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Toys R Us: Lucario Amiibo Pre-orders Are Not Being Cancelled

Toys R Us have thankfully confirmed to Joystiq that the Lucario cancellation emails were part of a technical error that plagued the company’s system. So there you have it. If you pre-ordered Lucario with Toys R Us your pre-order should be absolutely fine.

“We apologize for any inconvenience that may have been caused pertaining to customers’ amiibo pre-orders. Please know that we are working on an email communication to all customers effected, which will provide instructions on how we plan to fulfill their order.”

Thanks to those who sent this in.

26 thoughts on “Toys R Us: Lucario Amiibo Pre-orders Are Not Being Cancelled”

  1. See people? Ya are just exaggerating over Amiibo’s being cancelled left & right when its merely a production issue, not distribution. Calm your balls. More Amiibo’s are still coming.

    1. I’d still disagree. To prove what I mean, I came from a couple Target’s last night and all they had was Zelda. I just called a couple stores not even 15 minutes ago and now they’re getting Captain Falcon in today but an extremely limited supply of them are only available. At least here, called a few stores and they all got them in this morning but they seriously only had 3-4 max of Captain Falcon at each store. What is that, 3-4 being sent out?

      That seems like a distribution issue to me when they’re sending such a small amount of stock like this to major retailers.

        1. Ugh, went to so many Targets today, and the first Captain Falcon I said I had reserved earlier, the girl sold to someone even though she took my name… I still managed to get one, at one store thankfully but god damn they are getting nothing supply wise. The Target I got mine from, only received 2 in the entire shipment… 3-4 per store was bad enough when talking to all the stores on the phone that had any, but only 2 c’mon!

          Not that there is any truth to this to what this person said exactly, but someone said in reddit they actually spoke to a Nintendo rep. They said the reason there are so little right now is because they are trying to prepare for wave 3. They said once they get wave 3 fully ready and on shelves, there should be a huge influx of all the figures that have been very hard to find later mid 2015.

          So that is a relief if it’s true.

    1. Dang dude, good question. I can tell you that shovel knight is a beyond excellent. Then there’s shantae. I’ve never played those games, but I just realized a couple of days ago who makes those games. Wayfoward are honestly some of the bes developers in the industry. Without having ever played it, I can guarantee shatae is a good game on that alone.

    2. I’d pick between Shovel Knight or Shantae. Although they’re all great games, but those would be my best picks out of them all.

      1. Apparently, they are supposed to send an email detailing how to renew your pre-order from the cancellation error. Or that is what I’m hearing people say.

  2. Wel I called and they said there was a problem with the system but she didn’t tell me whether my preorder was stil valid she just said wait for further notice through email -.-

  3. My orders on Toys R still says cancelled. Are they gonna fix that status too? Or am I gonna have to do the pre-order all over again? Though, Lucario isn’t even showing on Toys R anymore.

  4. I’ll believe it when the Lucario is in my hands. Last night I had cancellation e-mails for Pit, Ike, and Toon Link as well. I had even spoken to a Toys R Us rep on live chat last week who said Pit was on his way. I received Zelda and Mac, and Pit was also a part of that order. I have no idea if it was delayed til the 30th or canceled or what. I won’t trust them until the deal is done, and I won’t forgive them unless I get every single thing that I pre-ordered months in advance.

  5. Fucking stupid store, I preordered more than a month ago, how they open preordereds then after being sold out?

    And wtf is wrong with Nintendo now wanting to make cards instead of the toys? Are they that expensive to make? I don’t want to buy cards, I want the “trophies”, they are going to look really cool on a shelf!

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