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GameStop Is Now Cashing In On The Cubic Ninja 3DS Exploit By Dramatically Raising Price

Good ole GameStop is currently cashing in on the Cubic Ninja home-brew craze for the Nintendo 3DS. The 2011 game allows people to crack into the Nintendo 3DS and run both homebrew applications and emulators. GameStop were previously selling the game used for $5 but is now selling it for $39.99 used. This isn’t the first time they’ve raised prices on games that prove to be popular or in short supply. They passed of Xenoblade Chronicles as used and sold it for $89.99. Here’s what the retail chain previously told Polygon.

“As always, our pricing for these games is competitive and is based on current market value driven by supply and demand,” GameStop’s statement explained. “PowerUp Pro members always receive a 10 percent discount and earn PUR points on pre-owned purchases.”

44 thoughts on “GameStop Is Now Cashing In On The Cubic Ninja 3DS Exploit By Dramatically Raising Price”

    1. GameStop is slowly but surely DYING i cant wait til their heart stops and they shut down store after store until theyre forgotten like that circuit country whatever place

      And that 3ds exploit doesnt let u emulate 3ds games so why do it, when i can play smash free then let me kno

    2. Damn. That game was already rare in my country so now it’s hell of a job to find a copy. I’d like to have NitroTracker and programs like that in my extra 3DS.

  1. Gamestop is unethical sometimes. The Xenoblade Game are new games that they opened right at the store just to sell it used at a really high price.

    1. A copy I brought about 4 months ago was priced $50 at used, but it came with an unused Club Nintendo code and there wasn’t any saved data on it eitherr so I wouldn’t be surprised if that was the case for mine.

    1. it is still a very sought game but Nintendo in their wisdom did not release a lot of copy. So the game become rare and gain collector status. it’s the same for the last story and pandora’s tower. Note they are all RPGs. Nintendo Europe if you read that comment release lot of RPG for wii U

        1. well it must be true in US but not the case for the rest of the world. What I mentioned is still valid even if what you stated is true. Also I do believe the person was asking about xenoblade chronicle Not X. Hence my reply.

  2. lord ghost : king of the federation

    i have homebrew on my wii but didn’t have a good hard drive and didn’t know how to use cheats on wii games.
    lol of course everyone will avoid going to game stop to get game..

    1. Same, I just couldn’t get cheats to work for Mario Kart Wii, not to troll online, but to have fun destroying the CPUs offline. I just decided screw it and downloaded Riivolution and after that, CTGP Revolution to play Mario Kart Wii Custom Tracks, o.h well…

  3. And then those that bought it for a high price will then regret it as Nintendo will release a 3DS System Update to make sure it doesn’t work. Then those people will feel foolish for spending an unreasonably high price for this, rather than buying a proper game that they know they would like…dumbasses……

    1. If anything, the only thing Nintendo can do is to block Cubic Ninja itself or force the developers behind it to fix the exploit.

      The exploit relies on how the game reads custom levels, not how the 3DS operating system works.

      This is why Nintendo took it off the Japanese eShop in the first place.

  4. Lol. Everybody raging because GameStop is doing EXACTLY what anyone else who owned the game would do: a lot people suddenly want it really badly, so the price shoots up. Happens on Amazon, eBay, and every other place you can buy games used.

    So to summarize: people are gonna complain about GameStop no matter what.

    1. So true a word said, high demand just increases prices. It’s been the same for years and now the Smash Brothers, Hyrule Warriors, Bayonetta 2 ” bundles and special editions have been felching silly money on Auction sites! I’m sure it will be the same with the limited edition Amiibo’s too!

  5. Geez, you people are shallow. It’s a business. There is demand for the game, so they moved the price up a little. Nobody is forcing you to shop there.

    Your trying to sell an action figure for 5 dollars online. You just found out the action figure is worth 50 dollars. Would you still sell it for five? Of course you wouldn’t. You would up the price, as anybody, or any business would do.

    1. I happen to agree, I see nothing wrong here. Other then a bunch of whinos over normal business practices. Idk, I still see a copy of Xenoblade for Wii at a Game Stop I go to, but then again, iv been with gamestop since their magazines were held with staples.

  6. “Hey! everyone! Watch Dogs Wii U has homebrew exploit!!! Let’s raise the price to $500 cus they won’t care!!!”

  7. It’s funny to read the comments about how “GameStop is dying” or “Just greedy corporate America”. Well, if it were your company you’d be doing the same thing. And have you taken a look at stock numbers and their annual income? Probably not. Despite your OPINION GameStop will be around a long time.

    While this move is clearly to cash in on the fact that this game is used to exploit the 3DS, they aren’t the only ones that have probably raised the price on this game. Funny thing is Nintendo will patch this up within a month or two and a new game will be needed, so you’re just wasting your money. Soon enough, just like with the Wii, there will be a hack that doesn’t involve a game. You used to need Twilight Princess, then it moved on to something else when Nintendo released a patch, then it didn’t need a disc at all.

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