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Nintendo Of America Scores With Top Holiday 2014 Commercial

The marketing team at Nintendo of America must be doing something right as the company has scored the top holiday commercial. The Nintendo of America advert which is titled Dad Loses was the top holiday 2014 commercial according to television and video analytics firm, Ace Metrix. You can check out the Dad Loses advert in the video embedded above and below you can see the winners.


15 thoughts on “Nintendo Of America Scores With Top Holiday 2014 Commercial”

  1. This is a shocker. For a platform that was hardly advertised at all, it still won such recognition? lol Either the Twilight Zone is real or did I miss something good from Nintendo? XD

  2. These commercials are always so unrealistic compared to how my own family was/is. My dad never gave a crap about video games. I don’t think he ever even touched a game controller except on a SNES display at Toys R Us with Super Mario World. Which all he did was walk Mario into a cliff. LOL! My mom don’t care about games either. Sometimes I wonder how I became a gamer?

  3. Under what criteria did this commercial win the “Top Holiday Commercial?” Was it rated by professional advertisement judges or was it rated by citizen viewership?

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