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Crave Online Names Wii U As The Console Of 2014

2014 is the year that things turned around for Wii U as it saw some great games land on the system. No one could argue that Bayonetta 2, Super Smash Bros and Mario Kart 8, weren’t some of the best games we played this year on any format. Crave Online seems to agree with this as they’ve named the Wii U as the console of 2014. The publication concedes that while the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One are beating it in terms of sales, the console still houses some of the best games of the year. Here’s what they said about the Wii U in 2014.

In terms of sales, PS4 has its competitors beat hands down. The Xbox One has also put in an admirable shift this year, giving us a selection of great games whilst also besting Sony’s system financially at the tail-end of the year. However, consoles are all about the games, and in that department the Wii U has truly shone in 2014. With two colossal exclusive titles in the form of Mario Kart 8 and Super Smash Bros. U under its belt, along with the excellent Bayonetta 2 and a small selection of unique third-party games, Nintendo proved that its latest console can hang with the rest of ‘em, even if it isn’t shifting as many units.

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23 thoughts on “Crave Online Names Wii U As The Console Of 2014”

  1. finally, someone is being honest and not bias, true that ps4 and x-bone are currently beating it but wii u has the best exclusives, 1st, 2nd and even indies while the other 2 have indies and FPS

  2. The Wii U had the best games this year and that is the ONLY thing that should count when choosing the console of the year

    We can´t look at sale numbers, that´s like if the Oscars would just give the highest grossing blockbuster the “Movie of the year” award

    And we can´t look at the actual software because it doesn´t change every year and thus give PS4 an automatic win for the next 4+ years

  3. I hope that this means that Wii U gets more recognision and better Hardware and Software sales. NINTENDO USE THIS CONSOLE PRAISE AND RUN WITH IT. ADVERTISE HOW WII U HAS RECIEVED A LOT OF PRAISE AND TAKE ADVANTAGE OF IT. DON’T…SCREW…THIS…UP…

      1. Respected U.K news publication The Guardian, prasied the Wii U as well. The Guardian isn’t a no name, so shut your mouth. I’m saying that advertising all the praise that they recieve will be enough to convince people to buy a Wii U and give it a chance…

      2. IGN who revised the Wii U review, Metatric, Eurogamer and GameSpot, although biased, did gave some of their biggest titles decent recognition, Bayonetta 2 was nominated for GotY, Mario Kart 8 won numerous awards and Smash Bros. 4 is yet another homerun for Wii U everywhere.

        Yup, only “nobodies” which actual common sense will praise a console that actually focuses on gaming and has good library of games while the other two limp graphic penis show offs are having a pissing contest at who serves the best looking Hollywood CGI on a game disc while proving who has the biggest group of dumbasses who buy broken half-assed games at full price and still forgive such BS because their attention span is as laughable as ever. lol

  4. Ads? Hahahahaha were the fuck do they run these ads at? At the Nintendo HQ’s? Cause I sure as shit haven’t seen any ads for it on TV or the internet XD

  5. Not surprising at all. We Nintendo fans already knew the Wii U was the best console all year, it’s just good to see a gaming site that’s not afraid to admit that 😃

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