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Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker Review

Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker marks the very first time Captain Toad and Toadette are the stars of their very own adventure. Its straightforward narrative begins when Toadette is whisked away by a giant bird named Wingo, serving as the main motive for Captain Toad to set off on on epic hunt for treasure. The roles are reversed later on, giving players a chance to take control of Captain Toad’s pink pig-tailed doppelganger. Treasure Tracker is essentially a puzzle-solving title with platforming elements. Each course was designed as a mini maze in which collectibles and hidden objects are featured and enemies roam.

The game contains over 70 courses, each of which was designed to be its own puzzle to solve. It asks players to reveal secrets, such as hidden locations, through manipulating levels by twisting the in-game camera via the Wii U GamePad’s right control stick or the controller’s gyro controls, which unfortunately can’t be disabled. If you want to play without having to move your arms around, you’ll need to sit in a position that keeps your hands steady to avoid camera frustrations, which I encountered quite frequently during my playthrough. Similarly, there’s a lot of puzzles that can only be solved using the GamePad’s touch screen, forcing you to gaze away from the HD screen on the TV and glance at the controller’s 6.2-inch display.


Early stages are pretty easy to complete and do an exceptional job of introducing the game to beginners. But later levels can prove to be a challenge as they introduce new elements that test your thinking skills and patience. A questionable omission is the lack of a timer, which would’ve been a welcome inclusion for those looking to see how fast they can solve a puzzle or beat their past times. My least favorite stages were those that placed our hero in a mine cart, which allow you to throw turnips at enemies, obstacles and coins by taking control of the camera via gyro controls or the right joystick on the GamePad. While these types of stages change up the gameplay a bit, the controls irked me the most while playing through them.

Captain Toad isn’t the standard Toad who appears as the fastest playable character in some of the Super Mario platformers; he is a much slower variation thanks to his hefty backpack, which also prevents him from jumping and sprinting. His lack of standard abilities are suitable for a puzzle game of this scope, as it regularly pushes players to think outside the box. Although enemies such as Goombas can still be squashed by giving their noggins a whack, defeating them can only be accomplished by maneuvering through levels to find spots that give Captain Toad the height advantage to drop on them, or by hunting for projectiles that can be tossed in their faces.


As a Super Mario 3D World spinoff, Treasure Tracker reuses items found in previous entries in the Super Mario series. Coins are scattered throughout levels, each of which encourages players to revisit stages and collect more coins to beat their high scores. Although coins don’t have to be collected, 100 of them grant Captain Toad an extra life, which you’ll want to keep a stock of – especially during later levels. Turnips can be plucked from certain spots and then hurled at enemies, and they can also be used to collect treasure. The Double Cherry is also back and splits Captain Toad, challenging you to focus on two things at once. Those who have Super Mario 3D World save data on their console have access to bonus levels that allow Captain Toad to traverse through levels from the 2013 Mario title. Coins can be collected, hidden objects can be found and each level ends upon touching a green star. Treasure Tracker’s core levels outshine the bonus ones, but who doesn’t appreciate extra content?

Control issues aside, Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker is an adorable game. Don’t let its price tag fool you; from its cute characters, clever puzzles, addictive gameplay and bonus levels, there’s plenty of fun content to justify spending your hard-earned coins. Treasure Tracker is easily one of the Wii U console’s best puzzle titles to date. It is a great way to end the year – and an exciting way to begin 2015 for those in Europe.


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        1. About 11 hours but will take you longer if you hunt down all the treasure and play through the bonus levels. Music’s all right but heard most of it before.

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    1. Does Wii U have Halo game? Please use some sense, every console has their gems, don’t start unnecessary fanboy wars

        1. who the hell cares about third parties lol. Wii U doesn’t need delayed, buggy games like ass creed and rehash dooty or overhyped dogshit like Destiny lol. Nintendo games are the only true polished, original games

          1. Yes because those are the only 3rd party games? A polished 3rd party game that is coming out and I know it will be polished is because the prequels by the company were polished is Batman Arkham Knight.

          1. So um which exclusive would last in top ten longer list in sales Halo or Zelda U? I see Xbox One gamers rather support Fifa and Madden than the real purpose of an Xbox one which is exclusives. Even a PS4 exclusive Knack was in top five before and that even as strong an IP compared to Halo. Sad I know. So did Halo meet standards? Everytime a new Nintendo game comes out haters say”it could have sold better thwn that.” Yet when it’s the other way around they ignore that. Did Driveclube reach sales standards? Did it outsell AC Unity or Watchdogs or GTA V?

            1. The last few TLOZ games haven’t performed well. ALBW and SS were one of the worst selling according to the sales charts MNN put out awhile ago. I don’t remember Halo sales though

              Problem was no one cared about Driveclub. Sony was advertising it like it was the next AAA game, when honestly ever since that delay all hype was gone for it. I haven’t played the game but reviews aren’t positive for it as far as I know

              1. Sad. Drive club didn’t sell like Fifa. Sad I know. Why don’t no one care about Driveclub exclusive? According to you Sony makes good exclusives? What ranking did it receive as a score? Did it get a 9/10 like Nintendo exclusives usually get? I’m sure it did right?

                1. “Did it get a 9/10 like Nintendo exclusives usually get” Ignoring Hyrule Warriors, Fantasy Life, and the point of this article itself, Treasure Tracker. Fail fanboy is fail

                  1. Ignoring “usually” doesn’t mean “ALWAYS” so Toad game isn’t conflicted with my comment. Sad I know. I didn’t know Hyrule Warriors was made by Nintendo.

              2. Driveclub not meeting standards because of a delay? Ignoring Watch Dogs was Delayed numerous times and PS4 version was no.1 best selling game for weeks. And it was over hyped like Driveclub. So Sony fans don’t want to experience Exclusives too? Sad I know.

                1. I think you mixed up “quality” standards and “sales” standards. Problem was no one was hyped for Driveclub, and based on the reviews and launch day problems people were hesitant to buy it

              3. Reviews on Watch Dogs isn’t positive neither and it is already over a million. So what’s your next excuse for why Driveclube, Overdrive and Halo doesn’t sell like Watchdogs, GTA5, and COD on last gen consoles too?

                1. But people were hyped for Watch Dogs. That’s what I’ve been saying since the start. Reviews are complementary, hence I added it at the last part

                  Watch Dogs didn’t sell well on last gen consoles

                  Well I guess Xbox fanboys didn’t support SSO and Halo then. In Halo’s case it may be because of the launch day bugs, so people were waiting for it to be fixed

                    1. Are you autistic or something? Even when people are trying to be calm towards you, you still try to attack them

            2. Halo is practically unplayable sometimes. My friend tried to stream it and couldn’t cause the online was fucked. Comes down to exclusives, Microsoft lacks and they don’t even care. Or so it seems, anyways..

        1. Neither do Xbox one gamers. I guess by next week it will be out the list. I thought Halo would stick atound in top 10 like MK8 did. What’s that word you said 26 hours, 47mins and 24 seconds about Smash Bros? “Not up to standards in sales?” compared to previous Smash Bros. Rember 13 months, 2 weeks, 22hours, and 58 mins and 44 seconds ago ,haters said 3D World didn’t meet standards? Funny how Halo for Xbox didn’t meet standards yet they ignore that. Sad I Know.

          1. What makes you think I care for Halo?

            And considering the fact that Smash dropped to the sub-20’s in a less than 3 weeks, yeah…

            And Knack outsold 3D World 13 months 2 weeks, 22 hours and 58 mins and 44 seconds ago

            1. Knack did? In order to had did that it must have lasted top ten for months. I never asked if you cared about Halo. Why didn’t that exclusive meet standards? As for Smash? How would you know Wii U smash drop down to 20 if 27 hours ago you told me Nintendo releases sales monthly not weekly? Remember?

            2. Speaking of Knack you say outsold 3D Mario already over a million 3D Worlds by now, Knack also outsold Halo according to yo. After all Knack didn’t come in at no. 10. So why you ignore Knack outselling Halo but bring up it outsold 3D World. Interesting. Rather make excuses for Xbox exclusives not meeting standards but not Nintendo. Sad I know.

                1. You just did when bugs at launch. Also Knack last year was much higher than 10. Why isn’t Halo and Xbox One has a bigger install base higher than what was PS4’s át the time a year ago.

      1. Yeah just too bad Xbox one owners rather play games experienced on other consoles than support what makee Xbox unique according to sells. At least PS4 exclusives are top 5.

        1. Why are you shitting on other companies so much? Isn’t this a Nintendo website? If you want to post your poison, please go to some mainstream website like IGN, GameSpot, or Kotaku. No one likes a party pooper

  1. Anyone know if Sunset over drive sold better than Watch dogs? I could have sworn Watchdogs for Xboxone stayed in top ten longer than Sunset? Why?Don’t you xbox lovers rather experience something you can’t get off other consoles. And the sad part is most of you paid $500 for the consoles and rather get the same experience on PS3….sad I know.

    1. Can you please just shut up? You’re ruining the comments section, you do know that? This is about Captain Toad Treasure Tracker, we should be celebrating that such a great game was released, and here you are, just spamming Sony and Xbox hate all over.

      1. Yet you didn’t say that when xbox fans bash Nintendo fans being kiddy. But when I bring up Halo don’t meet standards in it’s a problem. If I’m a troll don’t feed me.

          1. Criticize me all you want to, my heart still pumps blood through my vains? I never under stood cyber bulling, People actually are supposed to get offended by criticism from sentences! That’s stupid.

  2. Also Xbox One fanboys say all Nintendo makes are kiddy games. Sunset Overdrive nor Halo are kiddy? So why did,’t yall get those exclusives in top 5 best sellers like Watch Dogs and GTA? Halo and Sunset are the kinds of games y’all like right? So why didn’t y’all support them enough? but rather support a 3rd party developer. At this rate ya’ll xbox fanboys may not be getting as much exclusives.

      1. Don’t get mad at me because Halo didn’t meet standards. Salt mode huh? Yet everytime a AAA Nintendo title first comes out and sales are available you bring up standards. People brought up 3D World was the worst selling 3D Mario. So did Halo 2 sell better than this Halo tittle then? It doesn’t look like it met standards.

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  3. Xbox/Ps4 fans and Nintendo fans are opposite. Xbox/Sonyans don’t support exclusives and Nintendo fans don’t support 3rd party.. Also Sonyans/Xboxfans makes excuses that those AAA were delayed and over hyped thats why they didn’t support and Nintendo fans use the same excuse for not buying 3rd party….sad I know.

      1. In case someone is wondering if I made the error in numbers, wrong. The translation from japanese to english had an error and ended up with 9000, the original text of the manga claims it’s 8000. Something new everyday right?

            1. I guess so if I had picked up on that i guess i would be offended? Um no? Did i make 10000? Not that i really care just asking for the hell of it.

        1. Dude, I understand you share opinions that Nintendo is the favourable out of the three and so do I. It’s just that when the concept of opinion is thrown out the window and a comments war happens. It happens every time on this sight.

                1. So, me sucking isn’t going to cause me a broken arm or get me fired from my job. All you are to me is some comments on a blog. Big deal.

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        2. Not exactly. For the past few months all anyone has been seeing from you is Nintendo, CPU, ignoring, xx hours, xx minutes ago, and salt. A ton of salt

                  1. Not sure what you talking about but my point is your comments toward me won’t affect me. For example what I think of Obama care won’t get rid of that dumb health insurance.

                    1. What makes you think I’m trying to affect you? I’m simply commenting on your thoughts, take a chill pill

    1. I’m beginning to doubt you own a single console. Anyone with this amount of time continuously off-topic bashing other companies on every single article probably doesn’t even have a console

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  4. I WAS gonna buy this game when it first came out. But christmas shopping (and amiibo’s) took all of my money. Now I have to wait until next month.

  5. Those anniversary Ps4’s are selling for 15-20k online.. You would be really lucky to get the limited edition one.

    It seems like one out of every ten games Nintendo forces a strange control scheme on the player. There is absolutely no reason you shouldn’t be allowed to disable the gyro controls. I hate gyro controls, in any game. It’s a gimmick that never really works great in any game. It doesn’t immerse you into the game, it pulls you out of the game. It’s like gyro controls is hanging off a cliff, ready to fall to it’s doom, but Nintendo keeps extending it’s arm trying to pull it back up.

    I hate Gyro controls on the 3ds, and I hate Gyro controls on the Wii U. It’s really the only thing I Hate about the gamepad. There is this obligation that developers have when making a game on the Wii U, that the gamepad has to be implemented into the gameplay in some fascinating way. And Gyro controls is the easiest route. The path of least resistance for developers, unfortunately the path of most resistance for gamers.

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