sell more than bayonetta 2……


            1. It’s sad, it’s like nintendo doesn’t even deserve any games because the fanbase doesn’t care about anything even amazing exclusive games as well.

            1. Hey im just curios since you are an acid head if you ever had the unpleasant feeling of sleep paralysis and if you have if you could compare the feelings. I have had sleep paralysis a few times all of them but one were terrifying. Like it feels like your being possessed, your awake, you can see the room but no matter what you do you can not move. Every time my body was shaking really fast like i was having a seizure, i felt an evil presence or something, my breath was cold i could see it. i desperately tried to get up i know something evil is trying to get inside my body (this same exact image happened like 3 times in 3 different occasions, it’s almost like you can see yourself, like your out og your body almost) I would finally get up but am struggling to get up, im trying to escape something i can barley move. I get up, im walking to my door but staggering, my door opens im getting out and then i wake up in my bed staring at the wall. its fucking weird. It’s so real and terrifying.

              So i was curious and looked it up, and it’s basically where your half awake, your mind wakes up before your body. Some believe it’s actually you going into a different dimension, your able to go into the unseen, like your soul is able to be outside your body and you can be where spirits or something lay. Some person on this forum was talking about just embrace it, no matter how fearful just keep your mind at ease. So it was actually last christmas when i was noticing i was in that state again. I was awake. couldn’t move and was shaking really fast, though this time i let it do it’s worst. I was shaking faster and faster (i thought i might die) i forget what else might of happened before this but i was just looking at the celling and i saw this really bright light as i was shaking faster and faster and i heard something call out my name, after that happened i was staring at the wall not the ceiling, i was awake, in control, able to move It was weird. It was almost like i was dying. I haven’t gone into this sleep paralysis since, though last night a few times a felt like maybe i was in it again but nothing happened really because i knew that i was in it and tried not to cause a scary incident. Im not sure if it was a dream or if i was actually awake at that time last night.

              Though if it happens again i think i can maybe be in control. I’m actually wondering if this dimension and your soul actually being able to disconnect from your body being true in this weird state. I almost want it to happen again so i can see.

              You ever have sleep paralysis and is acid sound like any of this or is the feelings way different. I have a feeling there different but i hear some acid users experience this after using.

              1. Hey sorry for the late response, been busy with the holiday and working a lot lol. But yea sounds like you’re having an out of body experience, which is certainly possible on psychedelics. I’ve experienced it before, the first time I ever tripped I had one lol. I took shrooms and it was great at first, then I watched this movie called Go, and I swore I was part of the movie, like they were talking to me and saying my name, and then I went in my roomates room and watched his clock which seemed to never move and that’s when it got bad. I saw myself like from the ceilings view and I was like nuts, and I saw myself in an asylum totally nuts and my mom was there and crying and wondering what happened to her kid. I couldn’t do anything lol. I didn’t think I’d ever trip again after that. Of course I got back on the horse a few months later. I’ve had that from dreams too. I’ve had a dream where I thought I was like in between sleep and awake and was with aliens but they looked like humans and I was in a place I wasn’t supposed to see or something, and I couldn’t move at all, and anytime I did move in the dream, my view wouldn’t change AT ALL so even though I moved out of a room my vision was still inside the room. Then I woke up I thought and was in my room talking to my friend and walked away from my bed, but my view was still in my bed. Then I was back on the ship with the aliens unable to move again. Look up lucid dreaming, that may help you better understand what you’re going through. Lucid dreaming is about like going to sleep but being conscious and training yourself to be able to be aware in your dreams, thus being able to control them. I’m not sure what caused your state of paralysis, could have just been a long day and the sleep was deep lol. Not sure what caused mine during that dream or other similar dreams (without the aliens but with the inability to move), but lucid dreaming may point to an answer lol.

    10. do gamers really care about numbers though? i mean real gamers. i know myself and the guys i hang with dont.

      we meet every week to play Pathfinder. around the table, talk inevitably turns to who’s been playing what. and we are a very diverse group. 2 PS4 players, 1 Xbox player, 1 PC player, and myself, the Nintendo player. but the thing is, we NEVER talk about what console or system is “best” or selling the most. we talk about the kick-ass good time each of us is enjoying on our medium of choice.

      maybe i’m just getting old. does anyone out there remember those days? when it was the GAMES, not the system, that mattered. and nobody gave a shit about what platform sold more.

      whatever, at least my kid has been raised as a true gamer. he is 11 now, and plays anything. because he loves the games, not the electronic boxes that deliver the experience.

      good for Xbox. does the fact that it has sold more units than WiiU even register in my gaming hobby? no, really it doesnt. i could care less. i am only glad that gamers have found enjoyment on the platform.

      having fun. that is all that counts.

      now, back to Bayo 1. an amazingly FUN game. cant wait to start 2!


      1. Well to be honest i don’t give a damn about sales, look at the wii. That piece of shit wasn’t even good and sold like crazy. You know who cares about sales? Nintendo fanboys, all they had to say until wii fucked u came out was how MUCH WII SOLD! Then they faked a smile, got stuck in a blizzard of no games for like ever. Then when they saw nintendo drive by they were happy but instead of nintendo saving them they picked up an obese soccer mom and made more shitty casual shovel ware games. Nintendo sold there soul with the wii and i always hated that piece of shit.

        Then you look at the gamecube, it only sold 25 million but it was a great system and nintendo wasn’t what they are now pretty much.

        Heck even wii u might be better than wii right now and the thing is a vacuum. Sales never mattered to me, its all about the games and stuff. That’s why the gamecube was a TRUE success in what matters (when people say it was considered a fail because of sales) not that shitty wii.

      2. Lol there’s always been console wars. You mean you don’t remember all the Sega vs Nintendo arguments going on in school?

        1. Yeah, all those cool kids and how sonic is awesome are probably losers of today lmao!

          Average sonic fan of today- i am a pedophile, love to fantasies about having sex with animals am a social reject and a lot more. i love games like sonic boom. did i mention i want to fuck sonic?

          It’s crazy how sonic was considered cool back in the day. They all grew up to be lame i guess.

    11. COD is shit, Halo is okay, GTA V is an overhyped little boys game. Plus it’s just rip off, it was better on PS3, and Xbox 360.

      1. Your right gta5 is a little kids game!!! Fuck that rated c garbage and super kiddy shit FOR KIDS.

        *hides in room crying in a blanket playing lego big boy undercover for grownups* stay away from me!!!! im not ashamed!!!!

                1. Upgraded resolution to 1080p
                  Denser traffic, wildlife
                  Ability to play as the wildlife itself
                  First person mode
                  Online mode upgraded to handle 30 players
                  New vehicles
                  More music tracks
                  Able to see at even farther distances

                    1. Who cares about hype? You said that the last gen versions were better when there are clear exclusives features for current gen ones

                2. Oh and Shuhei, next time. You ought to learn the difference between an opinion and fact, and learn how to take an opinion when someone makes fun of your precious games like COD, and GTA V. Otherwise, you made yourself look like a stupid kid. And, have a nice day. :)

                  1. I don’t play COD, I’m not planning to buy current gen versions of GTA V. I fail to see your point. You’re not making fun of GTA, you’re just making yourself seem rather… Ignorant.

                3. Sorry if thought you won anything, I just couldn’t believe that you were actually serious when you thought last gen versions are better

                  1. They are, in my opinion. Then you approached me and said it was the most retarded thing you saw on this site.

                    TOTALLY what a fanboy wouldn’t do.

                    1. How are they? Why not try elaborating, or I’ll never understand your reasoning. I could have a friendly discussion you know…

    12. So wii vacuum u got outsold by a dorito machine in only A YEAR!!!

      Seriously the fanboys are so retarded they always boated how wii u is STILL IN SECOND PLACE HER HER HERRRR!!! Yet when you tell them it has been out for a YEAR LONGER they pretend to not hear you. Fucking retarded fanboys always have to make up there own rules. So the ultra mega fail xbox one has sold more than wii u in a year than what the wii u did in over 2 now. So what does that make wii u? A bigger fail than the titanic.

      I applaud the fanboys, i really do.

        1. Yeah but i actually think nintendo is starting to advertise the thing. Don’t know what took so damn long.

          Hopefully now failwata knows that they have to forget about the casuals now, that’s what made them fail with wii u. ALL they have is the fans, so in other words make better games and don’t announce shit like wii music or wii gay porn u or something uhh. Instead bring on games like eternal darkness, metroid, diddy kong racing, a few awesome new ip’s (you get the picture) until wii u’s life ends. Then at least the thing might be more memorable.

          Seriously the poor thing has been alive for 2 years and it’s still in the hospital on life support.

          1. nahhh i don’t care the the thing deserves to die. I don’t feel bad for it.
            WII U WII U WII U WII U!!! YOU HERE THAT!!!! IT’S THE AMBULANCE!!! “WHAT A WII U!!! FUCK THAT THING!!!” *throws wii u in garbage*

            Iwata- your suppiosed 2 saave whii huuu!!! HElp it BREATH!!! MY BABY!!!! MY FAUlure is DYIng!!!

              1. sorry but im an xbox gamer for life and i cant fit through doors because im really fat because i played the xbox one like twice.

    13. I have both a Xbox One and a Wii. Nintendo has Super Mario 3D World, New Super Mario Bros U, Super Mario Kart, Super Smash Bros, The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD, Hyrule Warriors, Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze, Bayonetta, Pikmin and Wonderful 101. XBox One has given us Halo Collection, Sunset Overdrive, Killer Instinct and Forza. Both are worth owning but the Wii U is clearly the better value.

    14. Sales do not equal quality. I am not surprised at this for the fact Nintendo’s marketing to casuals in the past resulted in them losing a large part of the Wii userbase. Also, Sony and Microsoft are much more famous than Nintendo worldwide bcz they produce their own electronic devices like SD cards, computers, TVs, and more. Wii U really doesn’t lack games anymore, but waiting for games takes a while.

    15. And thus the flame war begins…Nintendo fans/supporters have no reason to be upset. Xb1 fanboys, not fans, fanboys what exactly are you celebrating? You do know you are losing everyone of your EXCLUSIVES to PC right? And once they finish with KI season 2, it will be making it’s way to PC as well. Now will someone explain to me how the PS4, a system with no exclusives worth talking about has been whipping XB1’s ass all year when it’s plain as day that XB1 has better exclusives than the PS4? 2 price drops and dropping a system component is what it took to pull the XB1 out of it’s stall. SEE that’s the problem, instead of looking for poo to fling, everyone needs to be playing games.

      Here’s some food for thought,

      “Did anyone pay attention to the hammer Nintendo dropped in one day? Amiibo figures, SSBU, SSBU BUNDLES, Pokemon OR and OS, Pokemon HQ plushes and Wii U Bundles of all kinds are flying off the shelves. Watch Dogs launched, like anyone cares, launched for Wii U With in the last 24 hours and their upcoming games have already been play and praised by gaming sites.”

      But hey what do I know, I’m just a guy that owns multiple platforms and buys his own games. And actually follows what’s going on in the industry.

    16. As for which one is the best value it is the console in which you find the most games your interested in so really that is an opinion with no absolute answer for everyone.

    17. In terms of value for the consumer. it doesn’t matter which one came out first or how much a system sold. What matters is the number of quality games and the price of the system.

    18. Things will probably be better with Smash out now. Especially this Christmas. It’s just Nintendo needs to advertise Smash and the Wii U really well starting now and maybe a bundle too. Also Captain Toad is coming so that would boost sales a bit. I’m not really worried though. I don’t even have a Wii U or 3DS right now so doesn’t really matter to me.

      1. Nintendo is advertising Smash Bros. for Wii U a HECK OF A LOT BETTER than they advertised the Wii U console. There will probably still be people who think the Wii U was just an add-on for the original Wii throughout it’s entire lifespan.

    19. Yo dog we heard you like cod so we made 15 of them in 2 console cycles!! Nintendo fans only got 2 galaxy’s some 3d land world and a few new marios!


          1. There’s only been
            4 Uncharteds
            4 God Of Wars
            4 Killzones
            3 Resistances
            I can go on and on…
            Compared to countless Mario games and spinoffs

            And may I ask what you mean by “milked”? There has been no talk of development of a new God Of War, and Uncharted comes out every few years. I see no yearly first party releases

            1. God Of War

              God Of War 2

              God Of War 3

              God Of War: Chains Of Olympus

              God Of War: Ghosts Of Sparta

              God Of War: Ascension

              You lied about that……


              Killzone Liberation

              Killzone 2

              Killzone 3

              Killzone Mercenary

              Killzone Shadow Fall

              You lied about that……..


              Uncharted 2

              Uncharted 3

              Uncharted: Golden Abyss

              Uncharted 4

              You were wrong about that…

              The only franchise your pony ass was right about was about Resistance and the only reason that franchise wasn’t milked is because Sony themselves knew how dogshit it was so they didn’t bother. Who gives a flying fuck if Nintendo milks their franchises, theirs are the only ones that are actually worth a damn and sell well consistently every year ole pony ass troll

              1. Everything else are spinoffs retard. It’s like saying Mario Party is in the main series. You obviously never played those games so stop making yourself look so sad

                Oh look, you seem to depend on the sales=quality mentality, even though there’s been no Wii U Mario game that SCRATCHED 3 MILLION. Rehashed and worthless, that’s all Mario is nowadays with the main series

    20. Something tells me as soon as Smash comes out next week… expect the Wii U to instantly sell twice as much than the Xbox One.

      1. It will sell more than usual but I don’t know about twice as much as the Xbox One.

        A lot of people are skipping the Wii U version because they already have it on 3DS.

    21. Consoles shipped does not equal consoles sold. But seriously I feel bad for those who think Xbox one is relevant… Wii U , PS4 for me

      1. Off of the top of my head and as far as Xbox exclusives, Forza Horizon 2, Zoo Tycoon, Project Spark, Max: The Curse of Brotherhood, Killer Instinct, Dance Central are all decent.

        Two favorite “exclusives” on the system so far for me are probably Sunset Overdrive and Forza Horizon 2.

        1. Its called Math, have you ever wondered why no other sources are reporting this. If you want to know you should do the math, cause it gets tiring trying to convince the blind.

          1. No other sources are reporting this because no one else gives a shit about Wii U being overtaken by Xbox One.

            Do what math? Counting on reports that are months old to prove exact Xbox One sales, or following estimates based on current retail numbers? Seems like you’re the blind one here

    22. Want to compare the Xbox one with the Wiiu is heartbreaking, first click this bait is worse than I thought, I want real data, not estimates and sales doesn’t make a good console.

          1. Trolling? Maybe you should go to Internet school and actually learn what the term is before throwing those words yourself. Makes you look hypocritical/stupid

            1. tbh you are trolling a sony fanboy on a nintendo site? and plz stop acting like you have a life cuz u dont i see you in this cite literary everyday complaining and making fun of the people who play wii u news flash people like what they like

      1. I really like it so far! It’s actually my first Smash game in years. Bought the N64 one on day one, didn’t really like it, skipped Melee/Brawl and here I am now :D it’s awesome to see how much it evolved

    23. The only thing this proves is how many complete boneheads is out in this world. They all have lousy taste in games. Like Europeans. Aside from the few who has every console. If I were to choose a non-Nintendo console, it would be PS4. Because I have more respect for Sony than Microsoft.

      1. The only thing it proves it that you have no respect for gamers with different tastes than you do and that you are not a true gamer. :)

          1. No, not really. It’s perfectly fine to prefer one company’s products over another, but to call someone a complete bonehead because they play something you don’t is dumb. You’re the bonehead here! COLLECTOR!

      2. From what I can gather, you are from US, hum tell me what one thing xbox1 is very strong in America? correct? Also tell me what the US chart look like? cause I can tell you the top 10: COD, Madden NFL, NBA 2015, Fifa 2015, Minecraft, Watch dog, GTA V, destinity, sunset overdrive and south park…..

        So what does that tell you about your country. You come here and criticise the European but the USA are not better in fact they are worst if we follow your standard. I can go on about the US and their taste in game but that would be a pointless exercise.

        your are just a bloody hypocrite, next time you decide to write something which is to criticise others countries just think twice, would you.

    24. Nintendo gotta make a prize drop with pro controller no gamepad..make gamepad an option or requirements for some games.

      1. The Wii was probably the best and worst thing that happened to Nintendo simultaneously. On one hand it made them a boat load of cash. On the other hand it made them overly confident and complacent. They just assumed the Wii U would sell on the name alone, without the addition of great launch titles. It was a blunder, and one I’m sure Nintendo won’t repeat.

        I had no doubt the Xbox 1 would surpass the Wii U in sales eventually. The price drop was perfectly timed by Microsoft, give them credit. I have always had the opinion that the Wii U would only slightly outsell the Gamecube, probably between 25-30 million units sold worldwide. However Nintendo will still sell more hardware and software than both Sony and Microsoft. You can never ignore Nintendo’s handheld market, which is second to none.

      2. Because it’s doing much better than most claim it is. Just because one console sells more than another doesn’t mean it’s a failure. Look at the Gamecube. It didn’t sell as many units as the PS2, but the games were much better graphically (some didn’t buy it just because it didn’t play DVD’s).It also had an awesome library of games. In fact, the Gamecube is my favorite disc-format console.

        1. The Gamecube was considered a failure to Iwata, though.. which the WiiU unlikely to surpass (still selling worse, isn’t it?). Very strange how he allows WiiU to fumble along like this, while doing nothing – no price drops, no gamepad removal, no change in strategy whatsoever. His viewpoint has changed, it seems. Failure is now an acceptable outcome, for some reason. What a shitty CEO.

          1. Foolish child. Failure is great when you learn from it. So yes. It is an acceptable outcome when you learn from the mistakes that led to that failure.

    25. Click bait. It’s all BS click bait. As soon as I saw this BS post, I quickly did some media digging of my own and found nothing that supports this.

      Sickr, you really should cut this BS out. First of all, those evident links in this post only tells two things: An old news of Microsoft announcing 10 million sold Xbox One to RETAILERS and the other saying UK now just sold 1 million Xbox One after a whole year. That’s it. So let’s tally those real numbers shall we?

      UK: 1 million
      Japan: Most likely 100,000, maybe less.
      China: If launched, only announced to have shipped 100,000 while PS4 shipped double of that amount. No solid sold to consumer numbers yet.
      United States: Still no solid sold to consumer numbers as of yet. The only last news about Xbox One US sales is that the sales tripled and temporarily outpaced PS4, still no given solid numbers of gamers that actually bought the system and how much units are sold compare to the last quarter.

      I speak to everyone here that just because you read one single headline, doesn’t make it true. You need multiple strong resources to prove if the same story is true and said. So far, there’s nothing that supports or proves this. Sickr here is once again click baiting the idiots here to start a fight because he’s most likely bored.

      As of now, I’m done with this fucking place feeding people BS to make idiots look and sound smart without effort of research.

      1. lord ghost : king of the federation

        oh your asshurt over the xbox one outselling the wii u. this ain’t no click bait article at all. dont get salty loser :)

        1. Idiot, do you realize how unreliable and inaccurate VGCharts is? It’s why Neogef banned them in the first place because their stories and resources are inaccurate and misleading. So far, the only solid number in this case is UK’s 1 million mark recently announced by Microsoft themselves. We all know in Japan its a huge flop, probably sitting around 100,000-150,000 at this point and nothing from China’s 100,000 Xbox One launch or US’s own solid sold to consumer numbers either.

          All VGCharts said “Hey guys! Xbox One outsold Wii U because we know without posting evidence” Where are the sales charts, statistics and why isn’t multiple gaming resources saying the same thing?…Because there isn’t anything to prove this. One jackass from one unreliable source blindly saying this because they feel like it or predicting without as much of a single evidence.

          Congrats on looking like a fool. Unless Microsoft announce any solid numbers from US themselves and a lot more RELIABLE resources supports such news, I’m not believing this BS for one minute especially since Wii U just launched Super Smash Bros. 4 and enjoying its runaway train of glory. This is meant to shoot down Wii U because their biggest video game has landed and everybody is running scared.