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EB Games Canada Claims Nintendo Won’t Be Making More GameCube Adapters At The Moment

We’ve already learned that the GameCube adapter for Super Smash Bros Wii U is in short supply in the United States and Canada, now EB Games Canada says that Nintendo Canada have stopped producing them for some unknown reason. You may have noticed that the GameCube adapters were back in stock on earlier today, but now they’re out of stock or available at a pretty price from a seller.

62 thoughts on “EB Games Canada Claims Nintendo Won’t Be Making More GameCube Adapters At The Moment”

    1. Sir Isaac Newton of Judah too.

      My fellow family member from Judah, I wonder what the xthots and sony drones on my nintendo nes will say now. We told them things just got better. We haven’t even hit peek holiday season yet.


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          1. No, THOT means ThatHoeOverThere, it doesn’t mean Hoe, if they wanted to say Hoe they would’ve just used Hoe. I’m from Chicago, this is were it originated from but now every moron and their mother are using, and incorrectly to add to it.

            1. Yeah i already knew that. I was saying that in general, your basically just calling a person a hoe. I live in Georgia, and these are ways people here are using it.
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              I personally don’t use the word myself but those are the ways that I’ve heard it being said.

              1. that is exactly why im calling you all morons. what you are essentially saying is:

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        2. Sir Isaac Newton of Judah too.

          XTHOT is a pronoun. In linguistics and grammar, a pronoun is a word that substitutes for a noun or noun phrase. It is a particular case of a pro-form.

          That XTHOT needs to realize the new killer instinct is a cash grab from the pimps at xbox.


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  1. Uh oh! That means people are gonna have to do the unthinkable: actually learn how to use a new controller for a game on a new console! Oh no, what ever will they do!? D:

    1. Everyone that wanted one from the get go preordered one. Those who waited were to stupid to realize it would be out of stock fast.

      1. Bullshit. I didn’t have enough money to order one myself since I’ve already ordered the game. All I had were amazon giftcards and by the time I was about able to preorder the adapter, it was already sold out on Amazon. I literally had no choice :/

      2. Pre-ordered mine at game and Nintendo canceled the order while some ppl I know managed to get to a store and buy one, faggots

      3. Or they’re me. My parents don’t let me buy anything for a month before my bday, which was yesterday. I told them to preorder and told them it was one of my priorities on my birthday list, but they waited until a week after it came out, so I’m stuck without any way to use my GameCube controller and there’s nothing I could do about it :I

    2. Except that the GameCube controller is the best and most comfortable for a lot of people, and using a Wii remote would decrease their gameplay considerably, so you are an idiot for making fun of people for wanting to play the game to its fullest

  2. I was able to catch one day one. It was the 2nd GameStop I went to- and the 4th store overall but I got it. The manager didn’t think she had any available for people who didn’t pre-order but then noticed she had some listed “In-Transit” but it turned out it was a box she had just received a couple minutes ago with one to spare and a couple GCN controllers. The first GS I went to were also just getting in a shipment and said to check back in a couple of hours but they had a lot of people waiting in the store for one who had already been waiting for over an hour.

      1. Well, it’s missing my favorite solo mode in SSB (Adventure Mode) but aside from that I think it’s pretty awesome… Although I feel this strange… hollowness. Like as deep as it is and all there is to do, I feel like there’s more awesome coming that they’re trying to hide. Idk, but I felt the same with MK8 way before DLC was announced. It was just little things like the billboards saying “Women of Racing” with Peach and Daisy but it had characters that aren’t in and the game on it too and that threw me off.

        As far as a direct comparison I feel like shielding was more responsive on 3DS and not needing to overly mash the stick was cool, but that’s probably just because i’m using the GCN controller after playing on 3DS for hours and hours. This might be the best Smash yet though, i’m okay with the speed here and it’s so fucking pretty in HD lol. Down for some matches anytime btw.

        1. Yea I miss adventure, as well as break the targets and board the platforms. Race to the finish even lol. Target blast is a terrible replacement as is trophy rush. One is just angry birds in smash form, and the other is just an annoying grind session that doesn’t require much skill besides certain challenges like get 8 Fever Rushes with Dr.Mario. And that is also based a lot on luck of getting a lot of the gold blocks that fill your bar up. I think there will be DLC but I’m not even thinking about it cause it would be a huge disappointment to wait for it and not have it lol. I can’t say if the shield is less responsive, haven’t played them close enough to give an opinion. Have you tried using your 3DS as a controller on the U version? Then you would know if it’s the game or the controller causing your delay. And yea I’m down for matches, not sure if you have sent me messages, I am banned for another few days on miiverse lol. Not sure if you get messages while you are banned. I’ve been playing local games with friends and of course doing what I do and juggernauting through the challenges and such. Finished all the solo events on hard even the rewards, I don’t think you get anything for beating the two-player mode but I’m gonna do it anyway. Really wish it was online cause it really requires two GOOD players to beat the challenges. I’m lucky my roomate is on my level so if he’s free and I’m free we can get through them, but if you don’t have friends who are good, you ain’t beating these events lol. The other challenges from the wall are certainly harder, as is classic mode. The 8 player matches are essentially 7 on 1 lol. Should have seen that coming with the announcement of 8 players! There’s a few challenges like beating classic on 9.0 without losing a life, and beating classic on 9.0 with marth under 12 minutes that are gonna suck man lol. I’ve got like 35 left out of 140 challenges and almost everyone I have left requires beating classic or all star in crazy ways lol. You still planning on doing a tournament eventually?

          1. Yeah I kinda like Target Blast and Trophy Rush in a play them once in a blue moon mainly just for a challenge and then never think about them again kind of way but really I just miss the old modes. Brawl had cool things like Adventure: SSE, Boss Rush, Break the Targets, etc. but everyone whined about how much they hated Brawl and now we don’t have any of those modes. If only we could combine Melee, Brawl and 4 we’d have the best one yet lol.

            And yeah I still have a couple challenges on 3DS I never did, missing headgear and StreetPass tags cause no one IRL around me ever has their StreetPass on for that game. I think i’ve tagged two people since launch of that, and on Wii U I probably have like 40 challenges did lol. Whenever I get to play it I mostly play online. Was enjoying Event Mode but I got to No Mere Sparring Match and they K.O. me whenever I get down to the last 2 stock or so no matter what and it’s getting boring. CPU in this game obviously input reads like fuck so it gets old waiting for them to let you win everything. Trying to “fake out” a program that could easily perfect shield and counter everything you do in all these modes gets old. Also don’t really like Classic on Wii U for that reason lol. Anything over 4 players gets dumb ass cheap cause it’s just you vs everyone and unless you’re playing as a good character you have to first avoid being juggled and play defensive for too long. Haven’t even seen Master Fortress lmao. Did enjoy Crazy Orders quite a bit, but i’ve mostly just been doing 1 v 1’s online. I need more time to play.

            Let me know when you’re unbanned lol, I messaged you once, and it didn’t show up so I didn’t type the rest, I just assumed my internet was being dumb haha. How’d you get banned? And yes, it’s still happening, we just want the production value to be nice. Should start advertising and things in the next couple of weeks or so and may record some early episodes after that.

            1. Yea the old modes were nice, trophy rush and target blast just don’t do it for me. Boss Rush on Intense was nuts lol. I think the thing people complained about in brawl was the slowness, the floatiness, and the tripping, not the modes. Well it depends, there seem to be lots of people who love subspace and lots of people who hate it. Honestly for me, I beat all the single player stuff till I’ve 100% the game, and never touch it again, and there’s no mode they could introduce that would change it for me lol. Doesn’t mean I am opposed to having them though. I just hate how ridiculous some of the challenges are. Like you said, the CPU reads your moves instantly far worse than ever. No human will ever be able to do that, it’s literally impossible to read an attack and respond with the best possible counter attack at the exact same time the first attack was iniated. So it’s not really a test of skill as much as luck. And dealing with the CPU pretending to be in a free for all gets so old. I don’t blame you for not caring about the challenges lol. The Mere Sparring Match was actually easy just jump outside the ring but be near it, and Up Tilt them as they drop. One of the hardest events was Aura Mastery where you are lucario and have 200% and fight sheik and wii fit trainer but they are invisible. I beat it by spamming side B cause it has long range. It’s hard as hell to see them and one hit can kill you. Master Fortress isn’t really too hard if you have enough life after master core, and it’s pretty short, I thought it would be longer. Thankful it’s not though lol. I’ve beaten all 4 Smashes (64 through 3DS)100% with NO Hammers used or anything, and I have to do the same with this one lol. I can’t wait to be done with it though lol just thinking about it sucks. As for my ban, it was rather stupid and immature on my part haha. There’s this guy Mario-128 who literally every single day is the FIRST commentor on the Pic of the Day for smash on miiverse. In order to even be first you have to literally be sitting there refreshing the page for a good hour or two cause Sakurai posts at different times, and this guy is probably on mutliple devices refreshing them all. I usually check the pics when I wake up or before bed if I’m up, and he’s literally been first for at least the last four or five months, so I called him out on having no life (the irony in that lol) and being obsessed with being the first commentor to the point where it’s like his opinion is a part of the pic of the day. Ha yea a stupid thing to waste my time on or even notice but oh well. Other people have called him out on it too lol so I guess I’m not the only one who felt the need say get a life. Again, ironic how I made fun of someone for having no life when I must have none to take the time to call him out lol. Oh well lol.

  3. Someone tell me. What so damn good about using a GameCube controller in smash ?Whynot use a Wii u gamepad and a Wii pro controller?

      1. Yes, my bro hates using the Wii remote when playing smash. Felt sorry for him, and bought the pro controller for him. The battery span those fuckers have is godly. I Switched from the gamepad to the pro controller because of that.

    1. Trust me it makes a big difference. Everything on the cube is in perfect place for smash. The right joystick being above the buttons causes a waste of a second or two to reach for it as opposed to it being below for one thing, the shoulder buttons are far better, the buttons are sized and shaped perfectly for smash, and it just feels much better in hand. I definitely feel anyone who uses a cube is playing better than they would be using any other current option. And the gamepad is one of the worst by far by the way. It’s way too big for smash and everything is too far apart, the shoulder buttons are terrible for instance for smash. I’ve used everything available from nun chuck to wii remote to classic and classic pro to pro controller to 3DS to 64, and a few rounds with the gamepad and I can easily say the cube is hands down THE smash controller. Some may not notice the difference if they don’t play too much or know much about the game, but to long time pros it’s the standard. I’ll play without one if I have to but I don’t enjoy it as much. And there’s tons of people who would agree with everything I said. However, if you enjoy any other type of controller, that’s totally cool, definitely not saying you HAVE to use it, I just highly recommend it if you wanna get the most out of it.

      1. Hmm.. Maybe I need try a GameCube controller with smash. I’ve held and played with it before. But not as much. Never hand the chance to use in melee Or brawl either. So that’s why i asked.

        1. True, I hope I wasn’t offensive with my post, wasn’t trying to be, but yea I definitely feel it’s worth it to try it out, but everyone has their own taste. If you have any friends with one try theirs first before spending on one though.

          1. Nah you weren’t offensive at all. Im the one trying not to come off at you offensively. Lol. And yeah my cousin has a sliver GameCube controller I’ll barrow that and check for a adaptor at GameStop. I’m pretty they have one because no one goes fucking in there expect kids, and they’re just there to play the in store demos Lol

            1. True that lol and that’s great you get to try it, hope you can find an adapter, I keep reading they are in short supply. My gamestop has teens to early twenties usually, every now and then I’ll see a kid with it’s parents. Although I’m not really there all that much to give an assessment of their customer base lol. Only to pre-order certain games and pick them up, I don’t sit and chill like people do.

  4. I found a Gamespot that had one on hold but that would get let it go 48 hours after they received it. I was the first of 3 people waiting outside of Gamestop at open. And the phone started ringing off the hook the instant he opened the door! Got it ;-)

  5. This likely is absolutely true. Nintendo is working at a profit in spite the low number if sales of the Wii U and the tracking lower numbers of the 3DS to the DS because of smart business. They can’t afford waste. If they overproduce something and it doesn’t sell then they eat the costs. They are likely only going to make conservative runs of such a niche item.

  6. So now I have a useless Gamecube controller because Nintendo didn’t bother to send any adaptors to stores near me… thanks Nintendo.

  7. there will be more adapters, key words at the moment. plus stores have told me they’ll have more in this december, its not a big deal, if i have to wait for them, however the controllers are a different story get those while you can.

  8. I pre-ordered mine here in Costa Rica, they gave me a Smash Bros hat for pre-ordering it, and today I went back to the store and they still had new ones in the store, not many people buy consoles here, so they have tons of them here, I should buy them and then sell them on eBay at a super high price! XD

    But, nah! I’m too lazy to start doing that, even if in a few years it can cost a lot, and I don’t even know how to sell stuff online! XD

  9. Why bother with Gamecube controllers anyway? The Pro Controller is just as good, if not better. The only reason I can see why people would be wanting this Gamecube adaptor is so they can use their old Gamecube controllers and save money. But I would rather stock up on Pro Controllers. Even though they’re outrageous in price.

    That’s my one complaint against Nintendo. They charge WAY too much for their controllers. For example, the Wii remote should come with the nunchuck attachment for that steep $40 price. Instead, Nintendo forces people to pay an additional $20 for the nunchuck. What a ripoff!

  10. Fuck Nintendo, we in Australia didn’t even get a chance to get them, they were all taken out of stores even though they were on the websites a week before release. No GC adapter for me. Why the fuck would you guys sell us smash controllers, and no way to plug them in?

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