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Nintendo UK Store Discounts 24 Items In Run Up To Christmas, Includes 80% Off Animal Crossing Soundtrack

Nintendo UK has revealed some interesting discounts on several different items in their online store for the run up to Christmas. With 24 different items up for grabs with discounts up to 80 per cent off, fans can create their own advent calendar of Nintendo treats – though without the time restraints. Items include an Animal Crossing soundtrack with a staggering 80 per cent off at £1.99, a real bargain for any K.K. Slider fan, along with a good selection of t-shirts and a Legend of Zelda Girls’ Hoodie with varying discount prices.

To view or purchase any items, you can visit the official store page, here. Discounts will only be available on the selected items for a 24-day period starting December 1. Currently there are only 23 items available, however. Please do remember that the UK store will only ship physical items to residences within the UK.

25 thoughts on “Nintendo UK Store Discounts 24 Items In Run Up To Christmas, Includes 80% Off Animal Crossing Soundtrack”

    1. Nearly all this stuff is junk. The only good thing there is the Zelda bag and what a surprise there’s no discount on it. Are they sticking all the crap up that they couldn’t sell during the year and acting like they’re doing us some kind of favour? E.g. 60p off some sh1tty rubber keychain.

      1. This was posted a couple of days ago on other websites so I assumed the Skyward Sword Zelda bag was still there. It’s not though. So now all of the stuff on that page is crap.

    1. It’s their secret strategy. Give more rewards to the few people in the UK that like Nintendo, than the millions in the US… And Japan I guess… Great strategy huh?

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