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Mario Kart 8 Badge Set Now Available In Club Nintendo Europe

Nintendo of Europe has updated the Club Nintendo stars catalogue with a new Mario Kart 8 product today. The company teased yesterday that a number of new products would begin to appear within the catalogue, and kicking it off is a Mario Kart 8 badge set.

If you’ve got some hard-earned stars saved up, you can purchase the stylish three-piece badge set featuring the boomerang flower, super horn and piranha plant for 4,000 stars. Plus it comes in a smart black box – approximately 13.7cm x 7cm x 3.4cm – with the Mario Kart 8 logo and items displayed on the front. For a closer look or to purchase the badge set, head over to the official Club Nintendo Europe page, here.

Club Nintendo Australia and New Zealand has also added the Mario Kart 8 badge set. If you’re a member, you can visit the official Australian site here and grab a badge set for 2,500 stars. Let us know if you’ll be spending your stars on the set in the comments below.

49 thoughts on “Mario Kart 8 Badge Set Now Available In Club Nintendo Europe”

        1. I’m in Australia. I get games cheaper in Singapore and I’m sure the same is with the others too. And that has literally nothing to do with you getting it cheaper than we do, others may have it more expensive, I never stated we pay the most, just more than you do.

    1. Not replying as an American who is butthurt, but lately Nintendo of Europe has had some pretty great stuff when it comes to region exclusives. Plus tons of big games have been coming out at the same time as American games, with a few coming out earlier. (I’m looking at you Hyrule Warriors…) I’m not saying Europe is getting better stuff, all I’m saying is that being a gamer in Europe is starting to be awesome. Its good that gaming companies are finally acknowledging the fans around the world, instead of focusing purely on America and Japan.

        1. Comparing prices online, it doesn’t look like you guys pay so much more. Can you please explain what you mean? Maybe I’m off a little, but at most it looks like you maybe pay $10 to $15 in difference at most. As far as I knew, the extra charge was to cover translation costs and shipping/distrobution fees.

        1. What continues? Your bigoted view of Americans? Yes, that certainly continues. For a college kid, you sure are pretty ignorant. And so what if a couple of Americans come on this page and complain about not getting the same rewards. They have free speech first off. Second off, even if they come off as whining, that doesn’t mean all Americans are whining. You shouldn’t generalize people. Judge individuals as simply that: individuals. I’ve seen posts of yours before where you talk negatively about America. America is a country full of individuals; don’t lump us all together. It’s ignorant.

          1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

            Maybe you should look up the word “COMRADES” as I refer to Nintendo fans on this site only…

            You apes are just so stupid…

            And don’t flatter yourself with me being against Americans only, I’m against you humans overall equally, because you all disgust me…

            1. As much as you live in your fantasy land, you’re still a human being, not a robot. All you ever do is call people xbots or apes for disagreeing with you. I merely called you out for talking trash about the people of a nation and somehow that makes me stupid. You’re in college. Act like it. You love Nintendo, we all know. I do too. But there’s no need to constantly bash people of any country, or people who play Xbox or Playstation. We’re all gamers.

          2. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

            I think you should avoid ever commenting to me again if you do not understand the grand design…

            Patriotic, religious and other human invented cultural garbage says nothing to me…

                1. It’s all good. Humans are pretty meh. We are capable of wine pretty amazing things though if we with together. Sadly, most people aren’t interested in helping others… Just themselves…

          3. well you should say to the guy who post comments in the UK chart cause I can bet my salary they are mostly from US (i.e deepsouth) and they have a lot of prejudice against the British. Personally it’s well deserve I know I should be a bigger person but I am bit feed up to read anti-british comment every bloody week or anti-french comment when it comes to Ubisoft or racist comment again black people when the other idiot (don’t wanna say his name) dare to write something.

            1. I haven’t noticed it this other person posting about the British, as I don’t click on every article on this page. But if they are doing that, then they should cut the crap. No reason to bash any country. I’m American and proud, but that doesn’t mean I have to bad mouth other countries. No need for that. Especially on a video game website. Oh, and I love the Brits personally.

  1. You lucky ducks! :P My club points are wasting away because nothing really has caught my attention. Oh well, maybe we will get something else in ‘Merica soon.

    1. It’s not like they asked for it. If anything, this is proof that NoE is doing an awesome job catering to Nintendo fans in Europe/PAL regions. NoA should take the initiative and step up their game.

      1. Wrong. Most of the stuff we have in Europe are damn expensive and not really that awesome. I mean, I would love to have GAMES like the SNES virtual games NA has. It will take some time for me to get this one, but maybe with Smash Bros Wii U, Bayonetta and something else… but then again, this Game n Watch looks so damn cool. However… 7000 star!! That is fucking expensive!

        1. I absolutely agree. Most of the rewards aren’t even worth it, but if they are, they are expensive as hell. I mean, you only get 250 stars per game, which by the way expire if not used within 12 months after redeeming them. So, if you don’t have any stars, you’d have to buy 16 games before you can even get yourself a reward like the one in this article; 28 games for the cool 7000 stars rewards. Nintendo doesn’t even put out so many games a year, so I’m honestly not entirely sure how people are supposed to get those rewards. I mean, even if you bought a WiiU and a 3DS in the same year, you’d still need 21 games within a year for the 7k rewards, so… How ? Unless you buy codes from other people on ebay or whatever, it really seems very hard to get 7000 points together.

  2. Ah, more showing off how much NoA sucks by comparison to everything else. Club Nintendo (America) rarely updates here, even less with anything worth spending coins on. We never get pre-order prizes for ANYthing. The only things we’ve gotten so far are the SSB Posters and SSBU a week early. Yay.

    1. What about Mighty Gunvolt and Azure Striker Gunvolt? And Smash Bros Wii U? And a lot of other stuff WE PEOPLE here in Europe have to wait for? Seriously, you guys have it better than you think. I would kill for Azure Striker Gunvolt.

      1. Never heard of either of those games (the Gunvolt ones) before. And we get Smash a whole one week early for the sole purpose of getting it here for Black Friday. Yay. That totally makes up for the Hyrule Warriors Pre-Order stuff that absolutely EVERYONE in the world got but us. And the Majora’s Mask 3D Set. And last year’s ALBW pre-order bonus.

        1. Well, what about all the DAMN 3DS versions, that you guys got and we not… huh? And so many OTHER STUFF you got and we never even knew it existed… like maple syrup? Huh? Think we get AAAALL the cool stuff, but haven even better stuff and yet whining about it. Pah!

  3. Got it! :p I wanted to get the yoshi plush and I could have gotten it with the release of smash Bros but this is much more unique. I can buy a yoshi plush in stores, I can’t buy this. Let’s hope it’ll arrive soon!!

  4. Looks like once again I have to go to ebay for my Nintendo fix. Once again, very disappointed by Nintendo. We got a MarioKart 7 pin in North America just for pre-ordering the game. And now they are dangling this lovely pin set in front of us. Not cool.

  5. I sometimes wonder why Nintendo Of America ever created Club Nintendo? Since they don’t care about stocking it with anymore physical rewards. I have around 2,000 coins right now, and there’s nothing to spend them on. : (

  6. I would have to agree my coins are wasteing away as well. Over 3k. On the other hand europe does get much better “collectable” things then we do. PRIME EXAMPLE mario kart 8 limited edition and hyrule warriors limited edition both where preorderable at any store. Here in the U.S we got it at world of nintendo new york only to which half where sold to scalpers looking to make BIG BUCKS on ebay. So if ya didnt live in new york guess what $300 minimum is what you paid. Hell id take getting games a week late or paying a little more to not have to pay 10 times the ammount for a cool limited edition

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