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Captain Falcon Amiibo Figure Back In Stock At GameStop

Want the Captain Falcon Amiibo but don’t want to pay sellers prices on Amazon? Well, you’re in luck as GameStop has the figures back in stock and they’re selling it for the recommended retail price, so you won’t have overpaid for it. The Captain Falcon Amiibo is currently $40 on Amazon so if you’re thinking of picking up this particular Amiibo, do it now.

Thanks, Chris

37 thoughts on “Captain Falcon Amiibo Figure Back In Stock At GameStop”

    1. Retailers in my area have a very limited supply of Pit and Little Mac. Best Buy has Pit listed with a release date of 12/30/2014 on their site. This seems to be the case for most places, although GameStop has advised me on a couple different occasions to call them at 11:30-12:30 every day, as that is when they receive their stock. Today they had only enough Pit to fill pre-orders, but they were expecting more.

  1. It wouldn’t be practical, but it’d still be cool if Nintendo offered the alternative costumes for the Smash Amiibos.

    1. They asked in the survey how interested you would be in amiibo of diferent costumes, so there’s a chance they might do it.

      also walmart has the ps4 listed for $330 right now for anyone that’s interested

  2. If they were back in stock, they were out of stock again as soon s I saw this article. I’m so angry about this whole thing. I bet half the people who bought them did it for no purpose other than to sell them on E-bay.

    1. my friend got me captain falcon at target the other day. He says there were three and that as soon as he got one, an asian couple got the other two. He says they offered him $20 for the one he had, not sure if before or after he bought it. The only problem I have with it is tht his eyes aren’t painted as good as I’d hoped. I’ll have to get another one now.

  3. Well, there aren’t any online and none at a GameStop within a 100 mile radius of me apparently so that sucks. I got my hopes up for nothing.

    1. I think I have one coming in the mail, but I have a lot of game stores in my area, I can look around and see if I find one if you want, I wouldn’t charge anything but the shipping costs, not looking to profit, just help out people I know are cool

      1. I’d appreciate it! I’ll of course continue to look around at the stores near me but if you do happen to find one after you get yours that’d be cool man. Do you have a YouTube or Skype? Even Steam messaging would work because I need a better way to communicate with you especially with WWS starting soon and all of that.

        btw how many amiibo do you have so far? I still only have 3 but once Wave 3 launches that number might jump up drastically lol.

        1. I do have a youtube account that I never use lol. Don’t have skype or steam, pretty much I go on here, facebook, and miiverse every day or every other day. Been slacking on all three the last month due to playing smash all day lol but now that I complete it I’ll be back to my normal routines and life again lol. But yea it’s no problem to me to look around. What is WWS by the way? It’s probably something obvious lol. So far I have Mario, Princess, Diddy, Yoshi, Little Mac, & Captain Falcon on the way. Pre-ordered Shulk and mega man and sonic which don’t come till February.

  4. I found Captain Falcon at Target yesterday. I had it pre-ordered at Gamestop, but they never sent me a text message or e-mail to let me know if they got it in. They better let me know if they get my pre-ordered Pit. He’s the only 2nd wave amiibo I don’t have yet.

    1. Weird.Not long after posting that last comment, I received a call AND a text message from Gamestop telling me that my pre-ordered Pit amiibo arrived. I now have every wave 2 amiibo.

  5. If I can have only 1 Amiibo, the Captain Falcon Amiibo will be the one I’d want. Captain Falcon is my favourite Smash character and also my Main…

  6. I ordered Captain Falcon along with Diddy & Little Mac and Mario and Peach a month ago, all of them but Captain Falcon have gotten to me, Diddy and 2 Little Macs came last week (one for my twin the extra Mac), I ordered from Toys R Us. Should I be worried that I might not receive my Captain Falcon??

  7. Thanks for the update! Can you let us know when Pit and Little Mac come in stock somewhere? They are the only ones that were sold out online.

  8. Captain Falcon can still be found in stores in Australia, not that that really helps you guys in the U.S.A…A lot of wave three have already sold out on Ebgames website (gamestop Aus) though….Trying times!!

  9. Um…but C.Falcon hasn’t been released yet? At least not where I live…??? I thought it was suppose to be released by the end of the month ._.; I mean I have mine pre-ordered but I didn’t know they were already released.

    1. Do you live in Canada? I was told by some friends that work at local Toysruss and Ebgamess that Luigi, Pit and Falcon are all being released on the 28th, though I also heard from some of those same friends that they got a couple luigi’s in last weekend….so it’s entirely possible it could be released earlier at toysrus….but I’m kinda stuck in the house baking, cooking, cleaning, prepping my town for toy day, and wrapping blu rays until the 28th… I’m really crossing my fingers that my 2 local ebgames get in shipments….especially because I am supposed to get Falcon for a friend as a late christmas gift with him being in Hawaii at the current moment lol….

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