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Kmart Has Plenty Of Popular Nintendo 3DS And Wii U Games On Sale

Fancy getting your hands on some of the best Nintendo 3DS and Wii U titles at a discounted price in the United States? Well Kmart currently has a major sale with plenty of bargains to be had. I’m not entirely sure how long the titles will be on sale, so if you’re after one it’s best to place your order now while they still have stock.

  • Mario Party Island Tour $14.99
  • Lego City Undercover: The Chase Begins $9.99
  • Tomodachi Life $19.99
  • Mario Golf: World Tour $14.99
  • Bravely Default $19.99
  • Yoshi’s New Island $19.99
  • Pokemon X $14.99
  • Pokemon Y $14.99
  • Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds $19.99
  • Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon $19.99
  • Kirby Tripe Delux $19.99
  • Mario & Luigi Dream Team $19.99
  • Disney Magical World $9.99
  • Pikmin $30.
  • Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze $30
  • Wind Waker HD $30
  • Super Mario 3D World $45

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54 thoughts on “Kmart Has Plenty Of Popular Nintendo 3DS And Wii U Games On Sale”

  1. I was SO let down by Mario Golf World Tour. It was fun, but WAY too short. It was nothing compared to the N64 and Gamecube Mario Golf games. I’m still hoping that a Wii U Mario Golf is in the works.

    1. Lmao wouldn’t it make sense to just redownload it on your new 3ds since it’s linked to your nintendo ID?

      Oh wait. Nintendo are thieves and can’t properly use the Internet.

    2. I don’t have that game, and I WANT that game BADLY.

      …But I think it’s already sold out because both shipping is unavailable and there aren’t any available within a 50 mile radius of where I live.

  2. I think you should also mention that these are “Online Only” prices.
    In case someone happens to get confused and burns gas trying to locate and drive there thinking that these also apply to in-store purchases.

  3. Ugh. Pokemon is 15 bucks?, Man if only that game was good though. I sold mine cause I just couldn’t do it, I just couldn’t handle the pain of completing the excruciatingly easy campaign. The multiplayer is great, but I just can’t grind through the game. I have to pass on that amazing deal.

  4. These are great prices but I hate that its K-Mart. Ever since the data breach I’ve been hesitant to give credit card information online. Maybe go to Walmart and do the price matching, and pay with cash? Hope it works!

  5. Well the only one that I don’t have is Mario Party island tour…. Haha wow I would have saved so much money if I had waited. That’s what happens when you get the games at launch. Haha “I am not that interested in MPIT.”

      1. I don’t understand why they stopped making the original Mario Party style where you have to win coins to buy the stars. I really like that original style.

  6. Awesome deals but Ive heard a couple stories of Target employees shaming adults that try to pick up Nintendo games and Amiibos. This makes me not only buy all the Amiibos, but by them at different targets just so I can into some of these pieces of shit >:)


  8. So. I potentially could buy a Wii U tonight, and get a 25% discount through tonight and the next day. Should I take the jump and buy a bundle!?!?!

    1. Yes you should do it. Preferably the Super Mario 3D World bundle because that’s an amazing game and you should also probably buy Smash Bros or Mario Kart 8 because those are both MUST HAVES. You cannot own a Wii U without those games, you just can’t. You just can’t!! YOU CAN’T! Get the Wii U while it’s still cheap if you can and some deals on games because Wii U games normally go for $60 and they will drain your wallet so be careful about what you choose! D:

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