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UK Handheld Market Is Down By Almost A Third During Black Friday

MCV is reporting that sales of the Xbox One and the PlayStation 4 went through the roof on Black Friday in the United Kingdom. The publication neglects to mention Wii U which presumably means it didn’t fare anywhere near as well as the other two consoles. What’s interesting is the publication reports that the handheld market is down by almost a third compared to the same stage in 2013.

12 thoughts on “UK Handheld Market Is Down By Almost A Third During Black Friday”

    1. Ive just bought a 2ds with mario kart 7 and new super mario bros 2 for 99€… I dont have a 3ds so i can enjoy a lot of past games and some of the newer by less money… And when new get less pricy ill buy it. It not as stupid as you make it seem.
      Excuse my english my home country dont have english as it first language.

    2. Exactly. I had a few friends ask me if they should get their kids/spouses a 3DS this Christmas and, even as a Nintendo fanboy, I told them they’d be better holding off until next year when the new model comes out.

  1. I’ll actually be pleased if not many 3DSs sell during this time since the N3DS will be coming soon enough.

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