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Wii U YouTube App Gets An Update

The official YouTube application on Wii U has received a new update on Nintendo’s latest home console. The interface remains the same and works well with the Wii U GamePad. However the icon on the Wii U GamePad is now all red. You can download it right now.

Thanks to everyone who sent this in.

48 thoughts on “Wii U YouTube App Gets An Update”

    1. Seriously dude, fuck the app. It’s garbage just like Google when they ruined YouTube by forcing another garbage site on people called Google+. Seriously, WTF even uses or cares about G+ anyway?

      1. Google should have stayed as just a search engine since that’s the ONLY thing they are doing right. Google’s search engine beats the crap out of Yahoo’s AND Microsoft’s Bing.

  1. This console is casual garbage. Its commercials feature nice young man and girls who you would trust with your hot grandmas asshole yet they make you feel ashamed of buying this trash in the stores. I dare to say you boys ans men here on this site when you are at the store looking at the tiny Wii U section feel like your dick is 3 inches smaller then it really is because of the stares and smirks, chuckles if you wil from real gamers and cute girls who love to blow dudebros

    1. yes the system with a actual fps mouse pointer is casual and all the twin stick BOT aim casuals on xbox and ps are the real gamers retarded cunt

    2. Such a sad and unhappy post. Why not try to make friends instead of seeing how many fanboys you can piss off? What good can you possibly get from that? So let’s tt name’s is Shawn, nice to meet you.



          1. Nintendo Lieutenant Cereza

            That filth is incapable of learning anything. All he knows how to do is change his name. I feed him scraps of fried chicken out of pity. As gross as he is… We have to make this place as enjoyable as possible for everyone here. I commend you for doing your part.

    1. “you fucking faggot..” This sounds familiar. Oh yeah! This is definitely Aeolus. Or a wannabe Aeolus.

      1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

        It exposed itself again, its pathetic shapeshifting is so primitive compared to the Sonyans more evolved one…

  3. remember wen the brodudes tried to say wiiu couldnt run youtube when it was youtubes own app that didnt work AS IS THE FUCKING CASE ON ALL DEVICES fucking retards

  4. Who honestly even uses this anymore?
    The app was unstable and made watching things less enjoyable.
    You’d be better of just using your laptop or PC. :/

    1. Or you can use the internet browser on the Wii U. Sure I can’t click on comment sections but least the videos play.

  5. …that’s it? All they updated was the fucking icon? No 60FPS videos, account sign in or completely change the layout to match the mobile version? No wonder this app is shit. The layout is absolute crap and the sign in by code is so fucking stupid.

    Thank god the web browser works wonders for Internet web browsing and YouTube.

  6. What’s the point of having a YouTube channel/app on Wii U when you can just use the internet browser to go on YouTube?

  7. Good for the app. Too bad it still fucking sucks compared to using the real deal on the Wii U’s e-browser.

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