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GameCube Adapter For Super Smash Bros Wii U Back In Stock At GameStop

US retailer GameStop has recently updated its online site stating that the GameCube Controller Adapter for Super Smash Bros Wii U is now back in stock. The adapters for the popular brawler have suffered a considerable shortage in both the US and European gaming markets since the game’s release last month. According to its online site, GameStop will not be shipping orders for the adapters until next week, December 15. Currently priced at $19.99, if you’ve been looking to purchase one make sure you do so quickly at the retailer’s website, here.

60 thoughts on “GameCube Adapter For Super Smash Bros Wii U Back In Stock At GameStop”

    1. Don’t be an ass, and let people who are desperate for one get it. You’re like a factory that dumps oil in the lakes for the hell of it.

      1. Aw ok, thanks for the response though. It’s crazy. First day when Smash comes out, i go to Best Buy at like 2pm and they’re already sold out…

  1. I hope they don’t sell out in the next for hours…I really need one and I don’t want scalpers buying them all up AGAIN.

  2. I just ordered this, but honestly, if you don’t get one, I’ve been using one of the PDP controllers since the game launched and it’s both great and compatible with more games than just Smash.

      1. I wouldn’t say it’s any less perfect than a Gamecube controller, I mean, it *is* modeled to be a Gamecube controller. It’s comfortable and the buttons are all in the right places. I think the only advantages to the adapter are that you can use controllers you already own and you can go truly wireless with the Wavebird and still have the Gamecube button layout.

  3. They’re already sold out. Tried to buy one but it says “One or more items have been deleted or modified based on the availability”

    1. Go fuck yourself dude. There are people who just want one of these so they can play smash bros, and all you can think about is padding your own pockets.

        1. Although I do believe will be the next to have it. An email I got from nintendo said “Stores that are currently out-of-stock should be getting a new shipment of Nintendo GameCube Adapters for the Super Smash Bros. Edition Controller sometime soon. I suggest that you check back with retailers periodically to locate and purchase one.”

  4. I literally had it in my shopping cart and after entering all my information for purchase, right as i press the purchase button it sells out… boo…

      1. But you don’t know how much later he meant. He could’ve been talking about five minutes after he ordered the adapter. Or the next two days. Or two months. Or next year.

  5. I just purchased 15 gamecube adapters and then walked around town handing them out to random homeless people. What a great feeling it was to help the less unfortunate.

  6. Nintendo needs to get this issue fixed immediately. Christmas is coming soon and they’re gonna have a lot of upset customers including myself if these aren’t in stock! >_<

  7. Ty Lord finally got one!!!! i was soo about to pay the crappy e-bay prices but i randomly check all the stores sites when i wake up and i saw gamestop had them and almost crapped my pants. I do admit i was thinking about buying like 5 or 6 to sell myself but i only got 1 so happy hunting..

  8. HOLY CRAP! I got lucky when I sold mine (for personal reasons) a couple of weeks back, JUST before G$ received their shipment.

    Guess I know what I’m buying back… *smirk*

  9. Its ridiculous like why would they make only so little of the adapters!? and freaking gamestop only having like 2 sold. Nintendo should know about the demand for it and create more!

  10. I emailed Nintendo and told them they ruined Christmas. In all seriousness though, my boyfriend is going to be really disappointed that I couldn’t get him one. I’ve been checking Gamestop (and other sites) every day and missed out yet again.

  11. Are you fucking kidding me they’re gone already!!! Omg this is unbelievable !!! I hope it’s true about the new shipment coming next week. And if gamestop lets us reserve them I headed there right after work

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