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Sharp Is Apparently Set To Provide Nintendo With Free-Form Display For Next Handheld

Japanese news publication Sankei Biz is reporting that they will be providing Nintendo with a free-form display for their next handheld. Sharp already makes the 3D screens for the Nintendo 3DS so it’s logical that they would use them again. Production of the screens will start in 2016 and Nintendo is currently experimenting with some sort of donut-shaped display. Whether this is for the successor to the Nintendo 3DS or one of Nintendo’s Quality of Life products remains to be seen, but we won’t be seeing it until late 2016 or 2017.

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72 thoughts on “Sharp Is Apparently Set To Provide Nintendo With Free-Form Display For Next Handheld”

      1. The deal has already bin announced actually, but the handeld wont be out for some time, your right in that the new 3DS just arrived, but it is coming in the same fashion as the DSi it is ment to be the best and final version if the 3DS. Like the DSi it well have some exclusive games and apps. That said Nintendo also made it clear that they well replace the 3DS as well as the Wii U with a new platform of device(s) that well simplify duel development (one game 2 systems).

        Nintendo is already making its efforts to make its next set of devices, no they won’t be out for some time. But they are working on business models and game ideas for the new platform. This is just some light news about what’s to come

        1. Have you ever heard of Nintendo logic? plus there’s people who can stick a whole arm up their ass. But no let’s not talk about that fucking logic

          1. Fucken really? A donut shape display? Nintendo people buy your hardware because of your software not because of your gimmicks. Smh.

            1. I doubt this would be used for their handheld, no matter how much I think about how you could get away with a circular screen with a hole in the middle.. It just doesn’t work for a gaming device. It could work for their QOL thing.

              The free form display doesn’t seem like it would have much use for a handheld, to really need to shape it differently than a rectangle. I don’t know, guess we’ll find out eventually.

              1. The circular screen is for the QOL product not the new handheld.

                The handheld well most likely have 3 screen, 2 pik the current 3DS, and when you close it their well be one outer screen. (or they well have the outer screen slide open and pivot, to reveal the bottom screen and controllers. This week make the outer screen/top as accessible as a phone/tablet/gamepad

          2. I’m typing this on my 3DS right now!!!XD On a side note, I hope they stick to the clam shell design as it makes the handheld extra durable and stops the screen from cracking if dropped…

          3. Ah yes, I see it now. A donut shape…Nintendo is aiming to get the cops to buy the system very smart. The cops will buy it, and if a cop doesn’t see someone with one, they will be arrested for not owning one. Very smart move.

          4. Donut-shaped? What the fuck?
            Nintendo, you better not screw this up. Make a traditional handheld. How are you going to play with a donut-shaped handheld…wtf.

          5. Whatever it is, I hope it has 3d techknowledgy. It would be a shame to Downgrade back to 2d. I can’t imagine a Nintendo handheld without 3d now..

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