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Captain Toad Was Created As Miyamoto Is A Fan Of The Rubik Cube

Koichi Hayashida has revealed that Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker’s unique design was ultimately inspired by Miyamoto’s fascination with the Rubik Cube. Hayashida says that Mr Miyamoto had been thinking long and hard about how he could implement a Rubik cube style of gameplay into a video game. The end result became The Adventures of Captain Toad which featured in the critically acclaimed Super Mario 3D World. Here’s what he had to say,

“He’s a fan of the Rubik cube. And at one point he was thinking about implementing a Rubik cube-style of gameplay into a video game.” When Miyamoto saw what the team accomplished, he suggested they make Captain Toad into its own video game.”

49 thoughts on “Captain Toad Was Created As Miyamoto Is A Fan Of The Rubik Cube”

    1. Yes. It’s called Rubik’s World. By The Game Factory. There was a Wii and DS version. Which are basically what’s commonly referred to as shovelware.

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    1. Don’t you get it? Wow, *snap snap* always praising Nintendo as your king, and you never see the business side of things. The Rubiks company probably paid Nintendo to advertise it cuz ya know, Nintendo is popular. *snap snap* wake up COCKADOODLE-FKN’-DOO….*snap snap snap snap snap*

  2. LMAO Rubix cubes?! I think Miyamoto is starting to lose his japanese mind. In a couple years from now Miyamoto will be in the asylum rambling about how the games industry is stagnate but Mario Kart 9 and New Super Mario Bros 5 are the most innovative games in history.

  3. I never could figure out these darn cubes. I always wanted to break them open and put the pieces where they go. In fact, I might have done that before.

        1. Same here. For example, like on the final level of Super Mario 3D World, I kept dying over and over. And I almost made it to the end but then died again. So I gave up and never went back to that level since… I’m gonna beat it one day though… >.>

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