Kmart Holding Mega Video Game Sale With Plenty Of Nintendo Titles

Looks as though retail firm Kmart is holding what can only be called a mega video game sale. Thankfully there’s something for everyone whether you own a Wii U, Nintendo 3DS, Xbox One or PlayStation 4. You can grab Zelda Wind Waker HD for $30 or purchase the critically acclaimed A Link Between Worlds for $20. Here’s the multiformat deals which are currently on offer at the US retailer.

Dragon Age: Inquisition – PS4 | PS3 | 360 [Couldn’t find a link to the XBO version]
Far Cry 4 – PS4 | XBO | PS3 | 360
Assassin’s Creed: Unity – PS4 | XBO

The Evil Within – XBO [Requires you to sign up for a free Shop Your Way account]
Pikmin 3

Watch Dogs – PS4 | XBO | PS3 | 360
Madden 15 – PS4 | XBO
NHL 15 – PS4 | XBO | PS3
Wind Waker HD
Kinect Sports Rivals

Middle Earth: Shadows of Mordor – PS4 | XBO
Wolfenstein – PS4 | XBO [Requires you to sign up for a free Shop Your Way account]
The Evil Within – PS4 [Requires you to sign up for a free Shop Your Way account]

Call of Duty: Ghost – PS4 | XBO | 360 ($15)
Titanfall – XBO | 360 ($15)
Wolfenstein – PS3 | 360
Grand Theft Auto V – PS3 | 360 [Requires you to sign up for a free Shop Your Way account]
Infamous: Second Son
MLB 14 The Show
Wii Fit U with Fit Meter
Pokemon X & Pokemon Y
The Legend of Zelda: ALBW
Yoshi’s New Island
Mario Party: Island Tour


Thanks, Peter T


      1. I’m considering getting wiifit with the meter for $20. Currently in my little workout regimen, I mainly want it for the tracking since the workouts are probably ridiculously easy. Not to mention the useless dancing and yoga that I won’t even bother looking at


  1. I went to both Kmart and Sears looking for the new Pokemon or super smash bros and both of them didn’t have either one. It seemed like they were liquidating their entire stock of Nintendo games and systems. They had plenty of Xbox and PlayStation games though.

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    1. I don’t know which kmart you went to but the one I work at, trust me…..we get niintendo games like a few days late. When I was trying to pick up Donkey Kong Tropical freeze, they had it the monday after it came out on friday. The only 3 games I recall it being say one was pokemon xy, mario kart 8, and smash 3ds. It’s retarded.


  2. I wish this deal started after Thanksgiving. I won’t have any $ until the 1st. And all of the best games will already be sold by then.


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