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Euro eShop: Four Sonic And Two Christmas 3DS Home Menu Themes Arrive This Friday

Nintendo of Europe has offered up six more 3DS home menu themes which are set to arrive on the eShop later this week. From Friday, December 5, 3DS users can grab all four Sonic themes –previously issued in North America last weekend – which features the blue blur himself, Shadow, Amy and Chao. Unlike our friends across the pond though, there’s no mention of a special bundle option to grab all four Sonic themes, rather you can purchase them separately for €1.99 / £1.79 each.

Given it’s the beginning of the Christmas season, 3DS owners will be able to bag a merry treat from the eShop this week with two Christmas home menu themes. The Merry Mario Holiday and Animal Crossing: New Leaf Jingle’s Toy Day themes will be available to purchase for the standard  €1.99 / £1.79 each, so you can jingle all the way when choosing a game to play. You can check out each of the six new themes in the gallery below.

8 thoughts on “Euro eShop: Four Sonic And Two Christmas 3DS Home Menu Themes Arrive This Friday”

  1. Meh, the designs on those Christmas themes could have been better.

    The Sonic themes were a wasted opportunity, I don’t know why they didn’t use the songs “It Doesn’t Matter” for Sonic, “Throw It All Away” for Shadow, the vocal version of “My Sweet Passion” for Amy, or the Chao Garden theme from Adventure 1.

    1. I agree with you mostly. I think the Instrumental bersoon of My Sweet Passion is better without the lyrics here
      I just hope we get Believe in Myself for a tails theme. (With vocals.)

      1. Yeah, I love “Believe in myself”, both versions. I doubt it’s that difficult for Sega to churn out a couple more themes, so I’d also like to see them make Knuckles, Rouge, and maybe even Jet; despite him being a lesser known character.

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