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Phoenix Wright: Dual Destinies Is On Sale On Nintendo 3DS eShop For $14.99

Wanted to check out Phoenix Wright: Dual Destinies but weren’t prepared to pay the digital retail price? Well, you’ll be pleased to know that Capcom have lowered the price of the game in the United States and you can now download it for the reasonable price of $15.

Thanks, Kill Bill

15 thoughts on “Phoenix Wright: Dual Destinies Is On Sale On Nintendo 3DS eShop For $14.99”

    1. I’ve heard of Nintendo’s age restrictions before so I was careful to bump my age up by one year when I was 17 last year. I know whatcha mean alright :\ Anyway I’ve played Phoenix Wright Dual Destinies and I haven’t seen anything that really justifies the ESRB rating it got. Not even the blood in the illustrations shouldn’t be under fire for it.

      1. The true reasons behind the M rating on Dual Destinies are case 3 and 5, where it discusses children murdering and possibly dissecting. The ESRB is very sensitive when it comes to this. I still wonder how the first game made it with a T, while having the same reasons.

  1. if its permanent then i have all the time in the world to buy it and for those who want it but are under 17, should have lied and said you were 17+, i dont because im 26 so i dont get that restriction. also my mom was lenient when it comes to mature games when i was younger (about 10 yrs old), she pretty much dint give a fuck mostly because she really didnt understand ratings.

    1. It’s only until Dec 2. I see your point on the age thing, my mom doesn’t care either but a lot of deals are sometimes eshop only.

  2. Never really gave ace attorney a chance I’m not too fond of these text heavy games. I just don’t feel they warrant a full retail price. I might pick it up at this price if it’s worth it

  3. If you can get this, I highly recommend it. This installment has one of the most messed-up cases in the series and has the second best ending (beaten only by Trials and Tribulations’) imo.

  4. Massive sale in the US, but NZ still has to deal with the massive regional price gouge for this game. Good to know capcom has its priorities straight.
    I’m sure your average NZ citizen can afford to spend 50 USD on this game given that our average income is significantly lower than the USA

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