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Amazon UK Names Mario Kart 8 As Their Game Of 2014

We all love Mario Kart 8 and it seems that the guys and girls over at Amazon UK share your sentiment as they have named Mario Kart 8 as their game of 2014. The popular online retailer says that it’s the perfect game to gather round and have fun with the family. Amazon UK also named Mario Kart 8 as a system seller. Hopefully this will help the game shift more units in the United Kingdom.

Thanks, Kallum

17 thoughts on “Amazon UK Names Mario Kart 8 As Their Game Of 2014”

  1. SEE NOT EVERYTHING RELATING TO THE U.K HATE NINTENDO!!! Sorry about the all caps, but it’s sad that I need to constantly stress the point that the U.K doesn’t hate Nintendo, but a lot of people here just PREFER the other companies. Note-No hate present. So will you guys here just keep your (keyboards,) shut about how U.K hates Nintendo, seriously……

    1. So true. Every week when the UK sales are announced it’s always the same UK bashing, which is becoming tiring to defend.

      The fact that this and other Nintendo sites are from the UK does suggest there’s still a lot of Nintendo love. Just not as much as it use to be.

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