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Donkey Kong Actor Sues Nintendo After Suffering Heart Condition

An actor who donned a Donkey Kong costume to promote Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D is suing Nintendo. Parker Mills was hired to play the iconic gorilla at the Los Angeles Zoo on May 24th, 2013, after which he says he suffered a serious heart condition. Mills’ attorneys claim that he was denied breaks and not provided with an ice pack to cool him down while he was in the Donkey Kong suit. Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D was also released on May 24th, 2013, for Nintendo 3DS.

147 thoughts on “Donkey Kong Actor Sues Nintendo After Suffering Heart Condition”

    1. This site is funny “Man sues Nintendo after almost DYING in a DONKEY KONG suit. Speakin of DK, Donkey Kong Country returns is in stores now go buy it” lol DK KILLS PPL like ima play his damm games anymore

    2. Shouldn’t be suprising. It can get very hot inside costumes, so it’s possible to get problems wearing one. If the conditions is as they claim, then they have all rights to sue Nintendo.

      1. So suing Nintendo and not his workplace that told him not to take breaks from wearing a hot ass suit which is also violating basic human labor rights laws…

        I’m pretty damn sure Nintendo wasn’t the ones who told the guy to stay in the suit until he passes out and he had the common sense, he would’ve get out of the suit and see if his cruel ass management fires him for doing a safe thing of taking the needed breaks from wearing the suit so he can sue his job instead.

          1. And where did it say that? And besides, why not complain to HR for being denied of his needed break? If you ask me, this guy lacked any common sense to dispute this A LOT SOONER. Nope. He just let the BS happen and then waited more than a year to take action WHICH during that period, anything else could contribute to his heart problems and lastly, how would we know if any part of his story were true if he didn’t do or say shit at all? If any management gives me this type of issue, I go straight to HR and maybe the labor union to address this matter.

            1. You do know what HR does, right? Look I see your point and all, but HR is pretty much there to help you sue the employer.

    1. Dude I just sat here and lauged for like 3 minutes on your comment. That’s hilarious. Thanks for the laugh, but seriously he may have a heart problem.

  1. inb4 “He just salty because he had a shitty job !! Probably was an Xbot !!! First Philips, now him, it’s obviously a conspiracy against Nintendo !!!!!”
    Can’t wait for the comments.

        1. What? He asked for a hug, so why not give it to him? I’m like the human version of Lotso Hugging Bear for Pet’s sake.

  2. really? He was promoting Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D but pretty sure Nintendo didn’t ask him to and they for were not around him at the time of his so called “heart condition” what would he sue them for?

    1. Let me get this straight, you think the bloke in excitement for a new DK game decided not to wait in line at GameStop, but instead parade around in the LA sun whilst wearing a massive gorilla costume?

      1. Umm no they didn’t the Zoo hired the guy not Nintendo and they asked the Zoo not him you need to reread the article again :P

            1. “Parker Mills was hired to play the iconic gorilla at the Los Angeles Zoo”

              He was hired to play DK “AT” the LA zoo, not “BY” the LA zoo. Stop being retarded.

      1. He should know he has a condition and therefore, notified them before and after the fact and besides, this was taken place in the zoo, not a Nintendo owned/managed/endorsed property and labor. WTF is this asshole suing Nintendo (after a year since he wore the suit; which means anything else during that year can contribute to heart issues like poor diet) for something that his labor force (Not Nintendo directly) possibly did that violated his basic labor rights that’ll make the union go crazy over?

          1. Still doesn’t mention if the suit wearer is the Zoo or Nintendo employee and I already know they hosted the game’s promotion there as already mentioned in the post. You’re late on that one.

            1. Because every source article shows that he was hired by Nintendo at Nintendo’s event that Nintendo promoted and Nintendo advertised a position for on their website and hired the actor for.

              Further, “the company [Nintendo] ambassador who was hired to escort him and oversee and control his activities failed to provide the proper oversight.”

              Why are you so bent on defending them? Every company has individuals who make mistakes. You can still love Nintendo and its games.

              1. I guess you missed my last reply. I said if it’s the management that denied his needed breaks that are required by labor laws, that management should be fired and sued directly. I’m sure higher officers of Nintendo wouldn’t take that dumb risk to promote a ported Wii game. But the actor also took it upon himself to let it happen instead of fighting it because if he had done it a lot sooner, his case will succeed because they violated his basic labor rights.

      1. other contributions during the same 12-14 month time period. Poor diet, lack of exercise, even smoking which is what most theme park suit wearers do. I’m pretty damn sure this idiot is using Nintendo as an excuse to sue money because he was forced to wear the suit of THEIR mascot BY HIS OWN ZOO MANAGEMENT THAT HAD TOLD HIM TO DO SO AND HAD ZERO CONNECTION WITH NINTENDO DIRECTLY.

    1. Iwata doesn’t forgive a shit about the low paid workers. I’m lucky to have quit Nintendo and moved to Bandai Namco, ’cause the conditions there were really bad

  3. What I would have done is used the Wii vitality sensor to see if I was okay to work in those conditions. lol But instead of suing, he should just steal Pauline and make Reggie rescue her.

    1. Not really Nintendo’s fault but the staff who were helping him promote the game should have done something… just saying. Microsoft and Sony have done worse.

    2. I’ve seen a lot worse. And have you come to realization that maybe it’s was the Zoo management who basically violated his labor rights to take breaks by denying him if he had health problems. Why not sue the zoo instead because Nintendo had nothing to do with what the Zoo does to their employees unless they were somehow cruel to physically say “Don’t leave the suit or take breaks no matter what” which I seriously doubt they even think about doing that.

      What about that water drinking contest those stupid asses did from a radio station to promote the Nintendo Wii back then that cost a woman (a dumbass woman on top of that) her life? Should they also sue Nintendo for that? NO! Because they were never directly involved. It’s the stupid fucks in society who don’t think that just HAPPENED to have a little something related to Nintendo.

      1. He wasn’t a zoo employee. He was an actor hired by Nintendo under direct contract and management of Nintendo at the time.

        IF his claims are true, then yes, he has every right to sue Nintendo.

        1. And why take so fucking long to complain then? It’s like what’s going on with Bill Cosby’s rape allegations where woman waited more than 30 years to cry rape without a single police report. Why the fuck wait to take action when you know there’s troubling issues?

          If so, then this is wrong on the management’s part, not the company as a whole. But you must consider that he decided this lawsuit a bit too late because at any point between 12-15 months time, his heart condition could’ve been affected by something else. And why would he insist to stay in the hot ass suit without as much of a thought to take a break anyway? He should know it’s dangerous to be in the suit for too long and same goes for whoever denied him of break which every single employed personnel in the country has that basic right under law.

          I’m saying this guy’s case could be denied for a few reasons: 1. Didn’t use his common sense to file a complaint for his poor working conditions. 2. Waited far too long to take action. And 3. Anywhere between that date of promotion wearing the suit to now, anything else could contribute to his heart condition. If he’s a smoker and/or have poor diet/exercise, then that would be used against his case. On the other hand, if the management behind that promotion did deny his right to take breaks which is the safe thing to do when wearing a heavily isolated suit that absorbs too much heat in a matter of time, then that particular management has violated the most basic Labor Rights and therefore, should be fired, jailed, fined and/or sued and compensate for this man’s trouble, not the company as a whole. If I were in charge and learn about this that will pose trouble for the company I represent, I would’ve had those bastards thrown out immediately.

          1. Whatever the case, we can assume to know all of the factors surrounding it.

            Hopefully enough legitimate evidence comes up to support his claim or prove Nintendo innocent of any fault.

            1. In this matter, anything could happen and either side will win or lose. I think a settlement will likely be reached in this case. All I wanna know is if his story is true or not because based on the timing, this could be a ploy to sue easy money. But telling from his recent conditions, I’m not sure what to think. But all I want from this is the poor labor management to be addressed after this and those who possibly made him suffer will be fired from the company because no matter what, if he was truly denied of his needed breaks from wearing the suit, he/she must face penalties for violating his rights.

                1. Honestly, if he had contacted Nintendo HR a lot sooner like on the same day, this whole problem would’ve been avoided. HR would’ve contacted the management acknowledging he has a condition and that he has the right to take breaks when he needs it plus that by denying his breaks also violates his labor rights protected by U.S labor laws.

                    1. I know I had said the opposite from the start but now, either side could be guilty.

                      I have never heard any internal problems from Nintendo being present in public media besides business decisions like that dude who resigned from Nintendo saying the Wii U name is a terrible idea..which it is to a degree and then there’s this guy who claimed to have his labor rights violated without a single complaint filed for HR to look into and waited so long to file a lawsuit recently after his heart surgery not telling if he already had the same condition around the same time as the DKC 3D game promotion job at the Zoo.

                      I’m doubting both sides of being at fault or truthful right now. So what else can I say besides Nintendo agreeing to make a settlement for his condition?

  4. Yeah I’m sure the reason was some costume he wore once and not because it could have been hereditary or because of an unhealthy lifestyle.

  5. And yet noone complains about big apes being captured and tortured in Zoo’s every single day of their lives. What a weird world we are living in.

      1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

        Why do they need some silly lawyers?…

        They need to be set free and roam free to kil lthese lawyers…

      2. For some jock that spent more than a year’s time (that could had other contributions to his health issues like poor diet or smoking) to decide to pull off this BS on a company that never directly told him to stay in the suit without breaks nor had any connection with the Zoo, management and their decisions that violated his basic labor rights to take breaks when needed…

        I call BS on this lawsuit.

  6. Doesn’t look good since its nearly been over a year, while yes some thing may take time effect someone, but hearts react quick. Not saying he doesn’t but in a case stand point he does have things against him. However these days people sue, and sue, and sue, so it hard to tell if these people even have cases, or they just want money becuse such reason.

    1. After the event, “Mills’ attorneys said he suffered an aortic dissection, which is a tearing of aortic walls. He had to undergo surgery to implant a permanent heart defibrillator, they said.”

      He was probably just advised to sue Nintendo this late in the game due to the expenses incurred.

      Whatever the case, why should we automatically assume this guy is a liar?

      If there is enough proof for his case, then things will be decided accordingly.

  7. Heat doesn’t normally cause heart attacks unless the person already has an existing heart condition. In which case he should have never got in a monkey suit in hot weather to begin with.

    When you get too hot you suffer a heat stroke, not a heart attack. He did not suffer a heat stroke, therefore he really has no case. Nintendo may have refused him breaks, but he could have quit at any time. I used to work as a roofer in 100 degree temperature. We got one break at 9 am., and lunch at 12:00. If someone couldn’t handle the job, they lost thier job. There was nobody getting extra breaks becouse they were too hot.. And if you complained about being too hot your ass got sent home. If you can’t handle working on a hot ass roof all day, you shouldn’t be there anyways. Honestly I couldn’t handle it after about six months. I can’t count how many times I got over heated. I went home on numerous occasions. But I never sued, nor would I have had the right to………Damn I hated that job.

    What I’m trying to say is that it’s his own damn fault, not Nintendo’s. Nintendo’s lawyers will destroy him anyways.

    1. He didn’t have a heart attack. According to the article, it was an aortic dissection. Heat, stress, physical strain, and other factors can cause damage to one’s heart either immediately or cause damage that can develop and worsen over time.

    1. Well he was able to go to court after a YEAR since the game’s release… I’m pretty sure he’s fine. But he has a lot of problems going against him.

  8. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

    Of course he did…

    I predict that someone will blame our empire for a brain tumor, an organisation will blame us for the destruction of Tunguska back in the early 1900s and the spread of the infectious disease known as Xbots…

    1. Exactly. If anything, he asked for it and let the ZOO MANAGEMENT, not Nintendo, to suffer in their hands including his own since he lacked the common sense to stop wearing the suit and complained that his basic labor rights were violated.

    2. He probably needed the money or was under contractual agreement. Probably didn’t think it would have caused the damage it did. Whatever the situation, you can just say, “he should have this or that” because we don’t know the full circumstances surrounding it. We don’t know his mental or physical state. We don’t know what Nintendo’s ambassador was doing. We don’t know anything other than the guy was hired by Nintendo to promote the game, he got sick, and now he’s suing.

    1. As an excuse to seep their money because his poor jockey ass hit a new low in his life. lol I would love to know how “serious” his heart condition was and now for that matter because if he’s the guy that had poor hygiene, diet, lacking exercise or even smokes in his whole life, then he has no solid ground to sue especially if it’s over wearing a fucking ape suit that his own Zoo management forced him to do without breaks or cooling down and I’m pretty sure that spending one day or two in a suit after more than a year later can’t do much damage to his heart.

    2. Most people usually don’t want to go through the hassle of suing for things they may have at the time thought to have been a small matter, especially when it comes to large corporations.

      He was probably advised to do so by his family, friends, and now his legal adviser and finally gave in.

      My assumption.

      Or he could be trying to take advantage of the company.

      We don’t know.

  9. If what he says is true and that the Heart Condition was as a result of being in the costume and Nintendo being careless in the wellbeing of this person, then I must say that this person deserves to win the case. If the Heart Condition was there before he donned the DK suit, then I hope Nintendo wins. I’m not on anybody elses side, except the side of the truth. It’s not a patent troll, so there may be truth in this person’s words, we’ll just have to see…

    1. The only way that heat can damage someones heart, (in a healthy person) or any internal organ for that matter, is if the person suffers a heat stroke. What happens before heat stroke is something called heat exhaustion. These symtoms include dizziness, nausea, severe headache, and muscle spasms…

      If this guy ignored these symptoms, and did have a legtimate heat stroke, it’s only his fault. You cannot blame your employer for such carelessness, even if he was refused breaks. If that was the case you would have ten million “heat stroke” lawsuits in America everyday…

      1. All of those symptoms do NOT have to be present for heat stroke. Anyway, he was also wearing a heavy suit and being subject to strenuous activity (I have been there done that with the suit thing, so I know how it can be).

        He had an aortic dissection, which could very well have been brought on by that. True, he may have already had a weakness in the wall of his artery, but most people don’t know they have them unless they get a screening. He may have never known if he never took that job. We don’t know, really.

  10. I do feel sorry for the guy, however a heart condition doesn’t simply develop from one event, factors such as genetics and lifestyle choices come into play here as well. And in the LONG run.

    1. Heart conditions CAN develop from one event. You don’t even have to be a medical professional to do a little research and find out about all of the things that can contribute.

      This may have not been the case here, but it’s possible.

    1. You forgot one thing: It was the Zoo management who told him directly to wear the suit without breaks, not Nintendo and after more than a year to decide to sue the company for something the Zoo did which he had the right to deny, report and take breaks at any time but chose not to thus showing lack of common sense and not acknowledging other contributions to his health like poor diet or smoking, this lawsuit has BS written all over.

      And you’re seriously defending this fool who didn’t fight for his labor rights more than a year ago and possibly had other links to his health problems because..wait for it..wait for it…It’s all Nintendo’s fault since it’s his mascot he was cosplaying? Get real.

      1. You know that friction and heat comes into play when it comes to spontaneous erections in your costume/clothing when walking, hence the Expand Dong joke.

  11. If this is the case…Nintendo really needs a reality check and better apologize to this guy. Even compensate for what he went through. Sometimes I think Nintendo is just being plain greedy.

    1. Why? When it’s the Zoo that told him to stay in the suit and he had every right to take breaks when he needed it and fight when they’re being unfair? Do you have any idea how possibly crude the Zoo and theme park employment/management can be?

        1. Never mind that. That actor was hired by Nintendo but whoever was managing that promotion to deny his break from the hot suit which is required, granted and protected by labor law should be the one to get fired and sued.

          1. I personally am getting tired of an entire company getting sued for what one little shithead in the company did wrong. Maybe the actor’s boss has no money & the actor was advised by his lawyer to target the ones that DO have money: Nintendo itself.

  12. I so don’t believe this BS. If you are having an health issue, step out of the suit no matter what and why the fuck is this fool suing Nintendo and not his own workplace that denied his breaks if it was even true to believe?

    Seriously, anyone and everyone is after Nintendo’s money for stupid fucking reasons. Time to add this one to my “Ridiculous ass reasons for lawsuit” list.

    1. Yea, it’s a bullshit case. Unless the Zoo employees literally tied him up in a monkey suit and refused to let him physically take it off, he has no case. It’s up to the individual to be self aware of heat stroke, or like I said above, you would have ten million heat stroke cases in the U.S. everyday. You cannot sue your employer becouse you get too hot, or the damages done to your body for getting too hot. You could only sue for workers rights violations if you were refused a break in an eight hour work day…

      1. It was actually Nintendo involved after reading the real article. Now what I wanna know is why the actor took too long to report his labor rights being violated from that promotion job and WTF is that management thinking of denying his right to take his needed break especially from wearing a suit that can absorb so much heat and kill a person if exposed for too long.

  13. That’s fucking dumb so this guy was to hot in a suit why didn’t he take the fucking monkey mask off if they made him keep it on and wouldn’t let him take breaks sounds like bull shit to me this guy just wants money

  14. As someone who lives in Mexico I can tell you this guy is a crybaby and is full of shit, one day of high heat is not gonna cause you a heart condition if you’re not already ill to start with.

  15. Interesting. If the guy has a case, I’m sure Nintendo will settle outside of court & pay for his medical expenses since they do have a hand in his problem. If he doesn’t, he just caused Nintendo to waste time & money on court fees.

  16. Why does everyone seem to ignore the actual person who denied him the breaks and the ice pack? lawl, its not like he had to ask the manager to ask his boss to ask the higher up of the company for break approval. These situations start and end with the first person, the actorhis supervisor. It’s just an opportunity for him 1 year later to sue for $.

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