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Is This A Redesigned Wii U GamePad In Latest Mario Kart 8 Japanese Commercial?


Some eagle eyed readers have spotted what could be a redesigned Wii U GamePad in the latest Japanese Mario Kart 8 commercial. There’s clearly something off with the GamePad as it appears to be smaller with a larger screen. It wouldn’t be surprising if Nintendo redesigned the GamePad, as the current one is rather bulky and unattractive. We shall have to wait and see.

Thanks, Ben G and Michelle

105 thoughts on “Is This A Redesigned Wii U GamePad In Latest Mario Kart 8 Japanese Commercial?”

    1. I really hope so as well as launching separate Gamepad for purchase in retails and unchaining Gamepad’s restrictive system-only usage so you can use any desired controller to access the system, settings and apps completely.

      1. The gamepad is out of focus and therefore blurry. This causes the illuminated part, the screen, to look bigger, and the non-illuminated part to look smaller.

        The Gamepad is fine the way it. However, a particular youtuber pointed out that the New 3DS has nearly the same functionality as the Gamepad and wondered if it wouldn’t someday be offered as an alternative controller to the Gamepad. Would be interesting. Hell, it already plays Smash.

        1. The Gamepad is a bulky piece of garbage that desperately needs a redesign. I haven’t used mine since the update that made it so you didn’t have to use it on the eShop anymore.

    1. Quintendo Nomander Cuadraxis

      This is literally the same commercial that the EU got except in Japanse. And twice have people begun suggesting a new gamepad.

  1. no. stop. i literally just bought my wii u 6 months ago. i hate always being fucked up the ass with nintendo consoles. just when i buy one, a newer, better version comes out. fuck this.

    1. I know how you feel. I hate how only months after getting my 3DSXL, Nintendo goes and announces the New 3DS, which in itself wouldn’t be so bad if the thing didn’t have exclusive games.

    2. Sony and Microsoft do the same shit with their consoles. When I got my Vita a new slim model came out. When I got my X1 with that stupid Kinect they made one with out. When I got a PS4, a 20th edition got announced…

    1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

      And it’s going to take EVEN MORE effort from dead ancient egyptians to even start considering worshipping you dog…

  2. Bigger screen
    Smaller overall size
    Doubled battery life
    Increased range(the reason he’s a mile away from the tv)

    Updated model intended for not having to have someone else scan your amiibo during multiplayer. As well as future games will require dual gamepad for multiplayer (star fox )

    Source: my balls

    1. You must have wise balls indeed.

      Of they wanted to make it a BIG hit they would help wizzards and kunami make a magic the gathering and yu-gi-oh game, and Nintendo can work on a Pokemon card game (possibly even new card games) and your hand is on the gamepad, and the action happens on the TV

  3. Nintendo South Asian Fan

    Imagine a redesigned Wii U Gamepad which has a larger screen and improved Battery timing and better graphics. Just WOW!

    1. It is clearly not. I haven’t seen the commercial and that picture is rather aweful but the relative size of the screen compared to the rest of the visible gamepad suggest that this is indeed something different than the actual model.

      1. Nintendo is My Blood Reborn

        You nitwit.
        That picture is not it, the commercial has it, watch it before commenting before you make all of us look foolish.

        1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

          Something that bothers me a bit is that it looks somewhat uncomfortable to hold compared to the regular one…

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  5. Nintendo is My Blood Reborn

    I think you’re over-analyzing it.
    Though maybe it is something.
    We need the option to buy a separate GamePad and one that has a bigger screen and smaller size sounds appealing.
    Give it more battery life and maybe longer range and I would gladly buy it.

  6. Mmhh…it’s very suspiscious.
    This commercial is pretty old for one.
    Also,it looks like he’s holdong the b button

  7. If they sell it separate, I’ll consider it. There’s no way I’m buying a New Wii U for this, especially when there’s so many Wii U Games and supposedly the New 3DS coming out next year that’ll be siphoning money out of my wallet….

  8. Mmhh..looks suspicious.
    For one this is a pretty old commercial.
    Also, it looks like he’s holding the b button.
    It could just very well be a fake commercial prototype kind of thing just to make it look better or stand out or something..
    Having said that, it WOULD be time for a wii u redesign.
    Better battery life,hd screen, lighter gamepad and smaller size would be a bold move(and give me an orgasm)

  9. What’s more intriguing is the console bundle itself. Did they finally decide to up the Gigs for the White console? Maybe the current 8gb White model will be phased out soon? Would be a tiny bit of a letdown because I could have had matching white Wii/WiiU consoles; but “tiny bit” because I have the WWHD bundle console so not a huge loss.

    Also, I saw the video. Mm, GamePad doesn’t look so small to me, especially with the guy using it. Watch the part when he falls from the ceiling.

  10. How about the option to get another screen so we can play 2 screened games in remote play so we don’t always have to rely on the tv huh? And whatever happened to the Wii U Zapper too? That looked sweet! lol

        1. Because I can afford the good stuff while you have to resort to a poor man’s shitty OS operated product thats just screaming for Windows and Apple to put it out of its malware-magnet misery. lol

  11. there is rumor of a new redesigned Wii U console, this might be the pad for that console. also the new console rumored to have an SSD/HDD bay to slide sata model drive into the system plus a whole new look externally. they still haven’t decided if they want to keep the Wii mode either. I got this info, of the rumor, from a friend I trade info with about the industry.

  12. New Wii U with a smaller Gamepad would be awesome! I hope that Nintendo would price cut the current Wii U and bring in the new Wii U to convince the new gamers.

  13. If you notice, all the controllers aren’t blurred out up close but the Wii U gamepad is… something tells me Nintendo Direct: Christmas Edition, could be the reveal of the brand new Wii U gamepad.

  14. Well it is the only controller focused out. Weird. considering that the gamepad is it’s selling point. So it could be an upgraded gamepad?

  15. Calling it now: The new Wii U’s console is actually the controller itself. The New Wii U will be the first system Nintendo has released where all games are digital-only and no more hard copies, and everything will be saved and loaded on whatever Cloud Nintendo has.

  16. It looks more like the screen was edited on incorrectly in the video, keeping in mind the screens themselves aren’t actually being filmed, because the lights of the screens would overpower the camera. It’s likely the gamepad’s screen was placed on the controller badly in editing, making it look like a bigger screen and a different tablet.

  17. It’s entirely possible they’re revamping the system so that it’s not just the new games being put out next year that sell the console…’s so that the console can simply sell itself. I mean there are enough people out there who originally had the regular 3DS, then upgraded when the 3DS XL came out, that people will definitely upgrade to a newer Wii U, thus more sales. It would be a fairly good move on Nintendo’s part….Especially if they lowered the price of the original Wii U as a result. I know for a fact that the tablet size and the price of the console have been pretty big cons for a lot of people I know who are on the fence with the Wii U… this could be a definite game changer if nintendo decided to take this route….this could be Nintendo’s Wii U Slim lol

  18. it’s a postproduction oversight. the screen was problably added in post production/green screened to fake the camera movement and enlarged for clarity. Depth of field (which is also done in post production) distort the image even further.
    In the other shots you can clearly the guy is holding the current gamepad.

  19. Maybe they will re-release the Wii U with a redesign like the Xbox 360 and PS3 did. Like The Wii U Pro or something, like they did with the 3DS and DS, Wii U Lite? So people will want to buy more and they’ll add more features. Same Wii U, different look and a lighter GamePad.

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  21. I hope they sell Gamepads in stores, so everyone can have a chance to own a redesigned one. But PLEASE let them come in more colors other than black.



  23. I’d like to see a lighter weight Gamepad. The current Wii U Gamepad is pretty heavy, and really causes the arthritis in my hands to ache.

  24. Lothar of the hill people

    I think this is just a prop for a commercial to showcase the gamepad and accentuate to casual non gamers that indeed there’s a screen on this controller. The reason why I think this, is because the d pad and the abxy buttons are directly below the thumb-sticks which I think would make for some uncomfortable thumb cramping gaming. Also consider how often tv ads take liberties with the products they’re selling–the cheeseburgers are never THAT big.

    Of course I’ve been known to be wrong, from time to time…

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  26. This really made news? HAHAAH! everything is fake in this video all the rooms are CGI. The gamepad is not NEW it’s the angel and blurr. This site is such a joke to be posting this garbage.

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