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Club Nintendo Europe Adds Festive Mario Gift Wrap To Stars Catalogue

Nintendo of Europe has added a new item to the Club Nintendo stars catalogue. Given it’s the Christmas season, Nintendo fans can have a ball with the red and blue festive 8-bit Mario gift wrap, measuring 60cm x 84cm – a perfect accompaniment to any Nintendo collectible or game. However, the fancy gift wrap will set you back a hefty 2,000 stars, so it may be wise to think long and hard on who gets to keep the special paper.

Last month, Nintendo of Europe added a Mario Kart 8 badge set to their line-up of physical products. For a closer look at both of these items, make sure you visit the Club Nintendo stars catalogue, here. Will you be picking up some of the fancy gift wrap? Let us know in the comments below.

22 thoughts on “Club Nintendo Europe Adds Festive Mario Gift Wrap To Stars Catalogue”

  1. The reason why I would never get this item for me is the facts 1. I don’t care for wrapping paper 2. It probably cost too much coins 3. Their are many better awards

  2. Normally I get upset whenever things get announced for CN Europe or Japan that Americans don’t get, especially when there’s either no writing on them or all English anyway… but this… I can easily pass on.

    1. For the first time in a long time I am actually dating someone during Christmas. I purchased gifts during black friday and this free wrapping paper would go GREAT with the Super Mario Edition 3DS XL I got. That’s the only reason it sucks for me…

      1. Well, first, congrats on the significant other.

        They’re charging 2000 stars for wrapping paper and, from what someone said above, it’s not even whole rolls of wrapping paper–just two sheets. Now, granted, 2000 stars in Europe isn’t exactly 2000 coins here (I think it’s more like 500ish), but still… if you wanted Nintendo-themed wrapping paper, you can easily go on Amazon and pick up Mario wrapping paper for $14 and keep your coins.

        1. I wanted to be sure about that two sheets thing, so I dropped in on the European Club Nintendo catalog and can confirm that it’s 2000 stars for two sheets, each about 2 feet by 3 feet (60cm x 84cm).

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