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Is The Wave Three Amiibo Coming January 21st In The US?

This hasn’t been confirmed by Nintendo, but a GameStop employee has told NeoGAF member SalvaPot that the Wave 3 Amiibo figures will be landing in the United States on January 21st. However, it should be noted that the rumoured release date is rather close to the Japanese Wave 3 date, which is January 22nd. Hopefully we will get confirmation from Nintendo of America soon.

Thanks, RetroGamingLord

26 thoughts on “Is The Wave Three Amiibo Coming January 21st In The US?”

    1. Lucario is the amiibo that I can see myself killing someone for me to obtain. Of course, I want to get them all, even though I’m on a somewhat tight budget.

      So far I only own the Link and Wii Fit Trainer Amiibo. And I should get the Marth and Villager amiibo sooner rather than later.

      1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

        I’m also somewhat tempted to buy a Wii Fit Trainer, mostly because it’s the funniest character to play and troll with online…

  1. Actually here in México a very well known store had them announced for that day about 3 weeks ago so the rumor must be not so away from reality.

    1. Yes… I stopped following on Facebook for that reason… This site used to be my favourite Nintendo news site, but now Im looking for a replacement…

  2. Already have shulk metaknight and lucario preordered and I’m probly going to have to preorder the rest of them too seeing as how their in such short supply =/

  3. 2nd wave is having a lot of trouble, I preordered on Amazon on Nov the 8th. and I got an email telling me they are having difficulties getting my order. Fucking amazon you better don’t dissapoint me.

    1. Same with Best Buy. Pre-ordered for in store pickup, got a message saying 2 of them were ready, got there and nada. Got a new message today saying they will be there tomorrow, but I am not holding my breath.

  4. I hope they can meet demands, I don’t mind preordering a few here or there and the ones exclusive to the stores it makes sense to pre order because those would be in high demand, but right now their supply and distribution is terrible. to have to pre order every single time you want a figure is ridiculous. Because pre orders don’t even garuntee anything and tie up your funds

  5. I sure as hell want the Rosalina amiibo. I got pretty damn good with her. Hugs btw. It has been a while since I commented here.

  6. Guys. Stop trusting these sites who don’t know shit. The release date for 11 of the wave 2 Amiibos isn’t until Feb 28th in the US. If you’re tryig to preorder certain ones and can’t it’s either because the retailer hasn’t started taking preorders yet(Target w/ Rosalina) or because they have filled their preorder stock. (Amazon w/ mega man).

    If you’re a collector and you buy amiibo just to keep new in the box (like me), you may be disappointed if you order from Toys R Us. I received 4 amiibo from Toys R Us with damaged boxes. Why were they damaged you ask? Because the idiots in charge of shipping the amiibo keeps sending them in bubble mailers.

    It’s a guarantee that the box will be all bent out of shape if it’s put into a bubble envelope. Don’t these people have any sense to think that maybe these will get damaged in bubble envelopes, and that maybe there’s collectors who want them in mint condition? I called and complained, so they gave me a refund on these particular 4 amiibo.

    I swear, if the 3 Lucario amiibo that I pre-ordered from Toys R Us arrive damaged, I’ll be BEYOND pissed off!

      1. So, you’re the type that just HAS TO open toys and play with them eh? If you don’t understand the life and passion of being a collector, then turn around, walk away and shut up kid.

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