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Pokemon Gold And Silver Gets An Honest Game Trailer

Honest Game Trailers – the highly entertaining series from Smosh Games on YouTube – has taken on the sequel to the original Pokemon series, Gold and Silver. The series has been producing a number of amusing trailers for Nintendo titles over the past few months, with one for Pokemon Red and Blue earlier this year and Super Smash Bros. for Wii U just last week. We won’t spoil the details for you but the naming of all the new Gold and Silver Pokemon is certainly a treat to hear, particularly “Ledy Baba”. Make sure you check it out in the video embedded above.

14 thoughts on “Pokemon Gold And Silver Gets An Honest Game Trailer”

    1. Honest trailers are kind of hit and miss. The first pokemon one was actually somewhat funny.

      And to answer your question: because it may brighten up somebody’s day? Because there isn’t any other Nintendo news at the moments? Because Honest Trailers is a popular youtube channel? Because they wanted to post about it? Any combination of the above, perhaps?

  1. Gold and Silver were my favorite Pokémon games along with Crystal until Heart Gold and Soul Silver came out. HG/SS was amazing having a battle frontier and the most amazing post game of all Pokémon games imo.

  2. It’s not news but it’s better than “Hey! Here’s another game you can’t play on the Wii U. We’ll hype it so much so suckers will buy it for the graphics…”

  3. Soulsilver was my second favorite adventure after Blue Version. The pokemon were imaginative and well designed. I feel a major loss and let down over the pokemon not following your character after soulsilver and heartgold. It was my main reason for never buying the new games. I’ve hardly startes my Alpha Sapphire game, but what I have seen is flipping Sweet.

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