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Looks Like Watch Dogs Wii U Flopped In The UK

Data provided by official UK chart outlet GFK Chart Track shows that Watch Dogs for Wii U failed to perform upon release. Watch Dogs entered in the UK Wii U software charts at number 14 which placed it just above Wii U launch title, Mass Effect 3. The game was pushed back by Ubisoft and we barely saw any footage of the title upon release. I’ve no idea if they’ve marketed the game on television, but I’ve yet to see a commercial for the game.

Thanks, Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

72 thoughts on “Looks Like Watch Dogs Wii U Flopped In The UK”

  1. of course it flops. if anyone ever considered to buy it, he/she did it already on playstation/xbox/pc.

    also, the marketing of wii u version of watch dogs is deep from arse

    1. The reality is, Watch Dogs would have bombed hard on Wii U regardless of whether it came out on time or not.Even Nintendo’s own published Bayonetta 2, a well marketed game, and probably deserving of game of the year, bombed hard on Wii U worldwide.

      1. More Wii U owners, maybe even myself, would’ve bought the game ’cause there wouldn’t be so much hate and disgust against Ubishit. See?

    1. for some reason when i read this piece of news immediately i thought about this song. yes, ubisoft has earned my hatred.

  2. Ubisoft better not blame Nintendo for this. We all know it’s their fault this time. NO ONE is gonna buy a game that already came out a while ago when they can get Smash Wii U and Pokemon ORAS.(which was amazing btw!! did hear Wally’s new theme? EPIC)

  3. Completely bizarre by Ubisoft. It’s like they wanted it to fail. Absolutely no marketing and releasing a game which disappointed many 6 or so months ago what were they thinking?

  4. There still isn’t a review of this game from the media. Did Ubi deliberately withhold the review copies to prevent even more sales?

  5. And so, Ubisoft sent another title to its grave on the Wii U…
    By delaying Watch Dogs they made sure that almost every consumer who were interested in the Wii U version either bought it on another platform or gave up on the game completely when they saw the initial reaction to the game on other platforms.

    Watch Dogs isn’t a very good game. It’s not bad either. It’s just there. Kind of like the first Assassin’s Creed game. But at least AC was fun to play and had an interesting story. Compare it to ACII however…

    I’m not saying there isn’t something there, and that Ubisoft can’t turn Watch Dogs into a great franchise (that they’ll milk until it’s been done to death). But as it is right now, Watch Dogs is pretty mediocre.

    So of course people who wanted it for Wii U lost interest. The fact that the only GamePad functionality they’ve added is an interactive map is just embarrassing. Watch Dogs is one of those games that felt like it should have been made to work more with the Pad. But considering Ubisoft is basically as bad as EA and Activision these days, nobody’s expecting them to put any real effort into porting their games.

    Over the next month, we will watch Ubisoft blame Nintendo and their fans because the game is not selling…
    Just as they did with ACIII and Rayman Legends.
    It’s funny how Ubisoft manages to put the blame on everyone but themselves, every single time they fuck up. So why are they to blame? Here are a few reasons:

    1. They delay a game on only one platform and still expect the game to sell well. Talk about unrealistic goals.
    2. They decide to use what is basically a straight port with nothing added, except that interactive map.
    3. They once again hold back DLC already avalible for other platforms, which means that Wii U owners does not get the full game.
    4. They send their game out on a market where there are plenty of incredible first party games avalible. Keep in mind that games like Bayonetta 2 and Hyrule Warriors are still fairly fresh. Also keep in mind that Smash Bros. is being released this week as well. Watch Dogs can not compete with Smash Bros. Nintendo fans who also owns a 3DS can pick up Pokemon, which is another game actually worth the money.
    5. The game will cost more on Wii U than it does for the other platforms. Not a lot more, but still more.

    So Ubisoft, you have only yourself to blame. You still put out quality titles, but you have fallen so far. I hope to once again see you return to what you once were, one of the best third party devs in the industry…

      1. @ least w/ Bayonetta 2, an effort to promote the game was made. & it’s not 1 complete package but 2. If it has failed, then it did so honestly, & it respectfully catered to what has now become a niche demographic.

        But to say, “Oh well, it won’t sell when the other versions are released, so let’s just release it later & gimp it,” is definitely a self-fulfilling prophecy. Doing that only worsens the situation. But I think Watch_Dogs Wii U was more a formality & a ploy to cut ties w/ the console paradigm & innovation.

        Used to be companies had to woo consumers. Now, if the consumer doesn’t make an effort, even before the product is released, the company refuses to make any effort, to take any risk. Well, they certainly lose out on rational consumers. Which is prolly the way they want it: a gullible & über loyal consumer makes them way more money w/ so little effort.

  6. I’d love to be at the board meeting where they came to the conclusion to delay WiiU Watch Dogs to sell it against Smash, Hyruke Warriors, AND Bayonetta 2.

    After they delayed Rayman so it could release at the same time as xbot and Play$tation versions you would think they would show the same respect for WiiU players.

  7. Spiderman should have been on the eShop 2 years ago. I would have downloaded it. But now because of all the games coming I’m skipping it.

    Looks like Ubisoft, Activision AND EA are all pretty clueless when it comes to Nintendo.

  8. well no surprise, I am lot of people does not even know the game is out, I knew it cause I was following this game but the launch date was kind of a mystery. They did not even marketing the game. NO ads what so ever, so it clear that ubisoft don’t bank to much on that game and was just hoping to have enough sale to be even. The game came out on 21st of this month let’s do a postmortem in January

  9. just forgot to add that’s a good news for me cause the game will be cheap in March on amazon. So I will have to chose between the PC or the Wii U version which will be at this point £8… good time!!!!!

  10. I know this game is a disappointment but I will still buy it and play it. I will wait until its price is reflecting the unfair delays and the missing dlc. It is really cheap in other consoles, they should not expect us to pay £35 for it at this point.

  11. Watch dogs is pretty cool, I got lucky and bought the last copy at best buy,I played for like 6 hours last night…you guys are just a bunch of haters….keep crying over dlc….oh and btw Smash is TRASH, I don’t understand the hype I will never buy that game.

      1. Ha Ha, your just jelly because Watch Dogs is actually an original, fun, and all around awesome game. Nintendo fans rejoice. An awesome 3rd party finally came to your fail u.

        1. I agree. Mr. Sony is right. I must obey Mr. Sony. I’m such a tool. I pretend to like Nintendo, but I really hate it and wan’t to see it fail. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis is a Sonyphobe and a Xboazi. He he he.

  12. Looks like Ubisoft finally got what they’ve been trying to get since last year’s Rayman debacle: a flop to justify denying Nintendo consoles of any support beyond Rabbids.
    Of course this game was going to flop, they made sure of it.

  13. What did Ubisoft expect ? WatchDogs has been thrown shit at by everybody, even the casuals. Of course it sold like shit, and that’s good news.

  14. Oh it flopped? So tragic! I’m gonna miss their games when they drop support of the Wii U! D: *sarcasm* lol Yeah right. Please abandon the Wii U since you haven’t done the console ANY FAVORS for the past 2 years any-fucking-way. I’d rather have no support than shitty support!

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