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Nintendo Explains Why The Characters In Captain Toad Can’t Jump

Captain Toad producer Koichi Hayashida has explained why the playable characters in Captain Toad can’t jump. Hayashida says that early in development they explored the possibility of the main character being able to jump, but then they realised it didn’t work in the environments they had created. They then realised if they did make a character who could jump they would then need to make the levels they had a whole lot bigger. They decided against this so that the designers could focus on making the stages more compact.

“We introduced a character with the ability to jump. But one thing we discovered right away was that if we played these levels with a character that could jump, we would have to make these stages very, very big, because jumping allows the character to go wherever they want.” By taking away this element of mobility, the designers could focus on making levels much more compact.”

16 thoughts on “Nintendo Explains Why The Characters In Captain Toad Can’t Jump”

    1. They should have given them a “hop” ability, so they could grasp objects (like a balloon, lever, switch, or bonk into something) but just that. Not high like Mario, but just a little air. I think that would have given them more possibilities, but not given them more mobility

  1. Captain Toad is a game that made my eyes strain and my brain hurt, why this the only game? Was the coding done wrong? This could be very harmful to children, I’m surprised this wasn’t mentioned in the reviews. There’s something about the screen that isn’t doing well to my head here.

        1. Its kind of true, xbox’S ilomilo (a cute puzzel game based on cubes) has more muted color tones. Granted I play my Wii U, 3DS, and Xbox just about all the same amount so to me its not crazy.

  2. If Toad were on ps4 or xbone he’d be able to jump. Wii U doesn’t have enough power to enable Toad to jump. So much for next gen. Knack for life.

    1. No power to jump? Ignoring 3D World 4 player mode with quadruple cherries cloning everyone 4 times and jumping with Toad’s stages on that same game. But you rather play dumb as fuck .

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