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Shovel Knight Will Feature In Road Redemption

Dark Seas Games has confirmed today that Shovel Knight will be making a more than welcome appearance in the spiritual successor to Road Rash, Road Redemption. To celebrate Shovel Knight’s appearance in the game the team have put together an action packed video for you to watch. Road Redemption is still in development for the Wii U eShop and the developers say they’re doing a lot of online multiplayer testing at the moment. Let’s hope it all lives up to expectation.

Thanks,  MasterPikachu6

15 thoughts on “Shovel Knight Will Feature In Road Redemption”

  1. Looks so out of place, like a bad pc mod. We have to wait and see more of it and how the final thing looks like. That hover bikes through.

  2. Nice don’t fuck with shovel knight I loved Road rash games glad its coming back it’s been to long since we got a new Road rash I can’t wait aso shovel Knight looks badass looking hey do you guys remember playing road rash on Sega and ps1 those games were so fun back than

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