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Fire Emblem On GameBoy Advance Will Be Released On Wii U Virtual Console In US Tomorrow

Some of you may wish to celebrate as Nintendo of America has confirmed that Fire Emblem for the GameBoy Advance will be available to download in the United States on the Wii U Virtual Console tomorrow. You’ll be able to purchase Fire Emblem for $7.99 and the story of the acclaimed game is as follows.

After centuries of peace, smoldering rivalries threaten to set the world aflame in a blaze of battle! The drums of war beat, noble houses plot treason, and allies becomes enemies. As Lycia stands poised for war, a shadowy figure manipulates empires for his own ends. Lyn, Eliwood, and Hector are brave warriors that are prepared to fight back the forces that would destroy their homeland. Help them gather other heroes to fight beside them, taking care that they do not fall in battle; otherwise they are lost forever. Plan your strategy and command the field of war as you train and learn each unit’s strengths and weaknesses. Become a master tactician, and douse the embers of war before they burn the world to ash!

43 thoughts on “Fire Emblem On GameBoy Advance Will Be Released On Wii U Virtual Console In US Tomorrow”

  1. Fire emblem on the gameboy isnt that good. You can only move up left and down, and its not even too much like an adventure game. It kinda just tries to be like dragon quest but fails. Its sad, a bit.

      1. Its not really tactical unless you can freely move around the place, so you get more space to think about the strategy you use next

        1. Just spitballing here but wouldn’t restricted movement be MORE tactical as you are forced to make movement decisions more carefully?

      2. Fire emblem is nothing like dragon quest, are you smoking crack? Thats like saying Final Fantasy is trying to be Skyrim.

        This was my favorite Fire Emblem until Awakening came out. One of the best GBA games ever made.

        1. In terms of the franchise, I cut my teeth on Fire Emblem GBA. I was smitten ever since.

          But, FE GBA & Path of Radiance are my all-time favorites. The Sacred Stones was way too easy & the plot seemed vapid; Radiant Dawn was good but lackluster compared to its forerunner; Shadow Dragon was also too easy, & short, even for a remake; & Awakening’s fire was a bit cold, its edge slightly dull.

          Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed Awakening, & the new mechanics were awesome. The story was good, & the production values were quite high. But, I feel that battles outside the main campaign are detrimental to FE’s balance (the same major flaw in TSS). & while they’re usually optional, it’s just way too tempting, @ least for me, to level up well-beyond the enemy’s power. Too much of a good thing, I s’pose. In TSS & Awakening, I focused mainly on power rather than strategy, & my units became gods outside the campaign. Within, the challenge & my patience were nearly gone. TSS & Awakening were thus anticlimactic for me. Oh, & Awakening lacked the magic triangle of yore.

          Wuld’ve been nice if Awakening had triggered ATLUS to release new Tactics Ogre/Ogre Battle games, & Square-Enix new FF Tactics (although A2 tried my patience), & Valkyrie Profiles (although Covenant of the Plume screwed me @ the last stage of the final battle w/ what was supposed to be a blessing). Nothing beats the weapons triangle, unique units & permadeath, but I do miss the tactical games w/ raised terrain & expendable units. Hoshigami Remix & Luminous Arc were the last of those that I played, bit I want more.

          Still, I’ve yet to touch my copies of Devil Survivor: Overclocked, DS 2, & Archaic Sealed Heat (yeah, they’re Strat/RPG hybrids, but nonetheless time-consuming). I gave up on Shining Force: Sword of Hajya (bought w/ my $30 eShop credit for registering Awakening & Shin Megami Tensei IV), since its strategy was too shallow & my back catalog needs to shrink. Coupled w/ the restrictive nature of character order, I had enough. I did enjoy Resurrection of the Dark Dragon, but that was ages ago, ’bout the same time as FE GBA. Ah, & this reminds me of Tactics Ogre: The Knight of Lodis…

    1. That’s an unfair judgement. You’re comparing two completely different things. But everyone has their own opinion I suppose.

      Also, fuck Nintendo for releasing GBA games for the Wii U and not the 3DS. I get that the Wii U needs help but this is the wrong way.

      1. Nintendo has talked about this before. The Wii-U doesn’t NEED GBA games, but it’s the only console they’ve perfected a GBA emulator for. Ambassador Program 3DS owners, do have GBA games on their consoles but they don’t run at the standards of actual Virtual Console games. They don’t support sleep mode, or save states, and the frame rate slows down occasionally.

        So the 3DS GBA emulators are still a work in progress. Meanwhile, the Wii-U runs them just fine. That’s why they’re in the Wii-U eShop.

    2. Uhm… It’s a strategy game that works like chess with a rock, paper, scissors function to combat to add even more strategy into the game.

    3. Whaaaaaaaat ? Do you even know Fire Emblem dude xD What the fuck, “trying to be like Dragon Quest”. I’m choking.

    1. @Irrelevant4Life This is way cheaper compared to how much the carts are being sold on Amazon. Plus, most if not ALL GBA games are priced this on the eShop. This game worth playing.

  2. Holy crap you guys are idiots. Trust me, this game is a matter piece. For the quality of the game, it’s a fair price.

  3. to those who think its crap, its becouse you have not played it or just trolling or butthurt becouse you dont have this kind of games on ebay this game goes for 30 dollars just the game and with box and new gets to 300 and the gamecube ones and wii ones well around 100 dollars. Im happy this is coming, its the only one i haven find.

  4. Yes! As a new-ish Fire Emblem fan, I’m glad to see this. Enjoyed the heck out of Awakening. The emotional attacthment and strategic gameplay required (in Awakening) is great. Will definitely try the GBA one out.

  5. Oh look pretendos and awakening fanboys. Piss of frauds. And damn I spent too much money the past 2 months. Agh! I want to play this game now!

    1. Well Path of Radiance is my favourite game. And it is really great, but I’m not sure if as a beginner you should be spending $80 on it. Id say try our Radiant Dawn (cause it’s probably cheaper) first. Even though it’s the sequel to PoR it will still give you the same feeling overall. And from there you can gauge whether or not to get PoR. But by all means, if you’ve got nothing better to spend the $80 on I’d say it’s well worth it. But the safer option would be the one I just said, after all I’m not sure if you’d like the game as much as awakening or not. They are kinda different.

    2. Tough to say. I really enjoyed Path of Radiance but it probably is a lot different to what you’re used to with Awakening. Although I really loved Awakening too. Is it worth $80? As a FE fan I’m always gonna say yes, but for someone who has never played any other FE game before…I’m not sure. I’d say get this Fire Emblem coming to the Wii U eshop, play through that, and if you like it, get Path of Radiance.
      Never hurts to watch some playthroughs of Path of Radiance on youtube either. :)

    3. Unless you played Awakening on hard difficulty with the casual setting off, I suggest not dropping near 100 bucks on Path of Radiance. The casual setting & the ability to level up your characters whenever you want makes the game a bit easier than games in the series before Awakening.

  6. One of the best GBA game and the best Fire Emblem to me.
    If you’re on the fence, be no more and buy this gem.

  7. Fucking finally! If I remember correctly, it released in the UK a couple months ago. Now if they would just give us Binding Blade!

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