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The Wii U Sold 4,000 Units In Less Than 17 minutes On eBay During Black Friday

Looks as though the Wii U turned out to be a success on eBay during Black Friday. The retailer has reported that Nintendo’s latest home console sold 4,000 units in less than 14 minutes on Black Friday. The retailer says the reduced bundle for $259.99 and the iPad Air were its top sellers for the sale period. However, sales don’t appear to have been so great elsewhere as the console only roughly captured about six percent of the console market on Black Friday.

The Wii, priced at $259.99, sold out 4,000 units in less than 17 minutes, with customers snapping up four of the devices per second. The $399 iPads sold at a rate of one per second, with 2,000 disappearing in a just over 30 minutes.

Thanks, Pikachu and Kallum

54 thoughts on “The Wii U Sold 4,000 Units In Less Than 17 minutes On eBay During Black Friday”

    1. No one wanted to be seen buying it…

      ^ it’s a joke, guys, please don’t kill me

      Great for Nintendo, can’t wait for the Smash and Wii U numbers by the end of the year!

    2. Actually those estimates for retail are based on a similar technique as exit polls when voting, but at less stores… So what happens is they talk to sales people or customers leaving the store.

      I could make a similar estimate and say the Xbox One is not selling by the mount sized stack (500+) that was still there late on Saturday at my local Bestbuy. But its probably best to wait NPD puts out there numbers.

      Also, it might be best to wait until after Christmas on Xbox One, I think there might be a fire sale cause it looks like store order way too many units for what is actually going to sell. And I expect it will sell well, just not that well.

  1. If anything this shows people are finally smartening up and avoiding the big retail stores on Black Friday and getting the great deals while sitting at home. Good for them.

        1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

          I like reading all those reviews about that garbage…

          No one thinks it’s worth it at all except a few hypocrites and cattle that still believes in that Ubisian support nonsense…

          1. Of those few stupid asses with their “oh support their gimped games no matter what and we’ll PROBABLY see more “support” of gimped games later”

            Makes me so wanna bash their fucking wasted heads in through a wall…10 times.

  2. “The Wii, priced at $259”
    Come on… is it really that hard to just say one letter? Not really a big problem, it’s just so annoying when people forget the U… It’s just one letter. That can also lead to confusion for people that still don’t even know what the Wii U is. Nintendo really messed it up with this console’s name. *facepalm*

    1. Every single person I’ve told about my wii u. Didn’t have a clue it was new or different. This includes gamers. Nintendo truly did drop the ball on that one

      1. Yup. I let my friend play Smash Wii u. He didn’t even know about another console after the Wii. He plans on buying Wii u and smash. He liked the Gamepad displaying double screens and was tripped out on 8 player mode.

      1. I’m not a troll come on… I’m a happy Wii U Owner playing smash bros all day and night… I’m just laughing at the fact that japanese market is dead… If you’re not intelligent enough to understand any comment you’d better shut up before posting shit.

        1. To be fair, it’s hard to know the difference between a troll and a guy telling a joke on this news page…

  3. The reason it sold on ebay was because of the special deal. If Nintendo had special deals at retail it would have sold decently.

    1. Yeah there’s something called “writing” your own fucking shit. Whats the point of you even having blog???

  4. I have 343 songs on smash Wii U. Anyone unlocked all the music yet? Also Duck Hunt is still one of the best. Also anyone played me online with Olimar yet? My name is JTZ.

  5. People do realise that Thursday evening is considered to be the biggest shopping period now right? Even more than Black Friday..

  6. I was one of the people who bought the reduced price Wii U/Super Mario 3D World bundle on eBay. But I bought it long before black friday.

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