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Ubisoft Announces Next Generation Of Monopoly, But It’s Skipping Wii U

Today, Hasbro, Inc. and Ubisoft announced that the MONOPOLY Plus, My MONOPOLY and MONOPOLY Deal console games, all based on the famous MONOPOLY board game, are coming to Xbox Live for the Xbox One and Xbox 360 video game and entertainment systems from Microsoft, and on PlayStation Network for the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation3  computer entertainment systems. The party continues with the MONOPOLY Family Fun Pack, a retail-exclusive bundle featuring all MONOPOLY games.

The MONOPOLY Plus console game brings the classic board game to new heights with a colourful 3D-animated board that comes alive and evolves as players interact with it. Available as an extension to MONOPOLY Plus, My MONOPOLY downloadable content pack pushes the customisation options even further by allowing players to create their own personalised game boards and property spaces. Last but not least,MONOPOLY Deal card game is a new take on the fast-dealing property trading action of MONOPOLY. The MONOPOLY Plus, My MONOPOLY and MONOPOLY Deal console games introduce a fresh, new take on the world-famous family gaming brand, and are the first collaborations between Hasbro and Ubisoft for the Hasbro Game Channel.

MONOPOLY Family Fun Pack can be purchased at retailers on November 28 on Xbox One and PS4.

The MONOPOLY Plus console game will be available on November 26 to download through the Hasbro Game Channel on Xbox One and PS4 for £11.99, on December 10 on Xbox 360 and on December 17 on PS3 for £7.99.

My MONOPOLY console game will be available on November 26 to download through the Hasbro Game Channel on Xbox One and PS4 for £7.99, on December 10 on Xbox 360 and on December 17 on PS3 for £7.99

MONOPOLY Deal will be available on November 26 on Xbox One, December 3 on PS4 for £7.99, and on December 17 on Xbox 360 and PS3 for 3.99.


152 thoughts on “Ubisoft Announces Next Generation Of Monopoly, But It’s Skipping Wii U”

    1. Lol you know what said about m rated games not coming to the wiiu anymore is bullshit when a freaking family game is not coming out for it. (Whats your excuse this time ubi? The wiiu is not powerful enough?) Smfh.

      1. Yeah, casual family party games like this do tend to sell well on Wii U. But I guess then that would require bringing over the Hasbro Game Channel as well…?

      2. Dumb Ubisoft….. the audience for that kind of game are on Nintendo consoles. This will not sell well on Xbox or PS, its owners don´t care abou board games and those consoles are a fuzz to have 4-player games. They should look back to what happened to Rayman Legends that sold better on WiiU than any other platform, even with all the mess they made with that game launch. Anyway, we already have Wii Party U and we´ll have Mario Party 10

  1. If they are going to say that it skipped wii u because watch dogs failed on wii u, I’m gonna call them fucking retarded -.- but they probably will use that as an excuse

      1. Wii U is alive. Monopoly is fun, but to hell with Ubisoft. All they got is Broken Unity and Farcry 3.5. Ubisoft paid off Angry Joe and ProJared to endorse Farcry 3, which I think is bullshit. They have to pay off youtubers to promote thier garbage. Ubisoft needs to fail already.

  2. Monopoly is quite possible one of the worst games ever. Combine that with Ubisoft and there is nothing I’d rather play less.

    1. sherlockwillfightbilbo

      Playing the short version (45 mins) with the whole family can be really fun. I’ve never even attempted the true version because it’s just too long. I’ve never tried playing with friends either because Monopoly is a more mature game, than let’s say, Pocket Tanks.

      And no, I don’t mean Monopoly should be rated M.

  3. Why? This is the exact type of game that SHOULD come to Wii U. Not that I care, no way I’m playing this piece of shovel ware ever, but it seems so odd. Sure, Far Cry 4 skipping Wii U makes sense, M rated games on Wii U are shown to not sell as well, but Monopoly is the exact game that would be right at home on the Wii U, multiplayer casual experience for the whole family. Ubisoft needs to get their priorities straight.

  4. I’m actually really angry about this – I love Monopoly on the Wii – would be perfect on Wii U with the gamepad – what a bunch of assholes

  5. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

    -Ubisians: “They are very interested in Just Dance, very interested by other kinds of games. So what we are trying to do is to focus more on the types of games they are interested in.”-

    I see, so this Monopoly game must be so “mature” and violent that harbours blood, guns and sex that our people apparantely hate right?…

    Congratulations Ubisians, I never actually thought you would be my running candidate for the Golden Poo Award instead of the Electron Army…

          1. RIDLEY FOR 5MASH!!!

            Yes. Ubishit is so horrible that it will take at least 60 shots of the Annihilator Beam to destroy the virus that it has become.

  6. Right… who cares. The “this is skipping Wii U” crap is getting old…. what does it matter that a game on nobody’s radar is skipping the Wii U.. Should say, Monopoly is skipping shelves and going right into the bargain bin

    1. “We’re gonna start making family friendly only games for Wii U from now on” Ubisoft said…and then pulled this BS off.

      This is just like their “We’re Nintendo’s strongest 3rd party supporter and we’re gonna do all we can to help the platform”…by delaying Rayman Legends that was already completed for launch day, gimping Splinter Cell, cutting AC4 DLC, delaying, gimping and also lying about Watchdogs Wii U version for the “Gamepad” and now lying about providing family games only to Wii U by skipping Monopoly..that has been on Nintendo platforms before and deemed popular.

      Ubisoft are officially on our shitlist.

    1. Except Smash Bros. itself has a gambling system were you wager coins on the potential winner of a fight and that game is rated E10+.

      Monopoly too mature for Nintendo gamers ignoring that Monopoly has been on Nintendo consoles before? lol Now that’s funny.

      1. Obviously this new monopoly is some hardcore shit.
        When you bankrupt someone, you don’t take their money.
        You fucking drive-by that bitch.

  7. Is this a surprise? Ubisoft is making a game and skipping Nintendo consoles. That’s like pointing out that the sky is still blue and that we all still breathe. Ubisoft want to be assholes, let them be.

    1. The Wii U hasn’t been profitable for Ubisoft, why should they try supporting it anymore? They put out some big games for the system and everybody who was freaking out and saying that they wanted the games didn’t touch them.

      1. Actually a decent amount of those people bought the games enough to scrape by, but you point is completely moot. This and Tetris are low production cost, family style games. These are the type of games that sell to families who would be picking up the Wii U and they are games that don’t have short term life spans like Assassin Creed and Watch Dogs do.

        Basically Ubisoft doesn’t like easy money cause that is what this would be for them. Ubisoft’s current CEO is just really bad at business, but if you took the time to think for yourself you might see that.

        1. I.E. they only have to sell a very low margin to make money and they will surpass that on every system. They are just throwing away money right now.

      2. Rayman exclusivity lie, no ZombiU sequel despite it doing well for a launch game, Splinter Cell gimped, DLC-less Assassin’s Creed 4, Watchdogs delaying, gimping and lies of why it’s being delayed “for the Gamepad” and now this family friendly game skipping Wii U ignoring their other empty promise to doing more family games instead of mature.

        And here you are stupidly wondering why Wii U isnt “profitable” in their eyes? It’s because of these BS stunts they’ve done and if you don’t believe me, look at the 50+ million 3DS and their latest game is fucking Tetris when there’s already a Tetris game on 3DS since 2011 that costs $10 right now. They didn’t support shit for 3DS either and that platform sells like hot cakes. So don’t even get it started that Wii U failed to them because they’re not doing shit for 3DS at the same time. You know what’s that called? Hypocrisy.

    1. I was looking forward to the game on my Nintendo system, good thing it was reported to let me know it’s not coming
      Calm down about what news they put on you baby.

  8. Didn’t Ubisuck say that they’d still give the Wii U their family friendly titles? Unless this has Mr Monopoly ripping a guys head off, Ubishit will be now know as a hypocritical company… or EA Jr

    1. They’re now opportunistic liars and I’m glad Nintendo and fans doesn’t have to put up with their BS anymore. This is exactly how the 3rd parties have become this generation: Bunch of fucked up lying greedy pigs and most gamers are absolutely foolish to let them cheat their money saying “no it’s cool because their games are good” except if them dumbasses actually remember back at those orgies of empty promises that never made it to the final product, they would’ve realized they’re being scammed.

    1. hi there actualy wii u now sold 9.2 million units thats 2.2 million extra wii units soo wii u are selling lot faster now i bet 15 million too 22 milllion wii u units get sold before the next nintedo fusion termal and fusion ds comes out


    Wow, they screwed up Unity and now expect those same customers to buy this? I’d stick to the real boardgame than buy this.

  10. Nooooooooooo I was totally hyped for this game! We just missed the GOTY a must have title on Wii U. Sike the last thing we need is Ubisoft giving this title but not AAA titles for the Wii U.

  11. well everybody forget the other ubisoft’s excuse when it comes to skip the Wii U: “the install base is not large enough therefore we are not planing a game for this system.” LOL even if the xbox1 outsell the wii U is not by much and it’s proven the owner of Xbox and PS are not fan of those kind of games. Wii was famous for its casual games and wii U it still aiming at casual audience. I am curious to see the sell of this game just to have a laugh and the game will be that bad that ubisoft will release the game on wii U (6 months later).

    1. Its kind of like U-draw with THQ, they made it on the old Wii was very profitable for them. They try to do the same with U-draw on the Xbox360 and PS3 and it becomes the key factor for why they went out of business.

    2. And still nobody will buy it months later. Ubisoft has stirred a deep hatred among Nintendo after so many BS lies and stunts they’ve pulled on millions of fans and for what? Because the barely advertised ZombiU didn’t sell 5 million right the door? Because Fans got furious at Ubisoft after lying and delaying a completed, timed exclusive port to 360/PS3 just as those systems were waiting for GTA5? Gimping Splinter Cell without any notion to patch the game later of its missing offline Co-op? Skipping AC4 DLC? Delaying, gimping and lying about Watchdogs Wii U port and now this “family friendly” game skipping Wii U this proving further more that they’re always lying to Nintendo fans faces?

      Not just Wii U but they’re also giving PC gamers bullshit as all with shitty buggy ports even after they promised better support (doesn’t that BS sound familiar to you?)

    1. I personally hope they keep making great games like FarCry4, which is amazing by the way. Too bad you’ll never get to play it.

    2. hi there your right gaming world be way beter place with out ubisoft go suport gaming companies more nintendo frindly

  12. Rated M for Monopoly XD… I always wanted to play a Monopoly Game on my Wii U with my family… now I can’t do it :-(, It’s not the same if We play it in real life…. :-(

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  14. Didn’t Ubisoft said that they were eorking on something more family friendly for the WiiU?? If this isn’t that game then I don’t know what is family friendly.

    Also, I love how MNN makes better articles with prices, release dates, etc. for games that are’nt coming to the WiiU.

    1. They’ve lied to all of us since Wii U launch, hell even before that.

      It’s time to cut ties and let these monopolistic inspired motherfuckers ruin themselves and guess what? It’s not just Nintendo they’re screwing over, it’s PC gamers too.

    2. thats why we never start open these labels that gives the goverment too take away our freedom too chose our coperations turning us in too a comunist didtator country






  16. You guys are crying about Monopoly I have no friends edition coming to the Wii U? Come on. Only losers with no friends buy these games. Get the tabletop version and stfu.

    1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

      Take your Xbot hostility and your face along with it to the depths of a volcano so I can get rid off your stupidity…

      1. hi there this is master chief have wii u xbox 360 xbox one i dont like hostile i want a true hybride games on all plat formes like a halo mario game halo xbox and mario a nintedo game perfect peace haramy gaming no one wants too try a hybride game from multi plat forms and make more money i will talk with bungi makes halo and nintendo makes mario try talk about a hybride game deal

        1. and yes my halo mario game will have the alwsoume 2 game pad suport wich all wii u owners have been complaining about

    2. It’s not that you fool. It’s the fact that Ubiaoft has lied once again about providing family-friendly only game after Watchdogs and now this “family-friendly” orientEd board game is skipping the system thus exposing them of their true colors: They’re now a bunch of opportunists and liars just like EA and Activision.

    3. hi there i got my a alwsoume table top monopoly for uk it is over $2,000 us dolleres hotels are 18 karet gold staneless steell houses real fancy wood with glass top too

    4. hi there i got a table top monopoly from uk online order cost $2,000 us dollers hotels are 18 kartrot gold stanless steal houses real fancy wood with glass top

  17. thenintendoreviewer

    Really Ubisoft? Now you’re even withholding Monopoly of all things? Way to stab Nintendo fans in the back.

    1. yes wii u still has games its lies by these compines think no games on wii you i have 3d mario wii u mario kart 8 on wii u and about 10 too 20 wii u games

  18. the only reason its not coming out for the Wii U is because they know it doesn’t has millions and millions and millions and millions of morons that would but it and play it twice.

  19. Ubisoft has sunk to a new low…smh. After all that bullshit they said about the Wii U being a great console and how they were gonna continuously support it, they turn around and pull this shit. The Division will be last fucking game I purchased from those cocksuckers until they start doing right by Nintendo. This is just ridiculous

      1. It’s gonna be exactly like what Watchdogs was: Whatever you first saw in the game is gonna be shit in the final version, thus being another huge lie from Ubisoft. Don’t buy that fucking game either.

  20. Ubisoft is making poor business decisions based off of envy. Monopoly would more than likely sale pretty decent on the eshop, but Ubisoft must not care about money. It would be a win win, but envy/jealousy has blinded them.

  21. What makes me sick is that Ubisoft isn’t feeling the hatred that people has for them. They’re still releasing all of their games on PS4 and Xbone etc. and they’re still making profit. Grrrrr!

    I’m just SO glad that I never cared much for any of Ubisoft’s games. But I’m saddened by the fact that I had just became a fan of the Assassin’s Creed series before Ubisoft decided to turn Nintendo into a toilet and take a big dump on all of us Wii U owners.

    1. Buying Watch Dogs for my Wii U? And the money would be used to make an upcoming PS4 tittle. Why would I invest in a PS4 or Xbox tittle with nothing coming for the system I already own? Also ignoring Just Dance sells well on Wii U.

    2. No. It’s because they’re tired of Ubisoft’s bullshit. Just look at how they’re treating PC gamers too with shitty ports like Watchdogs, 2-3 Assassin’s Creed in a row and many more to come after they made so many BS empty promises of providing “better” support. You think Nintendo had it worse? PC is next.

    1. hi there i have real alwspume monoply boar game from uk real gold hotels stanless steal houses and made out of expencive would cost a whopping $2,000 us dollers

  22. If it’s not coming why do y’all talk about it it don’t make sense. I like this site but y’all do a lot off stupid stuff when it comes to information. Why talk about a game that is not coming to a Nintendo system at all what’s the point. It’s just dumb that all I have to say

  23. Ubi has only released 3 games this console gen I care about (Rayman Legends, ZombiU, & Child of Light [I was interested in Watch_Dogs, but meh. Even were it simultaneously released I’d prolly feel lukewarm.]). I do feel lucky those 3 made it to Wii U, though.

    Still wishing in vain for Prince of Persia U, Red Steel 3, & Buck Bumble U; maybe B&G 2 if it stays true to its roots. Hel, I wish they’d publish titles akin to Tenchu & No More Heroes for Wii U. Yet Ubi is a shell of its former self. Not only have they abandoned Wii U for x86 & their Uplay & DLC schemes, they–like most 3rd parties–stopped making games like they did before, stopped caring about gameplay & art. Instead they started caring more about cold products & excessive profits. I never was too interested in FPSes, Sandboxes, excessive cutscenes, & photorealism; or bugs & mediocre gameplay. From Super NES to Wii, I have more 3rd party games on each. But now? Now I finally understand buying only 1st & 2nd party games. But thank the gaming gods for indies.

    1. The third parties in general have gone off the deep selfish end and it’s not just Nintendo and PC. PS and dumbass Xbox are being scammed right under their fucking noses. Destiny, any EA annual games and COD are the prime examples.

  24. I always wondered why the different edition Monopoly games are never made into video games? It’s always just the boring original.

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  27. Now you people believe me that Ubisoft fucking pointlessly hates Nintendo and fans now? It’s bad enough they’re gonna suddenly stop supporting Nintendo as originally promised by skipping M rated games because “it’s not too powerful and the install base is low” but now Monopoly..FUCKING MONOPOLY is skipping Wii U too? How fucking hard is it to design and port a fucking board game…

    I was already right. Ubisoft is officially full of bullshit.


    What? What is this? Why is Sickr going into great detail about a game that isn’t even coming to Nintendo consoles? Oh wait. He’s done this countless times. It’s official, guys! Sickr has become a promoter for games not coming to the Wii U! xD That or he goes into great detail just to further agitate us & make us even more angry at Ubisoft so we won’t buy their shit period. If it’s the latter, he’s more of a anti-promoter for these games. (There we go! I gave Sickr the benefit of a doubt! My good deed for the night is done! lol)

  29. I have PS4 and Wii U. But I really want it so bad on my Wii U. I guess I’ll be skipping this one too. F.Off Ubisoft.

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