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Nintendo Japan Announces Four 3DS Games Have Achieved 2 Million Sales Within 5 Months

Nintendo of Japan has unveiled four 3DS games have achieved double-million sales figures in just five months. In a press release, the Kyoto-based company named Yokai Watch 2, Super Smash Bros for 3DS, Monster Hunter 4G and Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire as its four games to reach two million copies sold since their respective launches. It’s a remarkable feat in such a short space of time for the Japanese market, where portable gaming is in a much higher demand than traditional home console gaming.

According to the publisher’s statement, the Nintendo 3DS now has ten titles that have achieved the double-million seller status, with only the Nintendo DS usurping after 14 games exceeded 2 million sales. Further down the line, the Wii remains with 8 double-million selling games and the Game Boy Advance with just two titles. In addition, Nintendo remarked sales of the handheld totaled 17 million units as of November 23 following a significant boost from sales of the New Nintendo 3DS.

While North America and Europe have yet to see the Yokai Watch franchise hit the regions, its success in Japan is admirable with Level-5 announcing Yokai Watch 2: Headliner – the third version which follows Ganso and Honke – topped one million in pre-order sales before its December 13 release.

12 thoughts on “Nintendo Japan Announces Four 3DS Games Have Achieved 2 Million Sales Within 5 Months”

  1. I don’t know if your comment direct to me ^^; but I own both 3DS and
    Vita plus PS4 & Wii U so I would love more games coming to these systems :)

    1. The nintendo magistrate

      I’m going to be doing a kickstarter for a game im going to try and put on the 3ds and maybe the vita but it’s mainly a nintendo title

  2. Maybe the Wii U in not doing great, but this shows that Nintendo is far from having economical issues, they still are in the fight!

  3. How the fuck does Pokemon sell so well? as a Nintendo fan i can safely say it’s one of Nintendo’s most boring franchises, it’s like their version of CoD- all the “new” things are basically just new fucking Pokemon and a new region, that’s the equivalent to a CoD fan justifying the new call of duty being different by saying it has new maps and new guns.

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