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Reggie Highlights The Difference Between Wii U And Other Consoles In Recent Video

News publication Forbes recently had the opportunity to sit down with Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime to discuss the all-important holiday season. During the interview Reggie talks about the difference between the Wii U and its rivals, the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. You can watch the interview, above.

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120 thoughts on “Reggie Highlights The Difference Between Wii U And Other Consoles In Recent Video”

    1. If it doesn’t matter whether a game is great and if you only look at if it looks well, then you should give up videogames and just watch movies.
      And btw, most WiiU games look great, on top of their excellent quality !

            1. That is a word and no explanation, you troll. If you can’t explain why he contradicts himself, you should shut up.

      1. Btw, graphics in video games do matter. If we’re still playing games with the graphics of 2007 that’s telling of the rate of advancement in the industry…

        1. No, there are still games that have graphics of 2000 are are way better than games that release this year focusing only on graphics. Having nice graphics is a plus, BUT it is way behind other characteristics such as gameplay, game design, originality, level design, lifetime, etc. Event the OST is more important than the graphics for me.
          And if the WiiU had the graphics of a PS2, then I would understand that some people could have problems with it. But it is not the case, the console is between a PS3 and a PS4, and most of its games look perfect since they do not try to stupidly reproduce the reality (unlike most of the games on other consoles that are TPS or FPS).
          And btw, if graphics are that important for you, then I hope you do not own either a PS4 nor a One, but only a PC. Because saying “WiiU is not powerful engouh”, and going for a PS4 when the PC is better is just being blind, only when you need to.

            1. Well i guess he shut you up. Yall sony fanboys are a joke, its about the graghics eh well why do people trade in sony games so quick why did a game like mario kart wii outsell the whole uncharted franchise? Come at me with lies and bias opinions like yall sony folk do. I got the master sword and hylian shield ready to easily combat that shit

        2. “graphics of 2007” what a troll, have you seen Mk8, the 1080 p goodness of Smash and Winwaker, 3d world- the new Zelda, Splatoon, Xenoblade Chronicles? I keep hearing how the Wii U is under powered yet I keep seeing it pump out some of the most visually impressive sure passes the eye test..

          1. And did you know that Crysis came out in 2007 on pc? 1080p is nothing new. This is a 2D game. Just stop. Those are all cel shaded except Xenoblade, compare that to something like Witcher 3 or Last of Us on PS4. That is what you should compare, artstyle is very subjective.

            Also, am I the only one on the entire internet to see that the only reason 8 player battles are excluded from online is so that Nintendo can sell GC controllers and adapters? And before you say “it would be a lag fest” or some other stupid shit, realize that CoD supports 16 players on the Wii U, and shooters do need more precision than 2D fighters.

            1. This is ridiculous. A FPS is a game where you have your own vision. If you lag, then it’s your problem. Super Smash Bros is a FIGHTING game, where everyone sees the SAME screen. So first, if a single player has a bad connection, it will make everyone lag. On top of this, everything has to be coordinated at the millisecond, and if not, then the game will freeze to catch everyone back, while you can have a bit of delay in a FPS. This is a completely different approach to online communication (complete synchronous coordination vs. soft asynchronous coordination).

              Then, SSBU is the game that allows you to play with the most different controllers. Gamepad, WiiU Pro controller, Wiimote, Wiimote+nunchuck, Wii pro controller, Wii classic controller, Gamecube controller with adapter, Gamecube controllers pluggable on Wiimote (without adapter), and even with a 3DS ! Saying that they did not include online 8-players smash to sell Gamecube adapters is completely stupid when you see that they made an effort to allow you to play with any controller you want, just to avoid needing to buy controllers.

              Finally, this is NOT a 2D game. the freedom of move is in 2D, but the game is fully 3D (you can even move around the stage is 3D in the pause menu). Do not mix gameplay and graphics, it’s ridiculous. The game is indeed completely rendered in 3D.
              That being said, the fact the a game is cell-shaded or does not try to reproduce the reality does not make it a bad game. The most important component is the art style of a game. Trine 2 is wonderful, even though is does not need the same power that Crysis, and Trine would NOT need realistic graphics, it would completely ruin the ambiance of the game – just as SSBU does not either. If you think that only games that try to reproduce the reality are good games, then this is really sad and you shoud Watch movies instead of playing games.

              1. Yes, it’s a 3D game, but mechanically, it’s a 2D game. Everyone sees the same screen? No. Everyone sees their vision of the same screen. 4 Players can play it. So can 8. Terraria can be played by 255 people. and everyone can be on the same screen…What are you talking about. Stop the damage control, you piece of shit.

                Game can be played by any controller, but only 4 controllers can be used to play without the adapter, maybe 5 if you can use the gamepad with 4 other controllers, but I’m not so sure about that.

                Art style may be important, but it is subjective, and my point wasn’t that I prefer realistic graphics, it is that the guy doesn’t understand shit.

                1. It’s 2D in gameplay, but 3D in graphics. Is it so hard to understand for you ? The rendering is made in 3D, the shaders used are the same that would be used for a 3D game. Only the gameplay is in 2D.

                  In Terraria, not all players see the same screen. They play in the same level, but the system does not have a hard synch (do you even know anything about online synchronization and communication principles at all ?), unlike SSB. So you can have lags. And if you lag or disconnect, a popup will appear only on YOUR screen to ask for reconnection. Other players will not be affected. Smash is a fighting game in real time where coordination is primordial, and everything will be in total synchronization (hard synch). So if you lag, then all other players will too. The online in Smash reproduces the local mode, the exact same screen is seen by all players. 4-players smash is sometimes already laggy if one of the players is not fully synchronized. 8-players may quickly get unplayable.

                  And no, 8 controllers can be plugged. It was confirmed, it is a fact. Even 8 Wiimotes or 8 3DS (cf. Try to get informed about what you say instead of insulting people. This will only make you more retarded than you already look.

                  Your last point does not make any sense. You say that realistic graphics are not necessarily better but you did say that you have to compare a game such as Smash with games like Crysis. Which is a complete nonsense.

                  1. It seems that you are saying with 100% certainty that it can’t be done. Are you Sakurai? I see what you are saying, but they could’ve made 8 player smash online suit online. As far as I’ve seen, in online matches camera follows your character.

                    “It’s 2D in gameplay, but 3D in graphics” I said that in my last comment, you mongoloid, the point with that was that the background is preset, it’s not nearly as demanding as a 3D game is, that is why it is in 1080p 60 fps, that is the only exclusive that is.

                    Ok, I was wrong about that, but it’s still made so that they can sell so many controllers, whatever the kind may be.

                    I compared it with Crysis because it is a 2007 game that looks almost as good as PS4 games, and he was confused to why the guy said “2007 graphics”, and I didn’t compare it to Smash only, I compared it to all exclusives.

                    1. If you were able to click on the link I provided, you would see that it points to the official website of Smash. So yea, basically Sakurai said it himself. And it was confirmed by people that already have the game. You are ridiculous. You would still deny it if I was playing in front of you with 8 Wiimotes.

                      Oh yeah they made 8-player Smash to sell controllers. They even made this evil 8-players mode just to sell tons of controllers. They only did the mistake to make all kinds of controllers compatible with this game, to minimize the number of controllers people will have to buy if they want to play it. Haha, don’t you see how ridiculous you are ? So you would have preferred not to have an 8-players mode ? Because “it will sell controllers” ? You know, you can avoid playing it if you do not want to.

                      Then, are you completely retarded ? You are quoting my own comment when you say it’s yours. Wtf. And the rendering is the same than for a 3D game. The background is present, but still rendered in real time, what do you think (btw SSBU, Bayonetta 1&2, WWHD, MK8, RL, etc. are 1080p/60fps). And anyway, in no way numbers like 1080p or 60fps make the quality of a game. This is just stupid bullshit that Sony and Microsoft have put it the brain of the most stupid players out there and that have now become a criteria to judge a game. And this is totally ridiculous.

                      Again, you cannot compare Smash to Crysis, what can’t you understand about this ? The art style is completely different, dude. It’s like saying “Trine 2 is ugly because Crysis looks more realistic”. That’s nonsense, but I guess you won’t get it…

                      1. You are just retarded. First of all, read comments, don’t skip them, second of all, I read the link and said that I was wrong about that…you imbecilic piece of shit. You stray dog.

                        They made it offline only to sell more controllers, you dumb shit.

                        Background is pre rendered and it is like a movie playing. You cannot interact with it, and it is fixed. You can’t move in 3D and explore it. It is what it is. You shit. 1080p and 60 fps are real things. What are you talking about?

                        I compared it to all Wii U games, you autistic filth. Can’t you goddamn comprehend that? I even said compare it to Xenoblade or compare Xenoblade to next gen games like Witcher 3 since that idiot said that Wii U has the best looking games.

                      2. Ok, I will stop here. I’m not arguing with idiots. If the only thing you can do to think you are right is insulting people, then I’m happy I do not know you. I explained why this mode would be unplayable online, and that you can play with tons of controllers offline (without limitations), but you are repeating the same EXACT things like an unbrained robot – yeah, they made this evil mode to sell controllers, you are right, they are the Illuminati that will sell tons of controllers to poor people, they should never have included a 8-players mode.
                        I will not keep talking without someone that cannot understand things but keeps repeating his nonsense for hours. You are completely ridiculous.

                        1. It’s just anti consumer business practice, nothing Illuminati about it. It could”ve been resolved however you put it, but they chose not to.

                        2. with* someone

                          And also someone that quotes my own posts saying that “I said that in my last comment, you mongoloid”, haha that’s something I never saw, it’s magically ridiculous.

                      1. You really do not get the difference, that’s ridiculously funny. I will try one last time.

                        In CoD, if one player lags for one second, then his character will just stop for this time. It will probably not be a big issue for him unless he has no luck. Other players will not even see that he lagged, and they will not experience any lag.
                        This is the principle of soft synchronization, which can be applied in games where you play in a large map or where losing a second will not make you lose the game (such as FPS, or generally other games on large maps).

                        In Smash Bros, everyone sees the SAME image on their screen. In this game, every second has its importance. If a player lags, then the game will wait for him to continue running, so that a lag will not make you lose the game. Therefore, all players share the exact same state, but this also implies that all other player will experience the lag as well.
                        This is the principle of hard synchronization, which must be applied to game where each second is important and where a lag will probably make you lose the game (such as versus fighting games).

                        These are facts, these are online communication design patterns – not thoughts or minds. And if your brain still cannot understand the difference, then I give up.

                        1. I understood that the first time, but first of all, you have no proof that is the case and I’ve seen online matches on youtube that follow you as the player which would mean that is not the case.

                          Case and point.

                          1. Wtf, will you deny every fact that is told to you ? The point is not that the IMAGE is the same but tat the STATE of the game must be exactly the same for all players at every instant in the timeline of a game. So that they will have the same state of the game on their screen.
                            Btw online matches that follow you as the player ? It was or the rediff of a match (where you can change the camera), or phases where all other opponents were out, because the camera is not personal in this game, this is the principle, since you have to see all ennemies (of course). But anyway, the fact that their own camera could zoom on a player or not is a completely different thing than online synchronization, since the rendering of the image is of course done locally on each console.
                            And all of this are not conjunctions or anything else, those are facts, this is how this game works, denying it is just completely absurd and shows that you do not know what you are talking about.

                            1. You yourself said that all players see the SAME screen, and now you are saying that that is not the point, you are completely clueless. Nowhere does it say that this is the case.

                            2. Ok, you are too retarded to understand or think. I never saw someone that could not understand things when they are explained this way to him.
                              The STATE of the game is the same for everyone. This includes, in the particular case of SSB, that the SCREEN will be the same for everyone since this is the principle of the game. But you could have another game that shows different things to players, if it has to be hard-synched, then the lag will be reported to other players. The lag does not come from the screen of your TV but from the server, can’t you get this ?
                              But well, it’s like explaining basic communication models to a red fish, there’s no pojnt in doing this.

                              1. And yet, you are trying. I got what you mean the first time around, but there is no reason to believe that is the case, and if it was, that it cannot be dealt with.

                              2. This simple comment proves that you did not understand the problem. Otherwise you would never say that you cannot deal with it, since it is intrisic to the model itself. And yes, it is the case, you can see it by playing the game + Sakurai explained the principle in the roundtable. Try to think harder, you may get it one day, I give at making you understand it. Cheers.

                            3. I have.
                              I’m fact, I’ve seen the game lag whenever a team uses too many tacticals at once.

                              When too much starts happening at once on COD, it causes intense lag for everyone because there’s too much happening on screen.
                              That’s not the case with Smash because it’s designed to handle keeping everything on the screen at once, rather than only showing a few sections at a time depending on where each player is.

                        2. Then explain why Watch Dogs on the Wii U looks very similar to the Ps4 version? Watch Dogs looks just as good as the Witcher 3. The Witcher 3 looks almost identical to Skyrim actually. Every time a 3rd party has put one of these so called “more demanding games” on the Wii U, it runs perfectly, and looks great. From AC 4, to Arkham Origins, and to Watch Dogs. The Wii U Is NOT underpowered no matter how much you won’t it to be. There is not one next gen game the Wii U cannot run. Mario Kart 8 is one of the best looking games to date. Period.

                          1. Watch Dogs was downgraded to the point where it looks almost the same all platforms. Even the PC version doesn’t look that great compared to other games. Watch Dogs looks as good as The Witcher 3? ARE YOU KIDDING ME? No it doesn’t. Some of the games coming out have PS3 and 360 versions, but not a Wii U version because they don’t see it as profitable enough. The Wii U is in between current and next gen in terms of graphics. The graphics of the 2015 games is probably the best we’re going to get of it. The gap between Wii U and PS4 isn’t as noticeable as Wii and PS3. But we should just accept the fact that they it isn’t as powerful as PS4 and Xbone. I don’t know why people keep talking about the Wii U’s graphics. They’re IDIOTS. God, I remember when Nintendo fans were saying graphics don’t matter. Why are they constantly talking about it now though?

                              1. Who Hollow grape old timers huh? Forgetting how stranga proved you wrong about how powerful Wii u was 3 weeks and 4 days ago huh? So you just right back to thinking Wii u is as powerful as PS3 huh?

                                1. Also may I add because the Wii U has more shaders than the PS4 the rain on Watch dogs looks way better on the Wii U.

                                  1. Do you have the PS4 and Wii U version and did you compare side by side together? Or are you just talking nonsense like an idiot again?

                                  2. Why won’t you just give up and accept the facts? Xbox One has better specs than Wii U. FACT.
                                    PS4 has better specs than Wii U. FACT.
                                    Just because Smash Bros has 8 players and runs at 1080P 60FPS doesn’t mean the Wii U is stronger than PS4, idiot. That’s because the developer actually took the time to properly optimize the game for the system. You think just because some games like Assassin’s Creed Unity have dipping FPS on PS4 that it’s not powerful enough? Uhh, news flash, it also has FPS issues on PC. Which is stronger than ALL 8th gen consoles, dumbass. It’s because Ubisoft messed it up.

                            1. Ok, you are retarded. Look at the specs, then come back. Specs are specs. What you see is what YOU think you see.

                              It looks almost identical to PS4? All of them look almost identical to PS4, because it’s the same game, and you are comparing it on YT. Only retards do that.

                        3. The Wii U isn’t underpowered. I been playing 8 player smash and never seen fps dropping. Stranga explained the CPU of the Wii U to the PS4 3 weeks ago. He may have to repost because Sonyans have short term.

                      2. Shovel Knight has graphics of Sega Master System and ppl are crazy about it. Do e nights at Freddy’s is just static pics and Everytime I turn on youtube someone’s playing it.

                        1. Shovel Knight uses that as an artsyle. And the game also uses visual effects and content that won’t be able to run on a Master System

                      3. Oh shut up, you next gen faggot. You have no idea what is necessary for a good game. For you, there is only one thing: graphics. This is why PS4 and Xbox One suffers with bad and glitchy games. No quality at all.

                  2. Big difference in phones and the Wii-U
                    there are tons of different phones out there, and one app has to be able to run on all of them, so the app can’t be optimized for the hardware.
                    Now take the WiiU There is one (or at least very few) hardware variation. So they can heavily optimize their coding for that specific hardware, making “specs” not a very good identifier for ability to preform.

                      1. As Reggie said, Nintendo is not directly in competition with Sony and Microsoft. Both of them are doing exactly the same thing, and are in competition with the PC as well. But Nintendo is focusing on exclusivities, and the WiiU becomes a console that can be bought with a PS4/One/PC (while it would be totally stupid to buy 2 of those 3 consoles).
                        Most games on the WiiU cannot be found on other consoles (and I’m not talking about the game itself, but the type of game), that’s why he said that having the number of players growing is a good thing, even if they first go for a PS4 or a One, since they might also buy a WiiU for its exclusive games.

                2. Theres barely a gap between all 3 when it comes to visuals seeing xb1 and ps4 are mostly last gen games still. This gen came to soon.

                3. He has an excellent point. What’s up with these people who claim they’re ‘sick of Mario’, when Mario never appears in the same kind of game twice? (New Super Mario Bros. notwithstanding.) Super Mario, Paper Mario, Mario Kart, and Mario Party– are these all the same kind of game to them? Are they that shallow? “Grr! I don’t want to play two games where I wear overalls in a ROW!”

                    1. Yet ironically they don’t seem to mind playing an infinite string of shooters where you play as an indistinct space marine. Maybe if Mario shaved his head…

                  1. Do you not know how long Mario has been around? He’s probably been in more games than ANY other character I know.

                    1. Since 1981, everyone knows that. The question is, so what? If seeing his face offends people so much they can’t play the latest Mario masterpiece, I think they have bigger problems than Nintendo is able to help with.

                    2. His point went way over your head. He is saying that yeah, it is a fact that Mario is used in a ton of games, but he has been used in entirely different genres.

                      1. Completely different genres that have also been re used over and over as well. 10 Mario Party’s, 8 Mario Kart’s, etc. He’s everywhere. I’m not really sick of him, but it’s understandable why some people are.

                        1. I’m fine having Mario, but I’m pissed if Nintendo uses him just to cash in on the popularity. NSMB series for example.

                        2. They can still play their stupid COD and BF games like the whole HD remastered games from last year. No one forces them to play a game with Mario in, therefore their complaining is overruled.

                4. Its sucks poor people need to pick a team I own a wii u and ps4 last gen I owned wii 360 and ps3 but after Microsofts drm bullshit im done with xbox all you broke morrons can support the Nazis if you like and miss real video games.

                  Halo Gta cod bf ac madden nbk2 lol

                    1. Do you really not understand what ms was trying to do with the xb1?? Sweet mother of god

                      Anyone that trust ms is retarded.

                  1. Stop fucking insulting people who are poor. Just because they lack the same resources as you doesn’t mean that you have to laugh at them. Don’t be a snob

                    1. NO U…. we work hard for our games, so we can buy them. Don’t have the money, can’t have the games. So either way money on the table or GTFO!

                  1. Yea they just do whats been done already by nintendo.

                    Ps4 and xb1 have snes controllers with 2 sticks move and kinect failed yet lots of wii u games still support the wiimote and nunchuck but you can’t use the 1st kinect on xb1 and move is abanded for ps.

                  2. Share Play is a worse Gimmick than the game pad. By far.
                    The commercials actively encourage users to let others play their games FOR THEM, whenever they get in a tough spot.
                    That’s worse than the damed SUPER TANOOKI SUIT!
                    It’s hand-holding on a whole new level, and its other functions don’t make up for that.
                    And XBone hasn’t tried to do anything new to enhance gameplay functionality for a very long time. They could USE a gimmick to give players something that makes up for the kinnect.

                      1. Force you to use the gamepad? Stage builder on Smash is epic with the gamepad. It is also epeic to have a second screen when playing and use it as a score board. Besides the Gamepad does more than Kinnect did. Also Wii U’s newer tittles are being more open to other controllers not just the Gamepad. There first tittles last year mostlybut not these latest tittles. I think Treasure Tracker is only for the Gamepad but it’s not an adverage adventure platform. It looks really fun. That’s my next game.

                      2. You say “force” like it’s a bad thing, when it’s really not, considering the controller has many more options than a standard and thus isn’t a bad one to get used to using.

                        It’s not a gimmick; it’s a leap forward from the standard we’ve had for decades, which is quickly becoming less attractive in terms of gameplay potential.

                        1. Yeah, we know. It’s so much of a leap forward that people actually encourage you to go buy one of Nintendo’s older controllers just to play Smash Bros, right?

                          1. That’s just the popularity of Melee bleeding over; it doesn’t change the fact that the game pad offers everything the older controllers do, plus more.
                            It should be considered superior and eventually become the standard itself.

                          2. Um no I didn’t buy a new controller when I bought smash bros. Though I plan on buying an adapted because I still have my old Wave birds when or if Nintendo announces more games to work with the GameCube adapter.

                    1. Then explain why so many Nintendo gamers want Final Fantasy XV and Kingdom Hearts 3. Because those games are just dumb hype after all too, right? Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain is just a dumb unfinished third party game too ain’t it? What’s funny is that Phantom Pain isn’t even a PS4 and Xbox One exclusive. Everyone BUT Nintendo gamers will get to enjoy it.

                      1. Yes, they are dumb hype games with glitchy gameplay and ridiculous stories. Fuck, I’m damn happy to have this shitty games not on my Wii U. Let the PS4 and Xbox One choke on those until they rot.

                      2. Hollow grape j old timers. It’s because 3rd party doesn’t like Nintendo. And Nintendo gamers can enjoy them on their ps4. Yet sonyans rather bug the hell out of Platinum begging for Bayonetta to be multi plat than but a Wii U.

                5. Thoughts… First off, Reggie came off a lot better than usual here so good for him. I think it helps when your company is consistently pumping out the best games, has the best hand-held device and everything is looking up with the best, most fun video game that has come out in a good long while (especially since the creator and main developer was literally dying to finish it).

                  I think anyone who says cellphone games look better than Wii U games or that Wii U games don’t stack up to the “next/current gen” are out of their mind… Sure, the Wii U is less powerful, but it is how you use the system that makes a difference and the style of graphics makes a big difference as we are seeing seemless animation in all the top original IP games and that, coupled with the gameplay, has the most satisfying experience for all gamers.

                  I think the Wii U is going to do great this Holiday season… Amiibo are great little toys that serve a function, and are cheap enough for parents to buy kids and Smash Bros. speaks to everyone and people who passed on a Wii U at first are starting to realize they simply have to have it now…

                  Anyway, looking good N

                6. Is it, or was Reggie about that his worry that keeps him up at night is call of… then he goes on and changes the subject.

                7. i find the speech very CEO like. Saying that he did not blew me away. You can tell nintendo struggle to get games out and he seems he did not have much ammo (captain toad and smash….). I was a bit surprise they did not have much expectation about the new pokemon even me who is not a fan of pokemon I knew it will do good. The interview did not mentioned MS and sony but amazon and steam. I also find the question very simple and sh*t to be honest.

                      1. I don’t remember the question exactly but when he goes on and tell that Captain toad and Smash bro will increase sell by being release just before the holiday season and explaining that the Wii U is a different experience because of this or that, then amiibo is a much stronger argument.

                8. @ reggie u had all the right answers way to go reggie, and wow reggie came to talk about the holiday season then just got a lot of negativity by that interviewer instead sorry reggie i feel bad for u

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