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The Game Awards: Nintendo Gives A First Look At Gameplay In Zelda Wii U

Nintendo has given a first look at gameplay in the next The Legend of Zelda title for Wii U at The Game Awards. Using the Wii U GamePad, players can pinpoint locations on the map to help with exploration. In addition, the footage confirms that the Sailcloth item returns and allows Link to glide over the world. Epona also makes a comeback and will help avoid obstacles, leaving Link free to wield his sword and shoot arrows. The next Zelda game is still scheduled to release in 2015.

326 thoughts on “The Game Awards: Nintendo Gives A First Look At Gameplay In Zelda Wii U”

      1. Nintendo is working on new zelda games for the wiiu and the first zelda game we were show at this years e3 was just one of the new zelda for the wiiu as there is a new zelda for the wiiu in 2018 as well

      2. Don’t you mean 3rd generation? Nintendo wasn’t making games during the first gen, but they were distributing them.

        NES is a 3rd Gen.

        1. Donkey Kong got released on the atari and the color t.v was released at the same period with popeye. In short nintendo started in the second gen.

      3. this was disappointing. they have so much work to do. epona kept thrashing around like she is having a seizure and the tail physics on the horses… the hair was bouncing around like rubber and going through the legs. as for the graphics, this game’s environment looks like a mix match of elder scrolls: oblivion (or xenoblade chronicles: also last gen) and its character models like some sort of medicore, cell-shaded hybrid bs. this is all they have to show? i doubt this will be released in 2015.

        1. Stop whining. The game is still in development. Of course it’s going to be improved. But we finally got a glimpse of Zelda U in action. I thought we were only gonna see something until E3. But nope. They were generous enough to show it off now. So be grateful.

    1. The way they ended the show was fucking phenomenal. Zelda looks very nice, and I only hope that they don’t force any gimmick on us. No Gamepad, no screen, no motion shit. Give us an option, but don’t fucking force it. If none of those things happen, that will make me extremely happy. My faith in Nintendo is slowly coming back. Slowly, I hope it doesn’t fall through the floor because of some dumb mistake down the line.

      1. sherlockwillfightbilbo

        It looks like they’ve kept the right gimmicks. GamePad can be used to look around, but the control stick can too. Map on the screen and probably Off-TV play. I hope there are motion controls and if they are, they’re not forced on us as they showed this using the GamePad.

        The fact that they added that Majora’s Mask and Star Fox release before Zelda makes me so happy. 2015 is going to be an awesome year.

        1. I don’t actually like the map on the gamepad, as it breaks the immersion to look at it while it’s in my lap. I have the Wii U in my bedroom, so no table to put it on even while playing with a pro controller. They did the same shit with Pikmin 3 and MK8 which is fucking stupid.

          Yeah, I’m the same guy, but on my phone, I’m not logged in.

          1. I found it pretty damn useful in Pikmin 3.

            As for MK8, I honestly never understood why anyone needed to look at the map for anything other than knowing how far ahead a lead they have, other than that it is pointless.

            There is so much going on in Mario Kart 8, I for one never even used the maps once. I surely didn’t need them to know where I was driving.

            For all you know Nintendo probably learned from that mistake with MK8, for those who need to use the map, although I don’t know why you would need it. They could have added the same feature MK8 got in an update to have it on the gamepad or the screen.

          2. sherlockwillfightbilbo

            Yeah I’ll give you that. The screen can really break the immersion, especially during cutscenes. I hope they do something to get around it.

      2. They need to give you the option to use the pro. I don’t mind the stupid gamepad if they don’t force it on you.

        1. I enjoy using the gamepad for WW, having everything on the gamepad is so convenient, inventory management and all..

        2. I hope the really commit to the gamepad and include it as muc/ as possible. I hope it’s forced,otherwise i don’t see a good integration..

                1. Because I dont use the tv so I m forced to handhelds for most games, but with gamepaf I can play console games now withoutneed of tv.

      3. To be honest I love the motion control in SS, puzzle solving and everything about it, but true I hope they make it that everyone can have their own choice on how to play..

    1. You making it seem like it’s already the final built. They usually add everything else later on. It’s the same thing with Square Enix in their development videos FFXV.

    2. thats what i thought it looks amazing but there was not much going on. it did feel empty. still time for improvements but i wasnt impressed.

        1. what i said was very calm. i said there was still time for more to be added i wasnt impressed with what i saw today. you need to calm down just because im not so easily impressed by a open world as others.

      1. YOU GUYS NEED TO UNDERSTAND THAT The Game being empty has Nothing to do with how the game plays. If a game dev wants to show the scope and size of his game he is going to show it in the biggest most open area he can find and thats that. Grass looks dam magical btw

          1. Meanwhile games like The Witcher 3 got downgraded like a son of a bitch on the PS4 & Xbox One…… to elaborate how that happen LOL

            1. Care to provide evidence? No? Yeah, that’s expected. And (AGAIN) is that supposed to justify Zelda Wii U’s apparent blandness?

              1. It only showed a small corner of the world map. And then only a small portion inside that small corner was actually shown. This map is huge. Probably three to four times bigger than skyrim. It’s clear there will be towns and wildlife from the first reveal back at E3. I dont see how you could call it bland.

                  1. Well I like to point out that Skyrim, a very well rated game as you know, was pretty expansive with beautiful landscapes, that’s the same with Zelda U, plus it isn’t launching until the end of 2015 so they got time to kill. =3

              2. I love how you asked for evidence and then implied he had none in the same comment. Learn how to argue please. You’ll sound more believable with your points.

      Jesus, it’s like you expect the game to release in a month or something!
      This is NOT UBISOFT we’re talking about here; it’s not going to stay this way. They’ll add more to the world.

            1. This is a Nintendo centric site so I belong here but your punk ass and that hatin ass Shuhei Yoshithead don’t loser

                1. Let them say anything they want Shuhei, nintendo fanboys gonna eat you.I was most impressed by metal gear and mario maker then the rest.Zelda was good but not much shown and like others said it was empty, they need to see from xenoblade developers to see how they make an open world.

                    1. If gamers is guys like you,then better be called a fake gamer.Do you worship the gamer god also?Also did you burn 3 copys of xbox one and 3 copys of ps4 games this month as a ritual to keep being a fanboy?

                      Shuhei may say negatives things but seriously its his opinion,also i never see him offend any1 like you do.Keep beeing a fanboy in denial.

                      Just because its a Nintendo site i need to say only positive things about them?What are you serious?Even if i didnt have a wii u or a 3ds its my right to be in this site or not.

                      Say anything to feel good about yourself but you know what you are and how you are and so scared to look in a mirror.

    4. you’ve barely seen 4 minutes of footage and you’ve already reached the verdict that it’s empty? for a game that will likely be in development for another year?

      don’t be ridiculous

    1. I complain cause nintendo does bad promoting their games. reggie always repeats the same over when they have new games in the pipeline. other than the zelda ending nintendo wasted their presence there. they could have really pushed the wii u but reggie is stuck on repeat. looks more bad to when nearly every new game shown on these event will not be on wii u.

      so many good games and little of them coming to wii u. all was hyped was mario maker and zelda.

        1. I know but they could have shown bits more of what the wii u has coming to offers. if they did not have the zelda at the end how would you feel now.

          reggie could said more than mario kart smash and captain toad. i just wished many of the games that are on both pc ps4 and xbox would come to wii u to is that so bad? my english is not 100 sorry.

  1. Yea, it will be amazing. The world will not be empty like some people are already saying. There will be a ton of secrets, dungeons, caves, and god knows what else..

    1. sherlockwillfightbilbo

      The video skipped over lots of segments. They didn’t want to reveal too much. There will be more things in the world like you said.

      1. Right. They didn’t want to reveal any spoilers. They just wanted to give a sense of the massive open world, and how the controls work..

  2. Nintendo totally trolled us all by making us think Mario Maker was their “big reveal”. This, however, is shaping up to be the Zelda game I’ve wanted ever since Link made his jump into the third dimension.

      1. Really the people here get mad at me when i say nintendo racked in the awards, i mean if they raked as much awrds as much as iwata recieves the d then you know nintendo recieved a lot of awards.

        1. Ok snickers for u, would have sent u to the world of nintendo and Sony working together…Ok i’ll burn it

  3. Ok well that sells me on a Wii U, but not till the new year hits. Hopefully by then we get some kind of Zelda U console bundle. That’s really what I wants.


    1. There will be a Zelda Wii U bundle for sure. Hell, some retailers might even bundle Zelda Wii U with the WWHD bundle. That’s a potential mountain of cash right here, the hype has no end.

      1. People were expecting a WiiU SSB bundle too, but nothing happened. Such a wasted opportunity, considering they could have offered people a damn nice bundle with the game, a GC adapter + controller and maybe even a custom design like the Windwaker bundle had.
        So, I wouldn’t be too sure about getting a Zelda bundle, because SSB presented a way better chance for an attractive bundle, but Nintendo decided to straight-out ignore it. Of course there’s a possibility of it happening, but yea, it’s hard to tell how likely it is.

          1. That’s probably the weakest counterargument you could have given me.
            You can buy a console and a game seperately too. Why are bundles so popular then ? Exactly, because they’re offered for an attractive price, most of the time, and sometimes offer exclusive features, such as limited edition designs.

            1. Chill out dude, no need to get angry over this. It was no counterargument, just a suggestion of what could have happened. If they didn’t release a bundle, there is a reason, and that might have been the one.

              1. If it helps, I wasn’t actually being angry, lmao. It’s difficult to convey the right tone through writing only.
                Apologies for the misunderstanding, after reading what I’ve said, my tone does seem easy to misconceive.

      2. Oh my goodness that would be to BOSS. That’s right, im bringing that back. But yeah, I never finished Wind Waker and its a excellent game I must complete!

  4. This was Nintendo’s show, they fucking saved this VGA for everybody.
    Delightful to see them working this hard to rebuild their reputation with gamers, this generation will be a great generation for Nintendo fans. No more casual shit, now they’re back in the business for good and they don’t miss an opportunity to remind it.
    Also, Zelda looks AMAZING!! I can’t WAIT!!!

      1. Nah, I was chatting with people and we were all unfazed by this MGOnline announcement. That’s not something you look into when you buy a MGS game and it looked weird.

        1. Just because you personally didn’t like it too much, doesn’t mean everyone else felt the same way. (:
          I’ve seen quite some people show the opposite of your reaction, and I personally think it looked pretty cool too. It’s something entirely new, and it sure could be interesting.

          1. I’m not only talking about my opinion but also the ones of the 3000+ ppl I was talking with and seeing the reactions of. Overall it was a big “WTF”.
            Anyway, the Zelda video on Youtube has way, way more reactions than the MGS and Bloodborne ones. Definitely the big thing of the show for everybody. And only a few dislikes, kinda proves that even haters kinda got intrigued by it.

          2. MG has always been about the single player campaign. It has such an amazing cult following becouse of it’s story, characters, and combat. I am personally a huge fan of MG. The multiplayer looked interesting no doubt, but thats not the reason people buy MG games.

          1. Same, it looked like a lot of fun. I know everyone is saying you don’t buy MGS for the online, but I will be now. It is a huge improvement from MGS4, that was crap online, at least to me.

            I don’t know why so many have to dog on everything that isn’t on the Wii U here, also very annoying so many people act like their opinion speaks for everyone or that their small group of friends agreeing with them proves something. When friends generally tend to agree with each other… Hence why you are probably friends with the person in the first place, so it isn’t proving much of anything.

            I’ll be blunt, Nintendo had one big reveal that truly saved their asses. Everyone was bitching and moaning the entire time about Nintendo until they showed Zelda. Don’t get me wrong, it looks really great, but one Zelda appearance and suddenly the show has been saved? I don’t get that logic, and Zelda is by far one of my favorite series. As cool as it was, I still don’t get that. Could people be anymore close minded?

            Most people here just ignore every other good game that was shown just because it isn’t on the Wii U. Oh how the tables would turn if those games were on the Wii U though…

            Anyway… The games that really interested me were Adrift, Before, Until Dawn, Bloodborne, MGO, No Man’s Sky, King’s Quest and of course Zelda.

            I think the highlight for me though was the history behind Sierra. Although I know half the people there were like “Who the are those guys?”

            I still can’t believe he took off the hat she gave him, the crowd even started boo’ing and aww’ing for a short moment.. It was really awkward and I don’t know why he took off the hat. I personally found it very disrespectful that he just chuckled and took it off, as if he’s too damn cool to be seen wearing it or something. Given the circumstances, you wear the god damn hat out of respect, even if you don’t like it. lol.

            1. I don’t think it was just the reveal at the end. It was also Miyamoto confirming Starfox will release in 2015. It was Mario Maker. It was the fact that Nintendo won racing/sport game of the year, (MK8) and also the fighting game of the year. (Smash) Honestly I think Code Name Steam look amazing. Nintendo had a pretty big presence without Zelda. But i agree with everything else you said. All the games you mentioned look really good to me too. Especially Adrift and NMS.

              1. Yea, that was pathetic and insulting for that guy to take the Kings Quest hat off. She was trying to honor him, kind of like passing the torch, and he took it off quicker than it took to put on. Not only did he take it off, he didn’t say anything about it, no thank you, and quickly handed it off to the nearest person. What a prick, I was hoping they would boo him off the stage. A least the girl next to him wore it proudly.

                1. Lol, glad to see I’m not the only one who payed attention to that. I still can’t stop thinking about it or why the hell he would do something so stupid. It isn’t career ending or something but like I said, he’s working on a legendary game that isn’t even his. So for some weird reason he doesn’t want to wear a hat given to him by the original creators that represents the main character of the game?

                  Was saying this in other places, and some people are trying to make up excuses like the hat didn’t fit him (which it fit him perfectly) or he just wanted to give it to the girl, but no… He laughed and took it off so fast like it was too childish to wear or something.

                  It made me sad, and I could tell Roberta made the hat herself for him. She looked a little sad too when he took it off so fast.. As you said as well, he didn’t even say thank you or even acknowledge the fucking thing… SO FREAKING DISRESPECTFUL!


              2. Lots of people won awards, not to discredit the ones Nintendo won, they were well deserved. We’ve also known Starfox was coming in 2015 since Nintendo released that chart some months ago showing all the upcoming games and their release windows, so for me that wasn’t anything special. Not that it can’t be for others, but not for me since I already knew all of it.

                I agree that Code Name: S.T.E.A.M. is a really interesting take on a turn based game. I love the comic book feel and I thought it looked really stellar for a 3DS game, I’m definitely picking that up also. I meant to mention it, those games were just off the top of my head.
                There are even more games I liked than those but I’m too lazy right now to search through a close to 4 hour video, to name them all.

                I just feel if they didn’t show Zelda most people would be raging. I wouldn’t have complained though, since I always keep my expectations low. To me, it was for sure the biggest reveal they had, as most of the other things had been seen or known about before hand, and they showed off a ton of Code Name: S.T.E.A.M. at E3. I understand if maybe you missed some of that or others did, but when keeping track of all the news this year I knew plenty about everything else Nintendo revealed besides the new Zelda sneak peek.

                Pretty much everyone was saying Nintendo had failed to bring anything big again, until Zelda popped up at the end… In the Mario Maker article here, that is all anyone had to say really.

                On the topic of Mario Maker. I love any game that gives a player the tools to create their own. Again though, there wasn’t anything new shown about it that we hadn’t seen before is all I’m saying. Unlike what the showed with Zelda. I mean we’ve probably all played enough of Super Mario Bros. to know how Mario Maker will turn out.

                Not to say the music wasn’t cool at times either, not all of it in my opinion, but some of it was amazing. I don’t personally like Imagine Dragons but they aren’t bad musicians by any means, just not my taste. Plus there was a lot of music from Nintendo games which was nice.

                I just thought showing off more of their newest game to me was the biggest reveal, to each their own of course. To me though, just seeing something completely new and never seen before I thought was more special than the other stuff we already know a lot about or at least that I knew about.

                1. I can understand your point. Without the Zelda reveal there would have been a lot less excitement. Probably would have been some fanboy rage. There were a bunch of good third party games. Bloodbourne looks better and better everytime I see it. One of the reasons I bought a Ps4. I don’t think Nintendo dominated the show like some other people here. I just think they showed the best looking game, in my opinion. Again, Adrift (the one where your floating through a destroyed space station?) looks absolutely amazing. And No Mans Sky will also be huge. Between those three games and Zelda, I would say this award show was a success. There were a few problems, but it was to be expected being the first show.

      2. Dang, posted the comment too early.
        Meant to add the following:
        It definitely looked gorgeous, no doubt, but we didn’t really get to see any groundbreaking new features or anything, it was mostly things people probably already expected (Epona, map on gamepad). Sure, it was nice to see something of the game, but I think saying it “saved” the VGAs might be a little farfetched, because there were things like MGS and Bloodborne and such. It sure was one of the highlights though.

        1. From what I saw, it clearly did. About 100 people in the chat and they were all bored as fuck after a short while. It’s always cool to have news from MGS V ( even when it’s about some online mode nobody quite cares about ) or modafuckin’ Bloodborne, but it was just 2 mins gameplay vids and nothing great.
          The chat really seemed to have revived when they announced Zelda gameplay incoming and mentionned god damn Starfox. It was def’ the best moment of this show, the one that received the more reactions.

          1. Oh, and EVE was pretty hype too, but anybody who’s played it knows that EVE is nothing like that in game, ahah.

          2. Not sure where you watched it, but I watched it on Twitch with 150k+ viewers, so it was pretty much impossible to keep up with the chat. And yes, the show wasn’t exactly the most entertaining one, even if it had some pretty interesting stuff inbetween, but yea.
            Either way, I guess there’s no point in “arguing” which premiere was more impressive, because it seems like both of us perceived things differently, which is absolutely alright of course. I intentionally said that I’d *assume* MGS was the biggest highlight, just in case the conversation might go this way. d:
            But I think it’s safe to say that both reveals definitely were two of the bigger things of the show.

            1. I was watching it with a smaller channel in the background, Dansgaming’s, you might have heard about it. We were 3000+ people listening to Dan’s reactions and reacting ourselves in the chat. It’s generally how I roll with this kind of video game events, so my hype doesn’t go unseen in a chat spammed by 150k people going full retard and posting dicks.
              Yeah, both big events of this show, and always cool to see Kojima.

              1. LMAO, can’t even deny the dick spam.
                Watching it with a smaller group of people definitely sounds like the better and nicer option if you want to talk about what’s happening while it’s happening, I personally usually just want to see and listen though, so it doesn’t matter too much to me where I watch, as I don’t really take part in any chats during those events.

          3. Come on man, just because bloodbourne isn’t on wii u doesnt mean you have too downplay it! It looks amazing as well!

    1. ’nuff said.
      Also, I’ve heard from a japanese friend who met Nintendo EAD’s developpers during an event in Japan that a Metroid might very well be on track. Or at least he told me that they hinted for it.
      Trying not the get too excited before an official announcement :D

      1. They are without a doubt working on a new Metroid. But it will more than likely be a 2016 release. Or they could suprise us at E3 with a late 2015 release. Nintendo will not just abandon one of thier more popular IP.

        1. No theres more, I was just naming the ones I wanted the most. There will also be Yoshis Wooly World, Mario Maker, Kirby’s Rainbow, Code Name Steam, Bravely Second…. Thats all that comes to mind. I may be missing a few.. Someone already said Splatoon and Devils Third…

          However that is 12 games confirmed, 8 of them for the Wii U. Not too bad really. I’m sure they will announce three or four more by E3.

  5. Yes. I can’t wait. Man, this is definitely going to be a day one purchase for sure. Also, it’s great to hear Star Fox coming along as well. Next year is going to be amazing!

    1. So you’re getting another Wii U? I thought you said you were just going to buy a PC instead?

      I haven’t been around much other than submitting a few things here and there, so I’m not up to date. I just remember your Wii U had died on you, and I swore you said you weren’t getting another one. Just wondering is all.

      1. No. I still have the same Wii U. I got lucky because my Wii U has a warranty and I’m able to repair it for free. If I had to pay money, then yeah. I probably would’ve just continued saving for a PC instead. But now Nintendo’s games have interfered with that plan. No way am I missing out on those 2015 games. LOL. Although, I’m still trying to save up on the side for that PC.

        1. Oh, I see. Well that is good news indeed.

          Yea, no way I’d pay $175 to repair my Wii U. Then don’t even get me started on the irreplaceable gamepad that cost $85 to repair and $140 to replace with a refurbished one…

          It better last me an entire cycle, because if it isn’t under warranty if it were to break, screw that mess. Hopefully they make a new Zelda Bundle, so I can replace the WW one I have now with a newer made model.

    1. Also, you can see how based Aonuma and based Miyamoto are proud and confident about their games. This is going to be great, great, great stuff guys, holy shit.

  6. Zelda U, Xenoblade, Mario Maker, star fox…….. Like oh my gosh. Can’t wait. If they have a zelda bundle…… Imma buy that and probably give my original to someone else.

    1. Yeah at 2:10 it’s like zelda meets the world of xenoblade. It made me think of that anyway. The world seems to semi look imspired from it, like nintendo wanted to make zelda bigger after seeing that game on there system. Hoefully the game isn’t a fail like that garbage zelda SS though……. nothing can be that much of a fail again.

        1. SS is not a Zelda game, pretty much just a random adventure game with “Zelda” in its title.
          Nowhere near a bad game, but… yeah, not a Zelda, it disappointed a lot of people.

          1. Sorry do yo work as the producer of The Legend Of Zelda games o something like that ? :s It’s a Official and Complete Zelda game and only was disappointed for sillys fanboys. Each Zelda game had a unique style. Deal with it.

        2. It’s really restrictive and hand holdy. Motion controls were alright at best, buggy and Undetective at worst

        3. I very much enjoyed Skyward Sword. It is the most linear Zelda no doubt, but at the same time it has the best story out of any Zelda. So it balances out quite nicely. Plus it contains my favorite Zelda dungeon of all time. It’s not the best Zelda ever made, but far from the worst. Give it a try grape, you may enjoy it.

  7. I was disappointed in their presentation of Zelda Wii U. I wish it was more like FFXV’s presentation to where it was full screen. I can understand it though, they didn’t need to do that, as we’re fortunate enough to even get a glimpse of footage.

    1. No. It’s that they don’t want to reveal too much of the game just yet. There’s plenty to come. This is Nintendo and Zelda we’re talking about. It usually meets high expectations.

      1. Naa, the only reason i bought ps4 in the first plays were to play the last of us. The rest of the games that comes to the console, comes to pc, so i play them on my pc. Basically, the ps4 collects dust and my car aint ;)

          1. And Bloodborne and The Order too. The Order might be a meh game, I’m not quite sure, but Bloodborne is gonna be a hype machine.

            1. The Order looks like shit. However Bloodbourne, Arkham Knight, No Mans Sky, Adrift, Uncharted four,…. There are several good reasons to own Ps4. I would hold onto it. But defiantly buy a Wii U. Not sure how many of those games will be on the PC, so that’s always an option.

              If you own a Ps4 and a Wii U you are set for this gaming generation. There is absolutely no reason to buy an Xbox 1. I really don’t understand why it’s selling so well.

    1. Why?there are plenty of great games available and arriving for PS4. You just have to look around. It’s actually a great lineup for the first year alone! Just save up for a Wii U and by the time you do so all these awesome games will be released :D

  8. Yet again, Nintendo shows the Wii U isn’t such a weak console after with those sexy graphics!

    Gameplay looks amazing and I’m glad to hear Star Fox U is coming out before it ;D

  9. I am not a zelda fan nor played any of zelda game. Perhaps i played only the one ds but i don’t remember the game but this game looks way awesome and I will surely by this game to experience my very first zelda game on Wii U!

  10. Cool… I hope that the game still feels like a Zelda game. I get the feeling from the clip that it could easily feel like Shadow of The Colossus which isn’t altogether horrible since I love that game to bits.

  11. … the game was already an insta-buy for me. Where do I have to throw money at to get this… I wantz. Bad.
    And the Star Fox announcement… my gods Nintendo. If people are still complaining that the Wii U “has no library of good games,” next year will single-handedly be able to make them shut up.

  12. Chanchi the Disgraceful

    I can’t believe anyone who has ever played any Zelda title doesn’t have complete faith at this point. Even the worst Zelda game (from Nintendo) is better than 95% of all the games in all of existence. How can you doubt at this point?

    1. Chanchi the Disgraceful

      and it does look like there was a bit of Skyrim influence, as reported a year ago. Also, I like that Epona has a bit of AI at this point and can guide herself to a destination.

  13. I definitely wasn’t expecting to see this at the video game awards. This Zelda game is looking AMAZING! I love how fluid and realistic Link’s running is. And the way Epona runs. Everything looks awesome. I wish I could play it right now.

    1. Links animations were beautiful to say the least. I’m sure his swimming animations will be spot on too. If you go back and look at the map, you will notice so many different rivers, and lakes, and ponds… Even a beach. It really looks amazing…

      I cant wait to play the new Water Temple

  14. I just pray it isn’t dumbed down. It looks stunning and I can’t wait to play it but I’m going to be pissed if it’s another game that caters to the casual player.

    Maybe I’m the only one who has noticed this, but it seems like a lot of the games being released today are always so much easier than previous iterations, besides a few. Bayonetta is a perfect example, am I the only one who found the 2nd to be easier than the 1st? It was a little disappointing to me, when it should be the other way around.

    It just better not be anywhere near as easy as ALBW. I loved the game but I won’t act like it was any sort of challenge. Hero mode was a walk in the park.

    1. I agree with this 100%. ALBW was way too easy. But I don’t think they would do that with a console Zelda. It will probably be on par with Twilight Princess and Skyward Sword in terms of difficulty… Hopefully harder than both of those. Maybe they have learned thier lesson and will allow us to choose our own difficulty.

    2. I understand your concern Michelle but no need to worry, Nintendo doesn’t dumb down their biggest games especially the ones in the Zelda franchise

    3. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

      Blame the graphicwhores for this and the power hungry ones that turned this universe into a shallow superficial garbage for casuals…

  15. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

    There, High Command has once again prove that our empire is the only one that delivers when it wants to…

    I look forward to the gameplay…

  16. Nintendo revealed new Zelda WII U gameplay for the game awards because that fps game they have in development will be a big show stopper at e3 and they needed some more hype without showing all their cards to tide people over for the time being.

  17. Games like this is why I’ve never lost faith in Nintendo. And why I always think people are brain dead when they insult Nintendo and/or the Wii U. Nintendo knows how to make breathtaking, fun and epic games. They’ll always be the greatest game company there is.

            1. Nintendo constantly fails to market their games
              Nintendo consistently fails to cater to large sections of their core audience
              Nintendo does not strategize their financial, software and hardware sections accordingly to potential impacts on any one section
              Nintendo does not provide a satisfactory online experience
              Nintendo consistently produces weak hardware
              Nintendo consistently fails to take advantage of their large number of creative patents and IPs
              Nintendo does not create hardware relative to the culture of the release time
              Nintendo does not support blu Ray and a variety of basic functions for their hardware
              Nintendo consistently fails to form sufficient partnerships with third party developers
              Nintendo management has been under par, not properly managing shipments of stocks with current demand for software and hardware
              Nintendo does not support international standard for software compatibility
              And so much more

              Your turn

              1. Ok my turn right?

                Sony loses money with every console every generation
                Sony constantly lies and deceives all of their consumers with smoke and mirrors like tactics
                Sony biggest IPs of past generations have failed or have been killed off due to lack of demand
                Sony has been caught copying Nintendo’s gaming ideas and innovations and other gaming companies for that matter on a constant basis
                Sony lacks innovative gaming ideas hence why their controllers have been virtually the same gen after gen
                Sony has sold out to the western gaming audience and have totally abandoned their own Japanese gaming audience just so so they can compete with Microsoft
                Sony’s many storied gaming development studios have now folded due to their focus on catering to 3rd party companies and their poor finances
                Sony’s exclusive IPs of today are severely lacking in quality and substance and the review scores of those IPs reflect that
                Sony has had consistent constant failed gaming products outside of the Playstation brand with the only exception being the PSP
                Sony has been continuing to make very poor business decisions that has not only made them to have to shrink their business model but has also hit them hard financially
                Sony has not turned a profit in 9 years from any sector of their business
                Sony like Microsoft have whored themselves to mainly appealing to
                dude-bro gamers
                Sony only makes powerful hardware for the sake of bragging rights
                Sony consoles now have no backwards compatibility when their consoles did
                Sony’s gaming division is continuously losing billions while Nintendo’s is thriving
                And so much more

                You wanna continue?

                  1. Awwwwwe……..what’s the matter the truth hurts? Not my fault that the Playstation brand is a shell of it’s former self

                1. nintendo has also been losing money every financial quarter. they essentially only have a gaming sector. lol.
                  a console doesn’t need backwards compatibility to be good, you buy the console for the newest games.
                  dude-bro gamers? sony has plenty of third party support that isn’t geared towards “dude-bros,” but you can go to metacritic and compare the highest rated games between ps3/4 and nintendo wii/wiiu. (and don’t pull that bullshit “look at what games they have right now” argument. how long did it take for the wiiu to actually get some decent games?)
                  people love the ps4 controller, it doesn’t need to be some gimmicky piece of shit like the gamepad. you are essentially arguing if sony doesn’t do stupid shit like nintendo then they aren’t innovative, period. the ps vita AND ps4 are well received in japan. sony always makes games that appeal to their japanese fanbase, but since they wouldn’t be as popular in america they aren’t localized, you dibshit. do your research and you will find tons of games that are japan only.

                  stupid arguments are stupid

              1. Let me guess. PS4 sucks because it doesn’t have Mario, right? And everyone that doesn’t play Nintendo games are automatically labeled as a Sony or Microsoft fanboy. Lol. I didn’t even say Sony had no flaws. All companies have flaws. If I told you the flaws Nintendo had, you would probably ignore most of them and just call me a fanboy. People here don’t seem to realize the difference between criticism and hate. And it’s stupid. And this reply was meant towards Paidenthusiast. But my point still stands for you too, Collector.

                1. I’m well aware of Nintendo’s flaws. But they’ve never been bad enough for me to turn on them, or praise a competitor’s console.

      1. The same goes to Sony and Microsoft, imposter! Damage controlling on a company that you hate causes cancer and yeast infection.

  18. Nintendos biggest trump card is all the ip’s they have that are only available on their systems. What I think they should do in the future is help out more games in development and go full force for console exclusive games like they did with bayonetta 2. I also believe they should start purchasing struggling or somewhat struggling game company’s and lock up even more exclusive games and characters.

      1. That’s why i have a PC…

        what’s the point of getting 3rd party games when they’ll just make dumb down versions or push release dates (rayman)

        nintendo made the mistake of trusting the 3rd party devs in the beginning of the WiiU life cycle.

        If you want to play COD get a ps4 or xbone…

        1. Well they obviously should have pushed the third parties to optimize well for Wii U, or make a console that’s ACTUALLY EASY TO DEVELOP FOR

      2. Look at Square Enix in Bravely Default, Koei-Tecmo in Hyrule Warriors (Omega Force and Team NINJA developed the game), and Bandai-Namco in co-developing Super Smash Bros. In conclusion, Nintendo have already done that.

        1. wow three games… one that is a 3ds game, one that is a first-party game, and one that is a mediocre game on the wiiu… lol. good job nintendo.

  19. I just hope they release Xenoblade well before Zelda. If they release both of these games in the same month, that could be very detrimental to my employment.

  20. Watching the footage of this game just made me regret buying a Wii U at launch day for $350,its yet a underpowered gimmick worth the same price as its predecessor the Wii ,$250 at launch.

    This game barely looks better early ps3 titles.

    The last of us,pisses and shits all over this game,it looks like Skyward Sword in HD

    1. That’s nice and all you hatin ass faggot but you still haven’t answered my question about the obvious graphical downgrade from the PS4 version of The Witcher 3 but then again that’s the history of Sony for ya in a nutshell……lies, deceptions, and a bunch of smoke and mirrors….smh and btw the new Zelda takes a gigantic nasty wet shit on that wannabe Tomb Raider clone ass Uncharted 4 LMAO

      1. There was no graphical downgrade. If you compared the reveal trailer of Witcher 3 and the las test opening intro, it appears that it has improved significantly. We’ve literally only seen Nathan Drake getting up from a swamp, reloading a gun, and walking off. There are no grounds for comparison

        And I trust that you’re smart enough to realize that wasn’t me?

        1. Oh no that comment was for who ever that made that dumb ass comment and there was an obvious graphical downgrade on the console versions of The Witcher 3. Look at the E3 footage of that game and then look at the GA footage. Both the PS4 and Xbox One versions of that game have been severely downgraded which is leading to me to believe that maybe that wasn’t the console version of The Witcher 3 even being shown at E3. It was most likely the PC version being shown and nothing more. Sony did this shit before with Watch Dogs, Killzone Shadow Fall and Infamous Second Son so what makes you think they wouldn’t pull this shit again with The Witcher 3. Like I said Sony is full of lies, deceptions and smoke and mirrors but hey to each their own

              1. And there’s this guy whos insults require more than 1 cuss, I’m pretty sure a lot of people care by the way. Please do research before consulting me.

  21. Now picture Nintendo in years time. The ball is in their court. They have full control with the next Nintendo console after the WII U. Nintendo had an early jump start and with Sony and Xbox they are looking to clamp down for a long time, all it would take in my view is for Nintendo to focus on getting a nice top list of only playable on the WII U big hitters before they move on to their next console. Make true Nintendo fans happy. Worry about all the nay sayers and games that get passed up on the WII U for the ps4 or xbox one later (next console) but Nintendo would not have to worry if they cut into ps4 and xbox ones console life cycle by some years with a higher spec system (with specs high enough to get crowds talking and the other consoles to be worried instead of just putting out a small jump above ps4 and xbox ones power) also have WII U backwards compatibility and connectivity for hand held. Now imagine a Nintendo console like this unveiled to the world years before ps4 and xbox one wish to move on and come out with a new console. All their classic ips with super ultra HD graphic power at their disposal. Ps4 and Xbox cannot contend with Nintendo’s IPS now add in all the 3rd party games flocking to the system and you are living large and in charge. I feel the reason that Nintendo has seen such a slow start is because they messed up on the specs by being blinded by the Wii success and when the specs of the other systems came out they got smothered by hordes of graphic spec hype. Nintendo will do well if they stay on course and make most fans happy with the WII U involving exclusives. A Wii U HD new Pokemon could pull large numbers. From my view I believe they have the ball in their court and are sitting on a bright future to make big waves years from now.

    1. No, they shouldn’t release the next console years before Sony/MS. Look up Sega’s console release history and you’ll know what I mean

    2. I would say from a hardware and business perspective, that was probably one of Nintendo’s biggest mistakes with the Wii U was releasing it so early. In situations like this with gaming consoles, it would be best to wait as long as you possibly can to take notes on what your competitors are up to. That is just smart if you ask me.

      Some people want to act like the other consoles have no games now, but the Wii U had even less games in its first year, it was horrible. Nintendo released this system totally unprepared and they’ve pretty much straight up admitted this already, so there isn’t much anyone can do to defend that. Their online infrastructure is still not up to par with everyone else and they didn’t anticipate the differences in making high definition games that take much more time to produce.

      For me Nintendo has had a bad habit of underestimating their competitors in the past and just the gaming market in general. I think they’ve learned their lesson this time around, or at least I hope. With the way I see it, no matter how well you may be doing over someone, you should never become cocky or too arrogant to think you can’t learn something from them. If they just payed attention to the simple little things that were becoming the norm in gaming, they wouldn’t have had so much trouble with the Wii U during its starting life.

      Instead they chose to be stubborn, they didn’t think HD games were important for the longest and they didn’t think online gaming was important for the longest either. The Wii U suffered for a good while because of this and it’s still suffering a little in the online front, sure it is free online but it still isn’t as great as an online infrastructure as the others is the point.

      This whole idea people have of Nintendo needing to release another console so soon is baffling to me. That is exactly why it’s better to wait, to build a better system that is on par or better than your competitors. Then you people wouldn’t be wanting another console so soon. Short console cycles sound awful to me, and I can’t understand for the life of me why people would want this. Consoles aren’t cheap and I would prefer if they lasted a decent while. Otherwise I’ll just stick to PC gaming and invest more money into my PC. Hell they might as well just brand PC’s with console names if that’s the case, as it kind of defeats the entire purpose of consoles to have them be tossed aside so quickly, just to have buy another in such a short span.

      1. Yep. Nintendo released way too early. They have always had strong launch games. The Wii had Mario Galaxy, Metroid Prime, and Twilight Princess. Those are huge titles to launch a console with. The Wii U had nothing. I bought a Wii U day one, but I was not excited about the games at all. In fact I hardly touched my Wii U for a long time. But I knew the games would come. Now imagine if Nintendo would have waited, and launched thier console after the Ps4 in May. They would have had Mario Kart 8, Super Mario 3d World, and Pikmin 3 as thier launch titles, among others. They would have had an amazing first year. We would still be in the Wii U’s first year and we would have Smash, and every other game that we have now… In the first Year! With Zelda and Xenoblade coming in the second year. Nintendo would have knocked it out of the park. And they would have avoided all of the negative press from that horrible first year.

        So yea, your right, they released it too early.

  22. Nothing will save the Wii U,even if the next Fifa 16 and the next Destiny were exclusive to Wii U,that wouldn’t save the console,what’s coming to Wii U after 2015?


    1. You have the information how Wii u did first 2 weeks with Smash? So where is the information? Also FIFA or any 3rd party tittles saved Xbox One. If COD, GTA5, EA, BF4 did save it then why did it become the first console to need 5 changes in less than 12 months to finally surpass Wii U in sales?

    2. We don’t even know Nintendo’s plans for 2016, their probably gonna do repeats, gotta keep in mind, Sony and Microsoft do repeats as frequent as Nintendo. Don’t speak so soon. Its like when your playing a board game and your about to win but then your bastard of a friend comes and snatches victory somehow…

  23. I 100% agree Yoshida,Wii U is a weak dying little puppy that seriously needs to be put down,Nintendo needs to lay this doggie to rest,it cannot compete with the BIG DOGS



    Signing OFF

    1. And then there’s this bastard… The one who’s too caught up in their own systems to take consideration for other games. Please… From the bottom of my heart…
      Become a adult and come back here when, if ever, accomplished

  24. Well if Nintendo had specs like the ps4/Xbox one this conversation would not be happening. End of story. It is not about games anymore it’s about resolution/graphics and frames per second. Nintendo dosen’t need all the power in the world to make fun memorable games. The gameplay is more important to them then being 90% focused on graphics like most. If the specs were at the same level as the other consoles these graphic nerds wouldn’t have anything else to say other then blasting Nintendo on their beleif that Nintendo is milking Mario games. Take away the spec difference between consoles and what you are left with? not much other then exclusive games chit chat.

    1. The more power a system have the more the developer is capable to achieve his full vision, with the most content, the greatest possible visuals, and things like a full on orchestra OST. It could even strtch out to an infinite world

      1. Im sorry, but that is bullshit.. Some of the best and most memorable games in history were developed on weaker consoles. The power of a console matters very little when it comes to the quality of the game. If you have a talented and dedicated developer, with a good idea, you will get a good game regardless of how powerful a console is. Why is Minecraft the higest selling game of all time? Certainly not graphics. Why did Shovel Knight win Indie game of the year, and was extremely successful? Not becouse of graphics. Why does the Nintendo 3ds have so many good games? (Zelda, Bravely Default, Fire Emblem, etc. etc.) The graphics aren’t near as good as the Vita’s? I could go on and on.. Graphics are only a piece of the pie…

        1. “If you have a talented and dedicated developer, with a good idea, you will get a good game regardless of how powerful a console is.”
          But the question is, how fast do you want those games made? And how much work must a develop put in to achieve that gameplay?

          Minecraft actually DOES depend on good hardware, actually. Why does the PC version have infinite worlds, but not the PS360 ones? Why does the PC version have more randomly generated content, but not the PS360 ones? The same goes for Shovel Knight to an extent, too.

          1. Since when a console needs to be powerful to make great games? Since when a game needs awesome graphics to be fun? From what I know the Nintendo 64, the GameCube and the Wii had super fun games that millions and millions of people buying their games, the Xbox too and the PS and PS2 and PS3, yet Wii U is even more powerful than all of those consoles and it can’t have great and fun games and it deserves to die? The Wii was the least powerful console, and still it won that generation, it’s just people these days that think graphics is quality. And buy games from their popularity factor and their cool factor, but not from quality factor, just like music. When I see people buying COD yearly and buggy Assassin’s Creed games, it’s like when I see people buying music from Justin Bieber and whatever other awful singer there is.

            Plus, Nintendo did do the WIi U more powerful than PS3 and Xbox 360, but those companies had one more year to upgrade and release something more powerful. Also people don’t understand that Nintendo saw Wii being #1 being the least powerful, so they thought that they didn’t have to do the Wii U so powerful since that generation proved that graphics weren’t the big shit.

            1. It’s not about a game needing better graphics to be fun. It’s about the fact that developers aren’t making games for the Wii U because of its weaker hardware. And that’s why Nintendo keeps getting criticized over making their systems weaker. Because it’s costing people games that they might want to play.

  25. Haha xbots and ponies can’t haz teh new zelda!

    If nintendo went 3rd party they would be the best 3rd party devs… but they are 1st party and the best 1st party

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  27. lord ghost : king of the federation

    looks alright. still needs more enemies on the field and still needs more special effects like the glass flowing from winds.

    1. bravo, bravo. your intelligence is amazing. the lord ghost is an expert in all the fields of programming and animation.
      wait, you said you were dissapointed becase it wasn’t like the tech demo and this one is a “homosexual” game.

    2. I do agree, it does need more enemies. Although I found it nifty how Epona’s tail swayed, cantg wait to see the finished version…

      1. “I do agree, it does need more enemies. Although I found it nifty how Epona’s tail swayed, cantg wait to see the finished version…”
        excellent comment, dude!. i can’t wait for the finished version.
        keep in mind that they did not show the enemy of the e3 trailer

        1. I just realized my typo… Can’t*

          Thank you! =D

          I think that enemy is a mini boss, it’s not often you see a normal enemy that big. =\

  28. Zelda Wii U 27th November 2015
    Starfox (Spaceship only boring shit, seriously give us something like starfox adventures) 20th November 2015
    Majoras Mask 13th November 25
    insert kappa face here

    1. You maybe right about the Zelda release date (And maybe the Majora Mask date as well) but I don’t think Nintendo would release Starfox in the same month because a lot of attention will be centered the new Zelda. I think maybe either September or October will be the months that Nintendo will be shooting for the new Starfox

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