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Target Gives Official Statement On Rosalina Amiibo

Understandably it seems that many are confused regarding Rosalina & Luma pre-orders at Target. The retailer had them in stock one minute and promptly sold out leaving many frustrated. The company has now confirmed that both Target stores and will be selling the units on February 1st 2015.

“Rosalina Amiibo pre-orders were available on and based on guest demand, sold out quickly. Target stores and will begin to sell actual units on February 1, 2015.”

Thanks, Michelle

44 thoughts on “Target Gives Official Statement On Rosalina Amiibo”

  1. Just to get the word out, I’ve been making calls and people are getting Captain Falcon amiibos all over the place right now. Although very limited supply of them, so good luck.

    I called a couple targets and they only had 3-4 max each store… Sigh… Luckily I got one reserved and waiting for me to pick up in a bit.

    1. Maybe get a girlfriend so instead of Amiibos you could be spending $ on her for christmas. Maybe go out for dinner, kindle a romance her that leads to a life.

    2. WTF I just came from target, gamestop, and walmart and they had shit. MArio, Link, Pikachu, and Peach. Target and Walmart had only been open for an hour when I showed up, and I was at gamestop before they had even opened.

      1. This is why I like shopping online, you can find whatever you’re looking for versus going to the store which doesn’t have shit

        1. Because people like YOU buy them all to put them away for a $100 bucks. And the REAL players but them to use it.

    1. Not meant for people to care really, meant to keep them informed because no one has really known what is going on with most of these amiibos for the past couple days.

  2. Crap. I should’ve preordered. I already know for a fact Rosalina will be sold out before I even get to Target. When wave two first launched, I was at Target at like 8AM and there was only one Little Mac and two Zeldas. -_-

    1. I got Captain Falcon, went through hell today to get him. I’d love to tell you all about it and the dumb employee who sold mine on hold, but I’m sure no one wants to hear that long story. I still managed to find another one. Just now getting home. Shocking how little stock Nintendo is sending to these stores. I wen’t to one Target and the guy seriously told me they only got two in the entire shipment, not two boxes full, just two Captain Falcon. Luckily one of which I had gotten.

      Just super annoying though, Captain Falcon is the first amiibo I’ve bought and seen that finally has no flaw at all, his paint job is beyond excellent. By far my favorite so far when it comes to detail, but of course my box had to be all fucked up, squished open a little and scratched. He was the only one though, so I just took it anyway.

      I just can’t win with these damn things, it’s either I find ones with actual defects or I find good ones but their boxes are messed up. I didn’t plan on keeping them mint, but I like them better in the box to be honest. I never planned on using them for any games.

      :*( I’m trying to figure out how I can possibly remove all the scratches from the plastic case he’s in. I seriously don’t want to look for more Captain Falcon’s. So if you know any ways or have removed scratches successfully from clear plastic before, please let me know… lol. In the meantime google it is…

      1. Glad to hear! I guess maybe I should go back and check if they have Captain Falcon. Oh, who am I kidding? He’s not there… Lol.

          1. I hope so. I really want him along with Pit. I don’t think he’d be in there though. Because I’ve frequently checked back and forth into Target within the past week and didn’t even get a glimpse of him. Or any other wave two amiibo. If he was there, chances are that he is already sold out. The amiibo section at my Target is barebones and they only have the main Nintendo characters like Peach, Link, and Mario. Heck, Fox isn’t even there anymore. Good thing I grabbed Little Mac and Zelda because I haven’t seen them at all since then!

      1. I told you eBay, if you’re willing to pay $30 for them from people here, they’re easy to find for that price all over eBay. I know everyone thinks they are all hiked up insanely but they aren’t. For instance someone sold a Little Mac and Diddy Kong for $51 on eBay.

        Heck there is a Diddy Kong right now for $22, buy it now. That isn’t bad at all.

  3. Wow, that’s cray-cray. Here in Aus, you can’t pre-order from Target. But ebgames is already selling out of wave 3…sad days.

  4. I have still yet to see a single wave two Amiibo in a store. Wave one was easy to find, these are a pain in the ass…

    1. Zelda seems to be everywhere, that is all I see for the most part of wave 2. Other than the Captain Falcon, I still only saw Zelda on the shelves. I still have yet to see a single Marth myself.

      1. oh man can every one find captain falcon but me? :( 9 stores and counting and still nothing, hopefully tomorow will be my lucky day.

      2. I just found Diddy Kong at Best Buy and bought it. There was only 2 there. Zelda is the only other wave 2 amiibo I’ve been seeing.

      3. Ditto on seeing Zelda everywhere. Wonder why they produced so many of those. I was looking for Little Mac, and at each store an employee would tell me that they had only received 2-4 or so.

  5. I’m still getting mixed stories about the Rosalina amiibo. On this post, it talks like pre-orders won’t start until February. But what I read elsewhere talks like someone at Target stated that pre-orders are all sold out. What gives? They never ever became available for pre-order yet. What do they mean by “we’ll begin selling actual units February 1st”? Does that mean pre-orders, or does it mean that Rosalina will appear on store shelves?

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